James Murphy

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search
  • Accepts Visa

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, its what its worth to you to have your item found and what you can afford. There will be a $25 call out fee for land, and $35 for under more than 5 feet of water, well because I have to get all my gear on and stuff plus the cost of my fuel to get to you.

Search Types

Underwater, fresh and salt, land and marsh areas.

Search Locations

West Kelowna, Lake Okanagan and surrounding areas.

James Murphy's Bio

Search and recovery, sallow water diving. It is amazing how many cell phones I find, I just wish they held up better against water damage! There is just something very slippery about a Telus phone!

James Murphy - Recent Blog Post

  • CBC.ca Radio Interview with Rebecca Zandbergen and James Murphy (2013)

    Had a call from Rebecca from CBC as they where doing a series on “Classifieds”.  About a half hour later I was being recorded for an on air interview that would be broadcast later that evening.  The interview lasted about a half an hour, but the podcast is only about 6-7 minutes.  Lots of interview […]

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  • Sunshine Coast White Gold Found! (2013)

    Underwater metal detecting is a bit of a unique activity on it’s own. Being able to do this in almost any condition, up to 180′ makes it even more specialized. The price that is paid sometimes, is travel. Between Vancouver and Kamloops there is only a handful of us that specialize in this type of […]

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  • Yah gotta luv Ad’s like this! (2013)

    I always feel appreciated when people change their lost and found ad to tell people that it was found by us and not just delete them.  

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  • My trip to Whites Electronics in Sweet Home OR. (2013)

    My son and I decided to take a trip down to Whites Electronics in Sweet Home Oregon to visit the birth place of my V3i.  About a 5 hour trip from Seattle due south and sunshine all the way.  We left at 6am hoping to get there by noon.  As we where driving down there […]

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  • Update on ring found using only Keyboard (2013)

    As promised here is the picture of the “Angle Search” family ring.  You can read the whole story on Castanet.net when they publish it later next week. James

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James Murphy - Testimonials

  • I am ever so thankful and apologize for doubting you. (2012)



    Thank you so much for finding my wedding ring. I could not believe how quickly you found it, in less than 1/2 an hour, after I had spent hours over 3 days combing the field with a high tech metal detector and the help of every kid in the neighborhood and a few curious adults. Amidst the long grass and the clover and so many false alarms, including about 30 metal posts, it was amazing that you found it so quickly.

    I really did not think you would find it after my extensive search. I even questioned whether I would see it again even if you did find it. It could have just as easily ended up in your pocket. Sorry, but you were just some guy my husband found on the internet. A Ring Finder? Sounds a little suspect to me. Forgive me but I am married to a police officer.

    I am ever so thankful and apologize for doubting you. I hope to not need to use your services again, but I will not waste my time searching for anything ever again. I will vouch that you worked without even considering what the reward would be and that I believe you do this job purely for the enjoyment of finding things for people. It is obvious that your knowledge and experience with finding things is well beyond that of your average person. If you had an hourly rate, whatever it was would be worth it.

    I especially loved how you showed the ring to my eldest daughter on your walk back to me to ask her if the ring you found looked like my wedding ring. I saw the excitement in my youngest daughter’s face when she learned that you had found the ring she had taken without mommy’s permission and accidentally lost while playing in the field near the house. How thoughtful of you to involve them in the process.

    Thank you again. You went over and above the call of duty, offering to come out on Friday night at 8pm when we called to report the ring lost. Understanding when I cancelled your services on Saturday because I decided to search myself. And then following up on Saturday night to see if I had found it. And then actually coming out on Sunday after I called you to surrender my search over to you. My back is killing me. My husband told me repeatedly that I wouldn’t find it and that you would. For the first time in this relationship he was right. Teehee!!! He told me to write that. I added the second part.

    Again, our heartfelt thanks. Give my name and number out to anyone as a reference.


    Deb deHoog

  • James is not only finding an object like a ring but giving back to a person their hope and their memories that the object represents (2012)


    Once again a million "Thank you's" could never repay you for your efforts in finding my Retirement ring. As promised, a letter of thanks.


