Marshall Smith

Cost For My Service

Reward basis... you pay what you can afford and what it's worth to you to have me find your lost ring, plus applicable call out fuel charge, typically $25-$50 locally

Search Types

Jewelry, keys, coins, watches and metal artifacts on land, on beaches, in parks, fields and in water up to 5 feet deep.

Search Locations

San Francisco California and the surrounding areas.

San Mateo and the surrounding areas.

Half Moon Bay and the surrounding areas.

Marshall Smith's Bio

I have been detecting since I was a teenager and seriously detecting for about two years. I have been very successful locating all kinds of lost objects. I really enjoy helping people recover their lost personal treasures and look forward to being of service to you!

Marshall Smith - Recent Blog Posts

  • Vacaville Backyard Yields up Lost Neil Lane Diamond Ring after Missing for a Week! (2017)

    b They were partying on Friday night and somehow she lost her wedding ring in the back yard. Reality set in the next morning, “OMG, where’s my ring?”. He vaguely remembered her tossing it out the back door, but that was it. Frantic, they searched and searched the 30×50′ backyard day after day. He even […]

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  • Heirloom Gold Cross Recovered at Tunitas Creek Beach, Half Moon Bay, CA (2017)

    It was William and best friend Irv’s, 4th trip back to Tunitas Creek Beach to look for his cross. It had belonged to his Lebanese uncle and been in the family for generations. Lost while playing football on the previous Saturday, the family treasure remained elusive after three searches, first in the dead of night […]

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  • Stinson Beach Wedding Ring Recovery – Golden Gate National Recreation Area (2017)

    Sahil had lost a little weight, and when he reached over to his beach bag to find something, his wedding ring dropped off his finger and went straight down into the sand. Even though he saw exactly where his ring landed, he and his wife, and his two kids searched for hours, with no luck. […]

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  • Ocean Beach Wedding Band Recovery – Danny and Alex (2017)

    It was a beautiful day at Ocean Beach. Danny was surfing. When got out of the water, and he went to shake his towel, his wedding ring went flying on the beach! Moments later, my regional ringfinder buddy, Dave Millman, received the following urgent text: Hi Dave, I lost my gold men’s wedding band at […]

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  • Half Moon Bay Diamond & Platinum Engagement Ring Recovered! (2017)

    Bentley was proposing to his fiance on Poplar Beach this morning, when Max the dog jumped up and knocked the ring into the air. It vanished into the sand. Bentley used his smartphone to locate the Ringfinders, and I arrived 30 minutes later. Recovered: 1 carat, pear shaped diamond, of very high clarity and color, […]

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