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  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis that is agreed upon in advance. (That means you pay what you feel item is worth for me to come out and search for it and reward must be agreed upon prior to arrival. If lost item is not recovered, you only pay trip fee.)

A minimum trip fee of $25 is charged to cover cost of fuel. This fee is charged even if the lost item is not recovered.

Search Types

Beaches: wet or dry sand or up to chest-deep water. Yards, Parks, Home sites, Athletic fields, Gardens, Estates, Insurance items recovery etc. Would be willing to assist local police/authorities in crime scene recovery. Items most generally called to look for: Jewelry (rings, necklaces, watches etc.), keys, coins, gold, silver, survey markers, cell phones, heirlooms, relics etc. (Please note: Permission must be obtained to hunt for an item lost on private property. Normally permission is obtain by you from land owner and/or proper authority and is assigned to me. Generally, people are very understanding in these circumstances and permission is granted.)

Search Locations

Search area includes counties of Lee, Charlotte, Collier and Hendry. (Beaches included: Fort Myers Beach, Bonita, Marco, Naples, Barefoot, Vanderbilt, Englewood etc. Locations outside these areas/counties like West Palm to Miami and South Beach can possibly be arranged.

Craig Ostendorf's Bio

My interest in metal detecting started in Indiana. My wife and I lived around several fresh-water lakes where summer tourists like to boat, swim and fish. Several pieces of jewelry, keepsakes and cell phones were recovered. Since then we have been "hooked" on this hobby. Over three years ago we moved to Florida and have continued metal detecting and is a hobby we enjoy doing together--especially beach/water hunting. Most times we will look for your lost item together which will double the chances of recovering it--two for the price of one! Between the two of us, we have four metal detectors--Minelab and Whites, so we have the proper tools for any situation. We are self-employed and most times can be available on short notice. Time is of the essence as Flordia beaches are heavily detected. A detectorist may find your lost item without knowing the rightful owner and keep or sell for scrap. We truly love recovering lost items for their rightful owners. We will help in any way we can and are happy to answer any questions you may have. If we don't answer your call, please leave a message and we will call back as soon as possible. We work around loud machines and don't always hear phone ring.

Craig Ostendorf - Recent Blog Post

  • Sanibel / Captiva Island — South Seas Island Resort — Lost Coin Found and Returned (2019)

    We were contacted by Kim to find and return a lost Sixpence coin that was very sentimental to her and her family and traditionally part of family member’s wedding ceremonies.  The coin had been lost during Kim’s cousins’ wedding ceremony on the beach at South Seas Resort.  At some point before, during or after the […]

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  • Naples Florida — Lost Ring in Sand Found and Returned (2019)

    On January 4th of this year we received a phone call from Ron who had been vacationing in Naples Florida.  Ron had lost his wedding band in the sand while enjoying a day at the beach.  After returning home to California, Ron began searching the internet to see how to find a lost ring and […]

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  • Testimonial from Louis in response to 04/23/2018 Naples ring recovery (2019)

    We recently received the following testimonial from Louis for the April 23, 2018 ring recovery in Naples Florida: ”I deeply appreciate Craig and Stephanie’s professionalism and willingness to help.  With less than a few hours of advance notice, they drove more than forty minutes close to midnight to help me find my wedding band.  Not […]

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  • Captiva Island — Ring Lost in Gulf Found and Returned (2018)

    We received a call from a gentleman who had lost his gold wedding band while playing football with his son in knee deep water.  After trying to search for the ring themselves with no success they decided to search the internet to find out how to find a lost ring.  The Ring Finders and my […]

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  • Sanibel Island — Diamond and Gold Pendant Found and Returned (2018)

    We received a call from this lovely gal who had lost her 1 carat diamond pendant in the front yard of her home. While taking her dogs out, the dogs became entangled in their leashes around a tree.  In all the commotion a friend had noticed her chain which was still around her neck had […]

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Craig Ostendorf - Testimonials

  • “Words cannot express how thankful we are to Craig Ostendorf and his wife from The Ring Finders! (2017)


    “Words cannot express how thankful we are to Craig Ostendorf and his wife from The Ring Finders! We had been vacationing in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida and I had forgotten I had taken my rings off and placed them on my lap to put on suntan lotion. We left the beach and headed back to our condo. I realized hours later on a Friday night of Easter weekend that I lost them in the most crowded area of the beach. We contacted Craig and he graciously came to the rescue at 9:00 pm at night. They found my rings in 5 minutes! They were professional, courteous, and sympathetic to the most heartbroken wife in the world. It was truly a miracle. They were our angels and we are eternally grateful”

    Thank you!

