Stephane Philippe

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Cout de mes services : . Je travaille sur une base de récompense seulement si l’objet est trouvé. Le seul coût que je demande est pour mon déplacement.

My service is on a Reward Only Basis only if found. If the item is not found a $40 call out fee for fuel and vehicle expenses would be appreciated. Please note that my call out fee is subject to change depending on travel distance.

Search Types

Style de recherches : Les plages, parcs, lacs, et la cour arriere. J'utilise un détecteur de metal haute gamme, et peut faire les fouilles a la surface comme dans l'eau et sous l'eau. Je suis un plongeur certifier. Je peut plonger jusqu`a une profondeur de 6 pied.

Beaches, Parks, Lakes & Yards... I use a high end underwater metal detector for surface finds and water finds. I can search up to 6 feet of water.( I am also a diver)

Search Locations

Endroit de recherche : J'habite dans le region de Gatineau/Ottawa. Je suis disponible n'importe quel jour de la semaine. Je suis disponible du coté Quebecois et Ontarienne.

I live in the Ottawa/Gatineau region, I am available anytime. I can search in the Ottawa Valley.

Stephane Philippe's Bio

Je suis plongeur certifier depuis plus que 15 ans et j'ai fait parti d'un equipe de plongeur de secouristes, aujourd'hui je ne fait aucune recherche de secour et je fait que plonger pour le plaisir maintenant. Je fait du détecteur de métal depuis plus que 7 ans et plonger avec mon detecteur de métal depuis 2 ans.

Je suis accro a ce passe temps et apres avoir parler avec Mr Chris Turner et ce qui offre aux gens a retrouver leur objet de valeur..ceci ma fait ouvrir les yeux et c'est la que j'ai pris la décision de me joindre a sont equipe et offrir les memes services ici dans la region. Aidez les gens et retrouver leur objet de valeur que eux pensait avoir perdu pour toujour maintenant ma seule passion. Ce que fait Chris et sont equipe est incroyable et faire parti de sont équipe c'est un honneur ! Merci !

I have been a diver for over 15 years also did search and rescue, although I no longer do the S & R, I only dive for pleasure. I've been metal detecting for over 7 years, and underwater detecting the past 2 years.

I am addicted to this passionate hobby, and after speaking with Chris Turner and what he does to help people out opened my eyes and wish to do the same thing and be part of his team. Helping people recover and return their most sentimental items that they thought was lost forever is what I love to do. What Chris is doing is incredible and being part of his team, is an honor !

Stephane Philippe - Recent Blog Post

  • Found Ring Vankleek Hill (2022)

    Good afternoon everyone, It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. It’s been been pretty quiet. On October 30th I received a text from Claire for the lost ring, but because of a busy schedule I was able to do the search on the 5 th of November. Once I arrived at the location […]

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  • Found Ring Ottawa (2022)

    Good afternoon everyone, It’s been a while since I’ve written it’s been quiet concerning ring searches. On the 9 th of May Rainier sent me a text requesting my help finding a ring he had lost. I told him I was going to be there in the morning. Rainier and his son Lucas were walking […]

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  • Found Heirloom Ring in Gatineau (2020)

    Good morning everyone here’s an incredible story for everyone to read. On July 25th Rob and his girlfriend Maria Helena were swimming at a beautiful beach in Gatineau.  While enjoying the swim Rob felt his ring slip off his pinky and into the water. Please note that this is a family heirloom ring that he […]

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  • Found Wedding Band Montreal Longueuil (2020)

    Good morning everyone, I received an email and a text from Sacha. Sacha needed a ring finder and he found me using the ring finders directory. This morning while putting trash in the trash container his hand was full of snow and to get rid of the snow off his hand he flicked his hand […]

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  • Found Engagement Ring Ottawa (2020)

    Good day everyone Anne Started her day like every other day, relax and getting ready to go to work, but that morning she was running late. Running to the bus stop she tripped and fell to the ground, she felt her ring slipping off and go flying in the snow.  At that same moment the […]

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Stephane Philippe - Testimonials

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for returning that to me. (2022)


    To Stephane and Eric,

    Thank you very much for finding my ring. It holds much sentimental value to me. As my son is so young, and as I have no intention of missing his formative years I am currently unable to travel as extensively as I would like. This ring, a souvenir brought back from Cappadocia by my younger brother, represents my ability to travel vicariously.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for returning that to me.

    Most sincerely,

    Rainer A. Roberts

  • I couldn't be happier with Stephane's service, and I can highly recommend him to anyone... (2020)


    I had just about given up hope when Stephane arrived. I had lost my gold wedding band the day before. While throwing a ball around in the backyard, the ring had slipped off my finger and into the grass. I searched for hours, even on my hands and knees, and still, the ring didn't turn up. It took Stephane about 45 minutes to do what I wasn't able to do in four or five hours. As for arranging his visit, he was extremely flexible and responsive – he was even prepared to come to the house the very night that I had lost my ring. All in all, I couldn't be happier with Stephane's service, and I can highly recommend him to anyone who has lost a precious item, and who may be on the verge of giving up the search. Thanks again. – Liam

  • Thanks to Stephane, Ottawa Metal Detecting, and TheRingfinders for helping us recover this meaningful family heirloom ... (2020)


    ****Happy Ending***

    A big thank you to Stephane for helping us find this ring which was not only a family heirloom but also a meaningful event in a global pandemic.

