Matthew Fry

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis. If the item is found you pay what my services were worth to you for the lost and found item. If the Item is not found there will be a $30. Call Out Fee. This is to cover my expenses of fuel, batteries, etc.. All searches are different. There may be additional cost factors. Insurance and Estate Searches are negotiated.

Search Types

Area beaches, Shallow Water 4’, Parks, Yards, Playing Fields / Playgrounds, Estate Grounds. If it’s precious metal, I go!

Search Locations

The Grand Strand Beaches, Horry and Georgetown Counties.

Matthew Fry's Bio

A long time resident of the Grand Strand. If it’s outside then I’m at home. I am an avid outdoorsman.

With help from my wife we raised three great boys. I have wanted to metal detect since I was a small child, and finally got into the hobby about 5 years ago.

I have “State of the Art” equipment, and I know how to use it. Don’t rent a metal detector when you can rent me.

Matthew Fry - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost White Gold Wedding Band Found… Location, Location, Location (2017)

    I received an email as well as a phone call from Rick. “I just lost my wedding band in the surf in Myrtle Beach”. I was finishing up with a customer of my business. I just happen to have my detector in the truck and told Rick I would be there in 30 minutes. It […]

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  • Lost Tungsten Wedding Band Found and Returned. Garden City Beach (2017)

    I received an email July 22nd from Todd about a lost wedding band. Todd was enjoying the beach with family, six days ago, with his wife Danielle and three children. Playing in the water near high tide, Todd felt the ring come off his finger in the waist deep surf. The loss happened 6 days […]

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  • Rose Gold Promise Ring Found and Returned in Myrtle Beach, Sc. (2017)

    I received a phone call Wednesday night from a quietly distressed young lady named Hayley.  She told me about losing her rose gold promise ring in the water earlier that day.  This ring was presented to her by a young suitor named Luke.  It was around 8:00 in the evening and there were several thunderstorms […]

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  • Lost Tungsten Promise Ring Found, Myrtle Beach (2017)

    I received a phone call from Kaylynn Tuesday afternoon about her fiance’s lost tungsten promise ring. Jake had the ring slip from his finger just two hours before in the mid to high tide waters of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Jake lost the ring in waist deep water. The tide was dropping at the time […]

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  • 3 Ring Day! Lost and Found Litchfield Beach, SC. (2017)

    I received a rather nervous phone call from Lindsay Friday morning. Lindsay lost her 3 ring wedding engagement set Thursday afternoon while enjoying the beach with her husband Trippett and their three daughters. The family was sitting about the mid tide area of the beach during low tide. Lindsay had removed her, 3 separate , […]

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Matthew Fry - Testimonials

  • I always say that I believe there are Angels among us and Mr. Fry is definitely one of them. (2017)


    After losing my ring last Monday, I was devastated but also so mad at myself!! I searched with my neighbors for hours that evening and we had no luck. On Tuesday evening I decided to look at the lost and found through craigslist and came across the Ring Finders. Mr. Fry was so nice and willing to walk miles to try and locate my ring.

    He was also very willing to let me join in the search, even though I had never worked a metal detector before. While we searched and searched for almost 3 hours I can honestly say that I was about to give up hope. I was getting so tired, hot and exhausted. It was at that moment Mr. Fry walked across the street to where I was, came up to me (serious as can be) he asked if I thought we had given it the all American try (in my head I was thinking, this guy has had enough and he is ready to go home) he then asked if I believed in miracles and held my ring up!!

    I started shaking and had instant tears rolling down my cheeks!! Of course I hugged him and thank him over and over. It had been missing for 5 days with tons of rain!! I was sure that my ring was gone forever, thank god I was wrong. I always say that I believe there are Angels among us and Mr. Fry is definitely one of them.