H Connell Raate

Cost For My Service

I’ll consider whatever is offered as a reward, but I do require a fee (.50 per mile) for driving from my home to and from the site. All costs will have to be established before I agree to search.

Search Types

Jewelry, cell phones, keys, glasses, anything made of metal or having metal content lost in the water or on dry land.

Search Locations

All beaches around Syracuse New York. (Fair Haven to Delta Lake Including Oneida Lake, and the 10 beaches of New York State Parks, Central Division). And any public parks where metal detecting is allowed and private property with permission.”

H Connell Raate's Bio

I’m retired and metal detecting is as a past time. You can find me almost any morning in the summer time hunting the beaches around Oneida Lake. In the winter my wife and myself travel to the Caribbean to enjoy the weather and metal detect. I own a state of the art metal detector and all the equipment needed to find your item, and am very successful at recovering lost articles. Recovering old coins and artifacts as a hobby can be very rewarding but nothing matches the joy I get when I’m able to reunite a precious item with its owner. Let me help you find your lost treasure.

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