    My partner Rob (the cute ginger in the photo) was heartbroken since the weekend when he felt this ring slip off in the water at Aylmer beach. He was soooo happy that the ring was FOUND!!!

    This ring was not just a family ring but his ring also had a personal engraving of a motto that he holds dear to his heart: “to save lives every day” (in Latin). He is a trained paramedic, ex-military medic (7 years) and now embarking on a new job working with the Red Cross, on the front lines of this pandemic; in long term care centers where the military had gone in to manage the pandemic and where the Red Cross is now taking over the work.

    He is and will be saving lives every day!!! I’m so glad that recovering the ring is a reaffirming of this important promise and a meaningful moment for this front line health care worker (who saves MY life every day!!).

    Thanks to Stephane, Ottawa Metal Detecting, and TheRingfinders for helping us recover this meaningful family heirloom and personal item.

    We were especially happy that rewarding Stephane meant supporting his family and he likes to donate some of his reward to Trait-d’union, a local Outaouais organization that supports autism. Basically a win-win!!!

    Thanks Stephane for being our hero on this one ????


  • I will be forever grateful for Stéphane and Aymeric’s perseverance, generosity (2012)


    Le 3 janvier 2012, notre maison a été complètement détruite dans un incendie. C'est un sentiment inimaginable de tout perdre... Puisque le feu est arrivé en plein hiver, on avait dû attendre que la neige fonde pour pouvoir faire des recherches surtout que les pompiers avaient arrosés avec beaucoup d’eau pour combattre les flammes. J'avais l'espoir naïf de pouvoir trouver des choses dans les cendres et au moins de pouvoir dire qu'on avait fait notre possible. J’ai trouvé le site de Stéphane Philippe et les Ring Finders sur internet et j’ai décidé de tenter ma chance. J’ai contacté Stéphane et je lui ai expliqué la situation… C’était certainement tout un défi! Stéphane et Aymeric se sont donc présentés sur le site de l’incendie pour nous guider dans nos recherches. Les gars ont travaillés avec cœur à pelleter, tamiser et fouiller dans les cendres. C’était pire que d’essayer de trouver une aiguille dans une botte de foin. Il y avait tellement de divers métaux,… En plus il s’est mis à neiger, donc tout était couvert par une fine couche blanche. J’étais prête à abandonner au bout de la première journée, mais Stéphane voulait vraiment qu’on essaie encore. J’ai été tellement touchée par le fait qu’un inconnu se donne autant de misère pour nous aider et qui était même plus déterminé que nous. On a donc repris les recherches le lendemain. Cependant, plus ça allait, plus je me décourageais. On trouvait des objets à peine identifiable, ce qui avait comme effet de me faire prendre conscience de tout ce qu’on avait perdu. Mais les choses se sont vite améliorées, et on a réussi à trouver des objets qui me tiennent vraiment à cœur. On a trouvé des bijoux qui appartiennent à notre petite fille, sa tirelire, son anneau de dentition en métal, des clés,… Je suis éternellement reconnaissante à Stéphane et Aymeric pour leur persévérance, leur générosité et leur bonne humeur! Merci 

    On January 3rd, our home was completely destroyed in a fire. The feeling of losing everything is indescribable... Since the fire happened in the winter time, we had to wait until the snow melted to attempt a search, especially since the firefighters had used a lot of water to try to stop the flames. I had the naïve hope that we would be able to find something in the ashes and at the very least be able to say we tried our best. I found Stéphane Philippe and the Ring Finders on the internet and decided to give it a try. I contacted Stéphane and explained the situation... It was certainly quite a challenge! Stéphane and Aymeric met us at the site to guide us through the search. They worked avidly shoveling, sifting and digging in the ashes. It was worst than trying to find a needle in a haystack. There was so much metal... On top of that, it started to snow and soon everything was covered. I was ready to give up at the end of the first day, but Stéphane really wanted to try again. I was deeply touched by the fact that a stranger was going through all this to help us out, and that he was actually even more determined than we were. We searched again all day the next day, but as time went on, I was getting more and more discouraged. We were finding barely identifiable objects, which only made us realize how much we had lost. But eventually things turned around and we started finding things that really mean a lot to us. We found our daughter’s jewellery, her piggy bank, her metal teething ring, keys,... I will be forever grateful for Stéphane and Aymeric’s perseverance, generosity and good humor! Thank you 

  • Thanks to Stephane with all my heart! (2012)


    Thanks to Stephane with all my heart!