    The ring was a gift from my Peers and Superiors after a 31 plus year career in Law Enforcement. I have worn it proudly for almost a year and have always been wary of misplacing or losing it so typically I am very cognizant of having it on and careful with it in differing environments.

    On Wednesday I was walking the woods adjacent to a Golf Course in Penticton and returned home. I did some minor yard work and awaited the end of the day to team up with my Girlfriend to go hit a few at the Driving Range. As I loaded her gear into her vehicle I noticed my Pinkie ring was missing. I took everything out of the trunk and turned it upside down with no luck. I replayed the day in my mind and came to the conclusion that the ring must have fallen off my hand during my hike.

    On Thursday I returned to the spot and retraced my steps without success. At home I checked the yard and areas I was working on and then once again went after the trunk of the car. I realized that the ring was definitely lost so I placed an ad in Kijiji of the loss as well as visited a local Pawn Shop to have that difficult conversation. I took a drive scouring the Penticton area beaches trying to find a beachcomber with their gear to make them an offer they could not refuse, but unfortunately I came up empty. Checking the Internet I could not find anything that would seem to be of assistance under 'Metal Detectors and Detection'.

    James contacted me to direct me to Theringfinders.com website and from this I contacted James back and we hatched a plan for the following day. James came from West Kelowna to Penticton on my behest, with a partial family in tow, to help me find my ring. James was very strategic and understanding and attacked the problem like a Detective in pursuit of the clues to the case.

    He labored hard on hilly terrain and located many interesting items but no ring. His confidence in his equipment and my confidence in his sincerity, knowledge and skill made me appreciate that if anyone would be able to find it, then I was looking at him. James made many attempts and did so to put my mind at ease. He had the foresight to insist that we make a detour to my home to check out the area of the backyard so that at the very least I could be certain that the ring was lost elsewhere.

    Within 5 minutes he had checked the main garden areas and went to the last row of Junipers to complete his search. I went inside to get James a soda and as I exited he held up my ring rights in front of my eyes and asked if this was it ... I was truly speechless and unbelievably grateful. Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that he would have had success and especially not in my very own backyard!

    Personally I would like to say from the farthest and deepest regions of my heart a warm felt and genuine thank you for his diligence and never say die attitude! I was truly impressed by his principles and ethical behaviour that motivated him to take up the cause for me and others and work so hard to make the impossible - possible! I have seen a lot of good people do some amazing things for their fellow man but in this case James is not only finding an object like a ring but giving back to a person their hope and their memories that the object represents?

    Again, I cannot say thank you enough for how hard you worked to achieve this success ... Thank You!!!

  • An amazing group of people on this site. (2011)


    An amazing group of people on this site.

    I can only speak for my experience with James Murphy, but if the others are anything like him, this is one awesome group of people. I found this site by accident while checking a lost and found website, about a week after I lost my ring. I called up James and he was eager to get it found. I'm sure my situation was much less than ideal for him, a week later, me in another province, and google satellite images drawn on saying 'I think it was around here'. Even though it was all done through emailing pictures back and forth, and me trying my best to recall just where I had been on that beach, James found that very special ring, not giving up after his first search ended unsuccessfully. The day I left that beach, in the middle of my summer holidays, I truly never thought I would see my ring ever again. Then I found this site and spoke with James, he was confident, and that gave me a some hope. We got it all lined up and he went for his search. Then I received an email from him, with a picture and drawn out area of where he had searched, coming back empty handed (well, I think he found a few bucks in change). In that email he asked if I could send another picture and try to give a more specific area of where I thought I had been, as he would use that to go on for a second search. I tried my best, sent the picture to some friends who had been with me, getting their opinions on where we had been, and sent it off to James. When I next heard from him, I was nervous to find out what he had to say, and then he gave me the news that I was so happy to hear, he found it!! I could hardly believe it!! The only thing better than that phone call was a few days later when I got the ring back in my hands. I appreciate everything James did, and the effort he put into his searches. Having this ring means an incredible amount to me and I have to thank James for getting it back to me.