Richard Higham

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Client pays for my fuel and the amount is agreed before my departure. I provide a free service and any donation to the Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centres made directly from the client to them.

Search Types

All land and water up to 5' deep.

Search Locations

South England

Richard Higham's Bio

I have been detecting for several years now and use state of the art equipment. As a side line to my hobby I like to search for lost property for the sole purpose of reuniting people with their lost property and raising money for charity.

Richard Higham - Recent Blog Post

  • Two Gold Wedding Rings Lost & Found In Studland Bay. (2018)

    It was a few days after Chris from Bournemouth lost his wedding rings that I received his call. One afternoon after enjoying some time on a speed boat they decided to moor up for lunch. When one of the children jumped into the water he reached out & grabbed Chris’s gold chain where his parents […]

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  • Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Lost & Found On Swanage Beach (2018)

    Amber & fiance Dan from Fordingbridge had enjoyed a day on the beach in Swanage. Sensibly Amber took her ring off and securely attached it through the strap of her watch. Later when it was time to leave she picked up her watch and felt the ring slip from the strap & disappear into the […]

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  • White Gold & Diamond Engagement Ring – Lost & Found Bournemouth Beach (2018)

    When Beth & husband Dan from Southampton visited Bournemouth it seemed like a perfect day lay ahead of them enjoying the beach. Unfortunately the fun stopped when Beth felt her precious ring slip from her finger and disappear into the unforgiving soft sand. When panic sets in people lose their precise whereabouts and after some […]

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  • Gold wedding Ring Lost & Found in Dorchester Garden (2018)

    John stood in his Dorchester garden when along came his pet Husky dog seeking attention. He gave the dog a firm pat and felt his ring leave his finger landing somewhere in the garden. After spending many hours searching high and low he called me at the Ring Finders. I noticed straight away the the […]

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  • Gold Signet Ring Lost & Found In Basingstoke Garden (2017)

    David from a small village near Basingstoke, Hants was very upset upset when he discovered whilst gardening to have lost his ring. The ring dated back to the 1800’s & had been handed down by his Grandfather¬† & one day the same for HIS son too. The ring had obviously seen much history¬† & for […]

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Richard Higham - Testimonials

  • Richard gave up his time to come and search for it for me. He is an amazingly generous person (2018)


    We can’t thank Richard enough for coming all the way from Swanage to find my engagement ring for us.

    I was absolutely devastated when it had slipped from my hand and we were unable to see it anywhere.

    I am so unbelievably grateful that Richard gave up his time to come and search for it for me.

    He is an amazingly generous person, both with his time and the fact the only payment he wanted was a donation to charity which we gladly made. Thank you so much!

  • Thank You Richard – MY SAVIOUR! (2017)


    Thank You Richard – MY SAVIOUR! Amidst the moment when i was feeling hopeless, useless, devastated i found this saviour who was so spontaneous that he reached the desired venue within 2 hours with all the equipments. He didn’t show any hesitation to jump into the cold water and look for the ring.. He kept us optimistic and we just believed in him and YES HE FOUND IT!!!!

    Without him I would be still living with a deep regret.. A man i would never forget in my life and will always be grateful for..

    Thank you Richard, God bless you & Will see you at my wedding!

  • I can't thank you enough and am so impressed that you were able to come down that same day and put me out of my misery. (2014)


    Dear Richard,

    Thank you again for your help on Saturday. I will donate £50 plus gift aid to the Dorset air ambulance today.

    For your blog, the story is that we were just spending a family day at the beach and I took the ring off to suncream my boy. I've done it a thousand times because I don't like the cream getting in between the rocks.

    Popped the ring in my pocket then got all rushed into changing to get into the sea and that was when the ring flew out into the sand. It was our 12th wedding anniversary the following day so it was going to be super sad if I lost it.

    I can't thank you enough and am so impressed that you were able to come down that same day and put me out of my misery.

    Wishing you all the very best with your ring finding in the future.

    Best wishes,

    Susan Hopcraft