Paul Humphreys

Cost For My Service

In concert with the charitable spirit of The Ring Finders, I work on a voluntary reward basis (Insurance recoveries excepted). The amount is left entirely up to you, commensurate with having your lost sentimental item back in your possession. In the event I am unable to find your lost item, a call-out fee of $30 helps cover travel costs to and from locations 1/2-hour drive each way. Travel Costs for more distant searches, statewide and abroad, can be discussed and agreed upon in advance.

Search Types

Land--- beaches, public parks, yards, fields, RV parks, campgrounds, school grounds, fairgrounds, toboggan hills, hiking, horse and RV trails, and riverbanks.

Water--- wading searches in rivers, ponds, lakes.

Snow---drifts, piles, parking lots, sledding hills, drive ways, trails.

'Other': Insurance salvage and claim recoveries - house & estate searches.

Search Locations

South-East Wisconsin and beyond.

Paul Humphreys's Bio

Just when you thought it was lost forever… kindness, technology and experience come along to give you hope! Metal detecting, in particular reuniting owners to their lost sentimental jewelry items, has brought me tremendous satisfaction. I've been honing my metal-detecting skills since 1976 when my late father introduced me to the hobby. It has been fun to pass the metal-detecting torch on to some of my own children and grandchildren. And as a cancer survivor, each day is another day to relish with those I love, especially my college bride and best friend, Kathleen.

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    Memorial Day Weekend turned to disappointment when Valerie’s wedding ring flew off her finger while playing ball with her husband, Mike and daughter. It seemed to land somewhere in the thick grass behind their newly acquired home in Fontana, Wisconsin. Despite searching for many hours on their knees, the ring eluded discovery. A phone call […]

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  • Lost Engagement Ring Found–Fond du Lac, WI (2017)

    Sunday, May 8th was not a good day for Lori Cox, of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Life had thrown some nasty curve balls at her recently but when she lost her precious engagement ring, it was like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Despite her best search efforts, the ring eluded discovery. Thinking […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring Found – Whistling Straits Golf Course – Sheboygan, WI (2017)

    Wisconsin’s, Whistling Straits Golf Course on the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan, was host to the 2015 PGA Championship. But it became the unintended host to Joey Piatek’s wedding ring on April 29, 2017. As was his habit, Joey removed his ring before playing, slipping it into a zipped pocket on his golf bag for […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring Found – Brookfield, WI (2017)

    This lost-and-now-found wedding band will go down in my book of smiles as ‘The Valentine’s Ring.’ I say this because, the ring’s owner, Todd, became engaged to Suzie on a very happy Valentine’s Day in 2010. Subsequently, exactly seven years later, on Valentine’s Day, 2017, Todd’s love-token emerged from the icy darkness of a Wisconsin […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring Found in Backyard – Mequon, WI (2016)

    The text message from Mequon, Wisconsin, resident Adam Korte, read in part, “Lost my ring in my yard. Looked myself with a cheap metal detector with no luck. Wondering if you would be interested in taking a crack at it?” Within a few hours I arrived on location and received a first-hand chronology of the […]

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