    Geri & Buddy

  • We are very impressed with Craig and Stephanie! Good – honest people still exist! (2017)


    “We were relaxing at Fort Myers Beach ( FMB ) with the kids. I removed my ring and had put it in my pants pocket. After a few hours and a volleyball game, it was time to leave the beach . . . putting the jeans back on and checking the pocket . . . NO RING!

    Craig and Stephanie from The Ring Finders met us within an hour in the dark and immediately began the search with their metal detectors. Within 15 minutes the ring was found buried in the sand!

    We are very impressed with Craig and Stephanie! Good – honest people still exist! Thanks again!”

  • “My dad now has quite the memory of his first vacation in 14 years. . . (2016)


    “My dad now has quite the memory of his first vacation in 14 years. . . It turns out, while we were in Florida, my dad lost his wedding ring in the Gulf of Mexico at one of mine and Eric’s favorite beaches on Captiva Island. He didn’t realize he lost it until halfway through our trip.

    While trying to figure out where he could have lost it, my helpful husband Eric decided to look through our camera to try to narrow down a ballpark time and location.

    We found we had a picture of him with the ring on before going into the ocean on our first day, and one of him right after coming out of the ocean, but without the ring on. Then, no more photos of him with the ring on after that. That was where we narrowed it down to losing it on our favorite beach on Captiva Island.

    I found a site called the and on a whim called a nice man (Craig Ostendorf) who lives in the area. I asked him how good he was at finding rings in the Gulf of Mexico. He said he had a 95% success rate–we all kind of laughed. I told him the location of the beach where we figured my dad had lost the ring, and just a few hours later that evening, he texted me a photo and asked: “Look Familiar?

    It was my dad’s ring! Now, thanks to our investigative work and the services of Craig the ring finder–31 years of marriage and my dad still has his wedding ring.”

  • Craig and Stephanie have returned a piece of myself. My ring means the world to me. (2016)


    “I contacted Craig and Stephanie after my prized class ring slid off my finger into the Gulf of Mexico at a Captiva Island beach. I was throwing a football with a family friend on October 1, 2016 when my ring slid off into the water.

    Myself and 3 others searched for an hour or so in the murky water and were unable to locate my ring. The ring was my class ring from Texas A&M University and was given to me by my mother before I moved away for work. The ring had an immense amount of sentimental value to me.

    I returned home to Texas on Monday and thought all hope was lost. Tuesday, October 3, 2016, I was talking with a co-worker about the incident and he said ‘Oh yeah, there is this site of people that will search for your lost rings’. I was initially hesitant, but I decided to take a chance and contact Craig.

    His response was immediate and professional. Within a few moments of talking with Craig, I realized that my ring would be searched for diligently and thoughtfully and my hesitations disappeared. Several hours later, I received a text from Craig with a picture of my ring! They had managed to recover my ring several days later in 3-4 feet of water!

    In closing, Craig and Stephanie have returned a piece of myself. My ring means the world to me. And they did it in such a professional and caring manner. They communicated the whole time, worked hard, and even did the extra little things! What an amazing pair of people. They are simply the best type of people out there for the service they provide!”

  • Thank you so much, you guys are amazing.” (2016)


    “I made the silly mistake of not removing my wedding ring when I went looking for sea shells in the ocean at Tarpon Bay beach on Sanibel Island. Within a minute or two of being in the water it had slipped off my finger.

    We were devastated especially as Sanibel was where we spent part of our honeymoon almost exactly 5 years ago.

    That evening my wife Emma googled how to find a lost ring in the ocean, she found a website created by a guy in Vancouver for just this sort of problem. It gave details of people in all different areas that specialize in finding items using metal detectors.

    I emailed Craig (at around 9pm) and within minutes he called me and arranged to meet me at the beach the following day.

    I meet Craig and his wife at the car park and they got their gear out and started looking. Just over an hour later Craig found my ring buried 7″ in the sand in around 3′ of water.

    I never thought I would see it again and I am so happy to have it back on my finger. Thank you so much, you guys are amazing.”