Kent Blethen

Cost For My Service

I work on a Gift Basis...This means that you pay me what you feel it was worth, and what you can afford, to have me come out and find your lost item.

There will be a $25 fee for my gas expense if the item is not found. If you are further then 30 miles please contact me and we can discuss the gas expense.

Search Types

I search: fields, lawns, beaches, snow piles ,and in water up to neck deep.

Search Locations

I primarily search in South Eastern Massachusetts,but could also be able to search other areas of the state or at least know someone that probably could.

Kent Blethen's Bio

I'm 45 yrs old and have lived in Massachusetts all my life.I have found and returned many ,Bands, Wedding sets ,ect.. I have been land detecting for about 12 years and water detecting for about 6 years.

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Kent Blethen - Testimonials

  • thank you so much for using your hobby to do good for others (2012)


    Thank you Kent!! My wife and I are so grateful to you for finding my father-in-law’s wedding band. He is battling cancer right now and it means the world to have his wedding band back on his finger as my in-laws have been married for 47 years. I’m so happy that I could give him this small gift. Thank you so much for using your hobby to do good for others and bring joy to people who need it. Thank you again, and keep searching!! – Brett

  • Thank you, Kent and Ring Finders! (2011)


    Hi, Kent! Hope you’re doing well. I’m sorry I haven’t sent the story yet. I tried to post it on the website, but couldn’t figure out how to do so.

    Thanks again for everything!!! Here’s my story:

    I lost my engagement ring while raking at my mother’s house. I felt it come off into the bag of leaves I was using, but then couldn’t find it after multiple rounds of sifting through the leaves despite knowing where it had fallen.

    My husband found Ring Finders – and Kent – through a quick google search. When Kent came to my mother’s house to retrieve the ring, one of the first things he said was: “It’s almost never where people think it is.” Indeed.

    Kent was super friendly, efficient, and competent. He did a thorough search of where I thought the ring would have been, in the pile of leaves I’d emptied from the bag. After 10 minutes of concentrated searching, he said, “I’m confident the ring’s not in this area.”

    He began searching another area close by. I was looking in a third area, and mentally beginning to freak out, when I Kent said, “I hope you have a happy new year,” and dropped the ring into the palm of my hand.”

    Delight! Relief! Joy! I hugged Kent. And then my mother. And then my husband when I got home.

    Thank you, Kent and Ring Finders!