Sean Boddie

Cost For My Service

I usually work on a call out fee plus donation basis, which means:

You pay an upfront, pre-determined call out fee depending on where you have lost your ‘precious’.

I then donate to you, my time, equipment, knowledge and karma, and if 'The Lord of the Rings' be willing, a little bit of magic!

You donate what you feel it is worth to you, or what you can afford, to have me come and hopefully, 'just like magic', reunite you with your 'precious'.

I will then donate 10% of the money to: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - defending our marine ecosystems.

Please Note: The call out fee for searches in the Perth Metropolitan and Mandurah areas, is usually around $40 - $60. Once I know where you have lost your 'precious’, I'll know what will be involved in searching for it, and can tell you how much the call out will be.

IMPORTANT: Time is of the essence and quite often the #1 factor in making a successful recovery.

So please, DON’T DELAY, CALL TODAY and significantly improve both of our chances to see a little magic!

Search Types

On Land - I search beaches, parks, verges, and properties for lost jewellery and keys, wallets, phones, caches and much, much more. Anything made of or containing a metal can be found.

In Water - I offer underwater searches for jewellery, anchors, cameras or anything else you've lost in the water. An additional fee will apply for underwater searches. We can discuss this when you call.

Aerial - I can also offer a range of Remote Piloted Aircraft (drone) services. This tool could be used to coordinate large scale searches to locate lost property, a stolen car, a lost dog or even a lost person! Fees will apply. Again, we can discuss this when you call.

Search Locations

Just about anywhere.​ Just send your Lear Jet via Perth International to scoop me up!

Sean Boddie's Bio

As a member of the West Coast Metal Detecting Club in Perth and as their current FIND OF THE YEAR shield holder, I guess I've passed my 'apprenticeship in metal detecting' and am well qualified to help you with your rescue!

I grew up on an ocean beach on the West Coast of New Zealand and it was here that my 'Treasure Hunting Apprenticeship' began… from combing the beaches and excavating old bottle dumps to finding WW2 relics left behind by the U.S Army at the end of the war. I wasn't the only one; I remember my school was closed from time to time because some 'little Johnny' would bring a live hand grenade or mortar bomb to school for show and tell!

Since then I have led an action packed life, having served in the N.Z Navy, working as an Adventure Guide, Commercial Fisherman and Diver, plus many others which have each contributed in one way or another towards my ‘Treasure Hunting’ skills, and has eventually landed me here, on Directory.

I joined ‘TheRingFinders’ after discovering this global, one stop directory, connecting people who have lost their 'precious' with someone nearby, who has the skills, experience and passion to reunite them.

Why? Because it’s rewarding, exciting and I just love doing it!

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Sean Boddie - Testimonials

  • I’m so grateful for your efforts and enthusiasm in finding it. I feel whole again. (2017)


    Hi Sean

    Reading this brought tears of happiness AGAIN as I recall the last week and being reunited with my ring, which has felt much like a dream. This ring is one of those special rings that can’t just be remade or bought again, it signifies my first born child, years of marriage to a gorgeous man, and a Silversmith’s name which my daughter now carries. It is not something money can replace and I’m so grateful for your efforts and enthusiasm in finding it. I feel whole again.

    Thanks Sean!

  • I’m so grateful to Sean finding my ring. (2017)


    I’m so grateful to Sean finding my ring. Also the fact he came the next day after I phoned him, that certainly helped my feelings of anxiety that my ring was lost forever. I’m a very lucky lady. I’ve bought a lotto ticket, hope my luck will hold.