Paul Humphreys

Cost For My Service

In concert with the charitable spirit of The Ring Finders, I work on a voluntary reward basis (Insurance recoveries excepted). The amount is left entirely up to you, commensurate with having your lost sentimental item back in your possession. In the event I am unable to find your lost item, a call-out fee of $30 helps cover travel costs to and from locations 1/2-hour drive each way. Travel Costs for more distant searches, statewide and abroad, can be discussed and agreed upon in advance.

Search Types

Land--- beaches, public parks, yards, fields, RV parks, campgrounds, school grounds, fairgrounds, toboggan hills, hiking, horse and RV trails, and riverbanks.

Water--- wading searches in rivers, ponds, lakes.

Snow---drifts, piles, parking lots, sledding hills, drive ways, trails.

'Other': Insurance salvage and claim recoveries - house & estate searches.

Search Locations

South-East Wisconsin and beyond.

Paul Humphreys's Bio

Just when you thought it was lost forever… kindness, technology and experience come along to give you hope! Metal detecting, in particular reuniting owners to their lost sentimental jewelry items, has brought me tremendous satisfaction. I've been honing my metal-detecting skills since 1976 when my late father introduced me to the hobby. It has been fun to pass the metal-detecting torch on to some of my own children and grandchildren. And as a cancer survivor, each day is another day to relish with those I love, especially my college bride and best friend, Kathleen.

Paul Humphreys - Recent Blog Posts

  • Lost Wedding Ring Found! – Lake Geneva, WI (2017)

    A football toss in the deep end of the swimming area near Big Foot Beach State Park on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, proved fatal for Josh Johnson’s titanium wedding ring. He felt it leave his hand but was helpless to grab it before it slipped beneath the lake’s surface. The water’s visibility was poor which made […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring Found! – Lake Winnebago, WI (2017)

    A game of tackle football in knee-deep water ended on a down note when Oshkosh Wisconsin resident, Chandler, came up without his wedding ring. Everybody began searching but only a few coins were found; the ring had vanished. Compared to Lake Winnebago’s 215 square miles, a man’s wedding band is a small item indeed. A […]

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  • More Than Rings Are Lost… and Found! Big Cedar Lake, WI (2017)

    Those of us listed on the directory for The Ring Finders can find a lot more than rings! Other valuables go astray, this as evidenced by the photo below. The items pictured were recovered at the same time that I was looking for a client’s lost wedding ring. These represent valuable property of another kind. […]

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  • Engagement Ring Found! – Oshkosh, WI (2017)

    June 20th to 24th found South Milwaukee residents, Tim and Ashley, camped out at the Ford Festival Park near Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They were taking in the Country USA Music Festival for 2017 attended by some 40,000 people. Unfortunately, rain had turned the campsites into a muddy mire. Then on Friday night the toss of a […]

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  • A Ring-Find With a Twist! – Cambridge, WI (2017)

    Peter Wakefield Jackson is internationally known for his lustrous career as a potter—the craft of making ceramic wares by hand on a potter’s wheel. Together with Megan, his bride of 24 years, Peter lives on a 17-acre farm outside Cambridge, Wisconsin. In addition to the pottery studio in the farm’s century-old outbuildings the property is […]

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Paul Humphreys - Testimonials

  • Paul was a life saver! (2017)


    Paul was a life saver! When I felt the ring come off my hand in the lake, I thought for sure it was gone forever. After my friends and I searched for over an hour as best we could in the sand below and came up empty,

    I had no hopes of ever finding my ring again. I count my lucky stars that I found Paul and within an hour after sending him an email, he had his plans in place to find my ring. In less than 24 hours, my ring was recovered and I breathed a huge sigh of relief!

    I live in Chicago, so Paul even went the extra mile to carefully ship my ring back to me, after traveling to Lake Geneva and gearing up to go underwater to help locate my missing ring. I can’t say enough how great this whole experience was…well, I mean…losing the ring in the first place wasn’t great, but Paul sure was!

  • My husband and I are beyond thrilled with Paul Humphrey’s dedicated search to finding my husband’s wedding band (2017)


    My husband and I are beyond thrilled with Paul Humphrey’s dedicated search to finding my husband’s wedding band in Lake Winnebago.

    Paul went above and beyond our expectations, coming back a second time to scour the area that he wasn’t able to search the first time around. As far as customer service goes, Paul gets our highest accolades.

    Thank you again Paul for generously donating your time to find my husband’s wedding band!

    Brooke – Oshkosh, WI

  • “We thought the ring was gone forever (2017)


    “We thought the ring was gone forever and that the website [] was a scam, but Paul proved us wrong within a matter of hours. We will forever be grateful and keeping his number on file!”


  • I can recommend Paul without reservation to anyone who has lost a wedding ring. (2017)


    I can recommend Paul without reservation to anyone who has lost a wedding ring. From our first communications, I could tell he had a sincere and honest approach to solving such a puzzle. It was a pleasure to work with him, and I could not be happier that he was able to find my long lost rings!” Peter – Cambridge, WI

  • Thank you so much for your quick response to my call (2017)


    Thank you so much for your quick response to my call and for finding my wedding band immediately. I can’t express how much I appreciate your willingness to travel, on a holiday, to my home 45 minutes away, to help me find it. Thanks again” Valerie – Fontana, WI