    Less than 2 years ago my husband bought me a beautiful gift – a diamond tennis bracelet. It is one of my most treasured possessions. It makes me smile every day when I wear it. I walk in the woods every morning with a friend – a half hour brisk walk around a trail. I wear my bracelet all the time, because I love it. Wednesday morning I realized, an hour after I got home, that I did not have it. I remembered taking my mitten off a few times to fix my hat – and my heart sank as I realized it probably fell off on the trail. I immediately went back out – walked the trail at a snail’s pace with my eyes down, to no avail. I had to do some work but went out later that day and spent three hours – taking one step – looking from left to right – to no avail. I felt so down. It is a long trail, in the woods, lots of animals, people and birds.

    A google search unveiled Stephane Phillipe, with Ring Finders. I called him the next morning – he agreed to come the next morning. As we headed out on the trail my hopes were up. After three hours – and ¾ of the way around – I was starting to tell myself to prepare for the worst. It was then that Stephane announced “I have it!” and sure enough – he found it with his metal detector and his eagle eye saw the glistening – it was on the trail, stepped down into the snow – probably by the many dogs and people who passed by. Stephane is a delightful man. Very professional, very knowledgeable, kept asking me questions to try and help the search. He was very careful, and took his time, was clearly on a mission. And, because we were walking slowly, around a long trail, we had lots of time for delightful conversation. He is a genuinely caring person, very honest, has the kinds of values that are so important in our world today. And he sounds like a delightful Dad.

    Needless to say I am over the moon with happiness. Thanks Stephane! You are a special man!

  • Your service made an unbelievable amount of stress go away almost instantly. (2012)



    I just wanted to write to you to say thanks for finding my lost wedding band. After melting 8 garbage cans full of snow trying to find my buried ring, I did not know what else to do. Calling the Ring Finder at 10pm on a friday night seemed to be a crazy idea. But to my surprise, you answered and not only came out to my place the next morning with your hi tech equipment, you managed to find my ring buried in a snowbank in about 45 seconds!!!!

    Your service made an unbelievable amount of stress go away almost instantly. Professional, quick, and courteous you were. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone who has had the misfortune of loosing a valuable item.

    Thanks again!!


    Patrick Evans

  • No words can express our appreciation for all your efforts (2011)


    Hello Stephane,

    We want to take this opportunity to thank you for finding Darryl's wedding ring. No words can express our appreciation for all your efforts. You were right that we were in good hands when we called for your help. We never thought that the ring would found when lost on a hunting trip in the bush. It means so much to us both as it has sentimental value as we had just recently got married three months ago. Darryl is now out of the dog house. :) We will recommend you to anyone that has lost jewelry.

    Thanks again

    Darryl and Patricia

  • We called on Stephane Philippe from The Ring Finders... (2011)


    Just before Christmas, I was cleaning out the back seat of our car before taking neighbours to the airport. I took my gloves off, gave the seat a few brushes to get rid of some dog hair, and -- in one perfect motion -- knocked my wedding band loose and launched it into the snow. We had three sets of eyes looking for this ring in the first half hour, and my wife and I continued to look with no success for a few days. We called on Stephane Philippe from The Ring Finders, who took time out of his Boxing Day and was extremely friendly and professional. Stephane came over with some sophisticated equipment, and -- despite significant interference in the yard, including buried nails, power lines, and a water main -- was able to identify and recover the ring within a short period of time. We are grateful for Stephane's help, and glad that he takes a portion of the rewards to help worthy causes in our area.

    Thank you Stephane!

  • I recommend Stephane to anyone who needs help finding a ring! (2011)

    As I raked the leaves on our front lawn in October, my engagement ring and wedding band slipped off. I noticed and put them back on. I thought, I should be wearing gloves while I do this but hey, I just noticed so it should be okay. As I fed my son supper, I noticed that my engagement ring wasn't on my finger. After over 6 years on my hand, it was gone - I had to find it. After putting our son to bed, my husband and I did our best to light up the garage as we sifted through the leaves that had been collected and went over the lawn. After an hour plus of searching with no results, we started to consider our options. We knew that the longer we waited, the less chance of finding it. My husband found Stephane's information and I spoke with him from work the next day. Stephane was so responsive - coming to meet me at home at the end of my work day. He started searching immediately. Stephane found my engagement ring in one of the bags of leaves. I felt such relief when it was found! A huge thank you to Stephane! I recommend Stephane to anyone who needs help finding a ring!



  • When Stephane arrived, we instantly felt confident that the ring would reappear... (2011)


    We had found this ring on a recent trip to California . It was a perfect little souvenir from a local artisan from that great part of the world. When it went missing we felt a little empty, wondering if we'd ever find something similar - that's when we called Stephane. He was very professional and accommodating for our schedule. When Stephane arrived, we instantly felt confident that the ring would reappear due to his can-do attitude, modern equipment and self-confidence.

    And sure enough a few minutes into the search - it was found, with Stephane holding up a muddy ring and quietly announcing, "Here it is." We felt relief and lots of joy in being re-united with this piece of art found in a small shop in San Francisco.

    Thanks Stephane!