Scott Foss

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

My service is on a Reward Only Basis. You only pay if your item is found. Its what you feel its worth, for me to find it for you... However, if the item is not found, a $25.00 Call-Out fee to help cover fuel & vehicle expenses is greatly appreciated.

"10% donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research Foundation".

NO call-out fee for Seniors, Vets & Active Duty personnel and their spouses(within local area)

Search Types

Beaches, Private homes, Parks & Sports Fields. Also equipped for Shallow Water Hunting.

Permission will need to be obtained by YOU for searches on private property.

Search Locations

Santa Cruz /Aptos/Capitola/ Monterey Bay Area, San Francisco Bay Area.

Searches outside this area can be arranged/negotiated on a case by case basis.

Scott Foss's Bio

I employ the same sound strategy to my metal detecting that I used to become a licensed General Contractor (CSLB # 947842), the very best tools and techniques for the job. I have lived in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area for most of my life. I

have raised my children here and now I pursue my passions of Metal Detecting and helping others. I joined The Ring Finders to be part of a team that is devoted to both.

Scott Foss - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Heirloom Gold Wedding Ring Found in West Santa Cruz (2023)

    It was a familiar scenario. The owner had been gardening before he noticed the ring was missing from his finger. He had been pruning in two distinct, small areas no bigger than 10′ in diameter. These were the two most likely spots for the ring to be hiding in and it could’ve been quick work […]

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  • Lost Gold Ring Blooms from the Garden (2023)

    I’ve found in my years of ring finding that gardening is a common theme in many of the losses. This was the case in my most recent lost ring search. The owner had been gardening, potting a bunch of plants as well as maintaining an in-ground raised bed planter box. The ring could have been […]

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  • Seabright Beach Gives Back 2 Lost Heirloom rings (2023)

    The call came in and it was a classic story I’ve heard numerous times. Two rings were taken off and put in the beach chair cup holder while sunscreen was applied and then forgotten about. Later the chair was packed up and the rings were flung out into the sand. This was good news to […]

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  • Lost Platinum Ring Found in San Jose (2022)

    The ring had been lost on Saturday and the call came in on Tuesday. The owner had been at a park outside of my area playing catch when the ring had apparently fallen off. This particular park has a strict no digging rule but I knew the ring would only be hidden down in the […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring Found at Seabright Beach (2022)

    When John called it quickly became apparent that he was the type of person that was going to do everything possible to help retrieve his wife’s lost wedding ring. He had clearly marked the spot of the loss and had even spent 5 hours searching the area himself with a rented metal detector. Although he […]

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Scott Foss - Testimonials

  • Scott did a masterful job of recovering it, and on top of that is caring, compassionate, highly skilled and just a great guy... (2023)


    Once I realized that our garden was too filled with bark and loose dirt to find the ring, I did an online search and found Scott’s name and phone, He promptly called me back and we scheduled a time for him to do his magic. And a kind of magic it is! My ring is a very special heirloom and I was stricken to find it off my finger. Scott did a masterful job of recovering it, and on top of that is caring, compassionate, highly skilled and just a great guy. Thank you so much, Scott.

  • I enthusiastically recommend your service to anyone... (2020)


    Thank you, Scott, for your prompt, professional, and friendly service! The above pics are spectacular. I enthusiastically recommend your service to anyone who has needs to find a wandering metal-based treasure. Best of fortune on all your endeavors!

  • This was the bright spot in an awful 2020! (2020)


    Thank you so very much Scott! This was the bright spot in an awful 2020! I appreciate your kindness and generosity to come out and help me find the needle in the haystack.

  • A lifesaver indeed. You truly made this vacation one to remember (2012)


    A lifesaver indeed. You truly made this vacation one to remember. Santa Cruz will never again be remembered for its beautiful beach and boardwalk. It is now remembered for the good Samaritan, super ring finder Scott Foss. thank you again for your super metal detector powers.

  • Scott, Thank you so much for finding my ring! (2012)


    Scott, Thank you so much for finding my ring! I really did not have much hopes of recovery, but wanted to give it a try. I really appreciate how you talked me through the process.

  • Leaping for joy, hooting, hollering, and hugging concerned bystanders. (2011)


    Dear Scott, I cannot thank you enough for recovering my ring– a formidable task for the reasons you have already mentioned. Twin Lakes Beach is one of the most frequented beaches in all of Santa Cruz. I realized that the ring was missing 2 hours after we had left and had a meltdown; fortunately, my friends who were visiting immediately eased us into problem-solving mode. We went back to the beach where we got on our hands and knees to search for this ‘needle in a haystack’ for quite some time, but it was clear that while we were gone, the foot traffic had been heavy, and the area was zigzagged with tracks left from tents, beach chairs, and towels. Sand had been kicked about and the tide was coming in. The lifeguard advised me to go to the Harbormaster office to ask if someone there might have a metal detector. The front desk attendant called a friend who apparently owned a detector and asked him to come in and the friend said that he would come within 10 mins., but that his equipment was low on battery. The search help arrived, but this man’s equipment was just really dusty and battered. Because the battery was low, too, we had to hurry. For 45 minutes, he scoured the area, but no luck. We threw our hands up in defeat and since my friends had to start their trip back to L.A. (this debacle had delayed them already by several hours), we left the beach and went home. My husband Marc was home from work and I told him everything and we were both so sad. Then, suddenly, I received a text from a dear friend of mine in St. Paul, MN, whose husband had lost his ring in a snow bank last winter. He had found a retrieval specialist through with success, so she urged me to research the site. Marc looked up the site and lo and behold, you, Scott, were listed. We called. You answered. We drove back to the beach and you met us there promptly (10-15 minutes tops) with all your bells and whistles; admittedly, seeing that you were so well-equipped gave me hope! As you explained, I was shocked when you called me over, less than 15 minutes into your search, to identify the ring. “Did your ring look something like this?” I COULD NOT believe it. I’ll never forget it, either! Leaping for joy, hooting, hollering, and hugging concerned bystanders. That one group you mentioned that had witnessed the search from beginning to end was carried up in the moment, too, with one woman actually crying because she was so relieved for me. Super-sweet. Recovering this ring was important, as you can imagine, not simply because of its’ material worth… as a cherished symbol, this ring carries a memory and marks some very important chapters of my/our life story! THANK YOU for your professionalism, meticulousness, and sincerity – all qualities that shined through in this pursuit! We will definitely recommend your services to our contacts in the future!

    Best wishes, Vickie