Lost Diamond Ring Lake Okauchee Wisconsin

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

This was an exciting hunt! MaryRose contacted us about a 4 karat diamond ring that had been kicked off her hand accidently at a local gathering point on the lake. As with many rings that are lost in a lake, precise pinpointing of where the ring came off is key. A local news outfit actually took an airial photo of  the boat gathering that day out on the lake. (there must have been a hundered boats all hooked together). We took this photo and did some handy overlay work with different computer programs and  added GPS cordinates right where we believed to be the spot. Now comes the hard part; the ring would be lost in a section of the lake that is pure muck, approximately 3 -4 feet deep of muck and 6 -7 feet deep in water. As soon as we starting diving we could see beer & pop cans everywhere. We spent a total of 9 hours just removing cans, glasses and trash. Now we had the areas clean enough to do some serious detecting. We changed air tanks, dropped a PVC 10 X 10 grid we had made into the water and startted scanning. 10 minutes later we found it!!! What a beautiful ring. 18K that must have weighed close to 2 ounces and that incredible rock in the center. So glad we found it MaryRose, and thanks so much to your brother who helped out in this hunt and made this a smooth recovery!!!


Take Care – The Ring Finders

Darrin & Marc


4 Replies to “Lost Diamond Ring Lake Okauchee Wisconsin”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Gary, Nice work, What a huge ring! Could only imagine the happiness she felt when you brought that back to light! Congratulations!

  2. Ed Cropski says:

    Wow! Great recovery in such a tough environment.I wish people would stop throwing trash in the water.Nice work!

  3. Maryrose says:

    Thank you so much Darrin. I still can’t believe my ring is back on my finger. You guys are amazing! I have told the story so many times and no one had faith that anyone could find it in that lake. True heroes. Thanks again for putting so much time into the search. What could have been a terrible memory is now an awesome memory thanks to You.

  4. Mark Ellis says:

    Awesome recovery Darrin..!!!!

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