H Connell Raate

Cost For My Service

I’ll consider whatever is offered as a reward, but I do require a fee (.50 per mile) for driving from my home to and from the site. All costs will have to be established before I agree to search.

Search Types

Jewelry, cell phones, keys, glasses, anything made of metal or having metal content lost in the water or on dry land.

Search Locations

All beaches around Syracuse New York. (Fair Haven to Delta Lake Including Oneida Lake, and the 10 beaches of New York State Parks, Central Division). And any public parks where metal detecting is allowed and private property with permission.”

H Connell Raate's Bio

I’m retired and metal detecting is as a past time. You can find me almost any morning in the summer time hunting the beaches around Oneida Lake. In the winter my wife and myself travel to the Caribbean to enjoy the weather and metal detect. I own a state of the art metal detector and all the equipment needed to find your item, and am very successful at recovering lost articles. Recovering old coins and artifacts as a hobby can be very rewarding but nothing matches the joy I get when I’m able to reunite a precious item with its owner. Let me help you find your lost treasure.

H Connell Raate - Recent Blog Posts

  • Wedding ring found after 11 years @ Cornell University (2017)

    This hunt turned into a 7 month saga that had consumed my thoughts at least once a day every day during that time. Late August 2016 I received a call from Kevin who now lives in California. He is an alumnus of Cornell University in Ithaca NY.  Kevin stated that in 2006 he was at […]

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  • Ring lost while gardening in Sandy Creek NY, Found (2017)

    I received an e-mail from Penelope, (Penny) last November about a ring that she had lost in her garden while doing fall cleaning of the garden for the winter months.  I was in Florida and would not be home until mid-December so I contacted her that I would search when I returned home.  Unfortunately when […]

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  • 18K Diamond Ring lost it snow, Found. Syracuse NY (2017)

    I received a call from a lady who had lost her wedding band while shoveling snow off her sidewalk during the last snow storm that had hit us.  She stated that she was positive that she had the ring on when she went out to shovel, but discovered that the ring was gone about 1 […]

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  • Memorial Ring lost in Bahama’s. Found (2017)

    First I must state that I think that there are angels among us that guide us to witness, and sometimes to perform little miracles.   This is a story of one. I know that 99% of the people that start reading this will not read it to the end, but I do this for one “angel” […]

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  • Lost ring Brewerton, New York-found . (2016)

               I received a call from a gentleman (Jim) who had lost his wedding band.  He stated that he lost it in his yard on November 9th while moving a brush pile of tree branches that had been accumulating over the years. .  It was a 14K white gold band.  Jim had looked for […]

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H Connell Raate - Testimonials

  • If you every loose a ring, just call Connell. He is the greatest. (2017)


    If you lose you ring, just call “The Ring Finders”

    I want to thank both “The Ring Finders” and Connell.

    We had a big snow storm last week, and I lost my wedding band while shoveling my sidewalk. This ring means a lot to me as it’s the one that my now deceased husband put on my finger when we were married many years ago. I was devastated. I had gone back outside to look for the ring and spent a good amount of time looking for it. It was just no-where to be found.

    I then got on my computer and searched on how to find a lost ring and I found the website The Ring Finders.com. The site was easy to navigate and I soon found Connell, the local member whom I contacted. He was very concerned about my loss, asked me questions on where I loss it, asked me to describe the ring, and then we made arrangements for him to look for the ring. He stated that he should look ASAP before one of my neighbors found it while walking the sidewalk.

    Quite frankly, I figured that my ring was gone, but where my cell phone rang last Tuesday and Connell said that he had found the ring I was blown away. As I work in a secure place, he was not able to hand deliver my ring but we decided that he would ship the ring back to me. It arrived today, and I’m wearing it again. It looks wonderful on my finger.

    If you every loose a ring, just call Connell. He is the greatest.

  • If you’ve lost something of value to you, call H. Connell Raate, he’s good at what he does (2017)


    When I went out to sunbathe in my backyard in June of 1966, I never expected that I was at the beginning of a 49 year adventure.  

    It was a beautiful summer day right after graduation, so I went outside in my yellow polka dot bikini (NOT), took my recently acquired high school class ring off, placed it on the blanket, put suntan lotion on, and laid down with a good book.  

    Later, I stood up, shook out my blanket and headed back to the cool house.  It was only later that I remembered my ring.  Out I went to get it.  Oh, no!  Where is it?  I looked for quite a while with no luck.  My hunt continued most every day for the rest of the summer.  Where the hell is this ring?  It was gone.


    Life goes on and I moved out.  When visiting my mother, I occasionally would go out and look for that beautiful green ring.  Nothing.

    After my mom died and before the house was sold, an acquaintance just happened to mention a friend of his whose hobby was metal detecting and who specializes in finding gold rings.  Why not?  Wouldn’t it be a hoot if, 49 years later, he found my lost ring?

    Imagine my surprise when that machine started singing and Connell eventually came up with a grungy and dirty but definitely green gold ring.  Good thing the house was in the country because I did come out with a whoop and holler heard for miles.

    I went to my 50th high school reunion the following summer and proudly wore that recently cleaned and re-sized (whose weight doesn’t change after 49 years?) new-looking class ring.  

    If you’ve lost something of value to you, call H. Connell Raate, he’s good at what he does, his charges are very reasonable and, most importantly, he is passionate about what he does.  If it’s findable, he’ll nab it!

  • I could not be happier with the service provided, and it was truly a pleasure meeting and speaking with Mr. Raate. He is a wonderful person (2016)


    I would like to send my sincere thanks to Mr. H. Connell Raate of The Ring Finders for his help in recovering my lost wedding band.

    After losing some weight, my ring was rather loose on my finger, and of course I waited too long to ​​get it resized. While doing some yard work this past Veteran's Day weekend, I was removing a pile of brush and as I reached in to grab some branches, I felt my ring slip off my finger and fall into the pile. It was no where to be seen and, even after carefully removing the rest of the pile, sifting through the tiny twigs, leaves, and assorted mouse house building materials that covered the ground where the pile once was proved fruitless.

    A quick search online led me to The Ring Finders, and as luck would have it, a member lived nearby. Unfortunately, Mr. Raate was on vacation, but he was confident from my description of what had happened that he would be able to help me upon his return.

    With the hustle bustle of Christmas behind us, and a warm snap that melted the snow, I got back in touch with Mr. Raate and we made arrangements to meet the next day. Mother Nature had given us a few inches of fresh snow, but he was confident. We proceeded to the search area, and with a few adjustments to his metal detector, we soon heard the buzz indicating some hidden treasure was there for the finding. There, about 2-3 inches below the surface of the loose mixture of twigs, leaves, and soil, was my ring. I had looked for almost an hour when I had cleared the pile, to no avail. Mr. Raate had located it and it was back in my hands in less time than it took for me to grab a small gardening spade from the garage as we headed down to search.

    I could not be happier with the service provided, and it was truly a pleasure meeting and speaking with Mr. Raate. He is a wonderful person - kind, friendly, and comforting, and I think he was just as happy to find the ring as I was. After we got back to the house, we talked for quite a while, my wife, he and I, and he described how much he enjoys helping others.

    I know I am deeply grateful for his help. I'm hoping I don't ever need his services again, but if I do, I know I'm calling someone I can count on. Keep up the great work!


    Jim Heffron

    Brewerton, NY