Steve Zmd

Cost For My Service

The cost of my service would be a fair finders fee that you and I would talk about before I come. If you're needing me to recover an item from water it's usually a bit more but definitely within reason.

Search Types

Land detecting,water detecting and scuba diving...Beaches, parks, lakes & yards.

Search Locations

I will search...Toronto. Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara Falls or Crystal Beach... on Land and water

Steve Zmd's Bio

I am a professional detectorist and I am a certified scuba diver. I have experience recovering items on land and in water.

Steve Zmd - Recent Blog Posts

  • Lost Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring in Toronto Ontario…Found! (2016)

    Had a great Toronto Ring Finders call last night from a husband explaining that his wife could not stop crying about her Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring she had just lost. Kim had been out walking the dog along a local path that night and when she got home noticed her beautiful ring was missing off […]

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  • Cobalt Wedding Ring Recovered from the Snow in Oakville Ontario (2016)

    After being married for only 2 weeks Bjorn lost his Cobalt Wedding Ring in a friendly family snowball fight. The family actually bought a cheap detector at a local Canadian tire and looked feverishly throughout the evening in the front yard. These types of detectors are very low grade and in about a foot of snow […]

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  • Milton Wedding Ring Found after Wasp Adventure (2015)

    The second time this year I was called by a Ring Finders client to locate a lost wedding ring due to Wasps. We had lots this summer and those pesky black and yellow air bombers initiated lost rings throughout the area. While “shooing” away a wasp while relaxing in his back yard with a few […]

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  • Crystal beach ring recovered after 4 years (2015)

    What a great story, a nice guy named Gary gave me a call who had lost a “Very” sentimental ring in his front yard 4 years ago. Gary purchased another similar ring a few year later but in his own words ” never quite fit like the original” ! He had placed his original College […]

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  • Flying Gold Ring Recovered with Detector in Etobicoke Ontario Park (2015)

          This lost ring flew off the hand of my latest Ring Finder client 75ft. Paul was wind milling his arms to keep warm at an Etobicoke park near Toronto when he felt his beautiful gold wedding ring fly off. He heard it hit his car then silence…… After hours of scouring the parking […]

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