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Lost rings in Sugarhouse: Found

Jodi and Dan were watching their daughter play soccer at a local park. Jodi removed her wedding rings to apply sunscreen to her daughter, but was then distracted by their newborn baby, and she forgot about the rings. After the game was over, they gathered their belongings and were heading back to the car when they realized they didn’t have the rings. After hours of searching through the long grass, Dan was able to find the wedding band, but they couldn’t find the white gold engagement ring with its large solitaire diamond. They found and asked me for help. It took almost 2 1/2 hours of searching with my metal detectors, but we finally found the ring! I was happy to help them find the cherished ring that she had worn for 18 years.


Wedding Band Lost After Topsail Beach Swim Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Justin and his family were spending the day at a Topsail Beach.  As they were enjoying the day and a beach swim, Justin began to dry his arms and hands on his beach towel.  He felt the ring fly off of his finger but didn’t see where it had landed.  He knew there must be some way to find a person who metal detects to come to his rescue.  Within minutes, he found The Ring Finders and called me to help him recover his ring of almost 9 years.   I told Justin I would load up and begin the 1:30 hour drive.  Upon arrival, and after a few brain fog moments of my own, I began to search the beach.  On about the 3 pass, Justin removed the sun shade that was in the path and  I hit another signal but wasn’t too sure it was Justin’s ring.   As I placed my detector down to further investigate the iffy signal, the Minelab Equinox 800 coil landed upon a strong 12 signal.  I looked up at Justin and said “I think that is your ring”  Sure enough from under the coil and out of the sand, I lifted up Justin’s wedding band.  He was thrilled because he was leaving to head back home very soon!

Gold earring lost in Sausalito, CA…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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A very kind Susan contacted me on Memorial Day to assist in searching for her gold clip-on hoop earring lost at the Cavallo Point Lodge in beautiful Sausalito, CA.  She was spending the weekend there with her daughter and while out for a walk she felt her hair tugging at the earring. Just like that, she attempted to clear her hair from the earring and the rest was a blur.  The earring she had owned for 30 plus years and had been present for all the major events of her adult life was missing.  The mother and daughter duo spent hours searching for the lost gold hoop to no avail and a huge cloud loomed over the trip.

Susan had used a metal detectorist to assist locating a missing ring while on vacation at the beaches of the East Coast. She sought out a last ditch effort to recover the earring when she reached out to my friend and fellow  member Jes Muse.  Jes was kind enough to pass along my information to Susan, who text me right away and the next afternoon I’d make the hour and a half drive to Cavallo Point to meet with her and perform the search.  Susan reenacted the events of the night and the path she took.  She also established an appropriate search area, which was fairly small and our probability of the detection was pretty good. I spend 30 minutes or less metal detecting and visually observing the search area.

After searching the area, I could say with full confidence that the earring was not there.  At that point, she thanked me for my efforts and I could tell she was quite disappointed.  After she left, I couldn’t help but wonder that if I walked further along her route, what I could find find.  If there was a possibility that the lost earring event may have taken place further than originally thought and that was why the initial  search turned up nothing, I wanted to know.  As I walked further along the route, there laying in the road was the gold clip-on earring we had both sought out.  We had made the recovery!!!

Early in the search, Susan had stated that she had a dream that we located the missing item.  I remembered that statement when I called her to return to the Cavallo Point Lodge to collect her belongings.  She was ecstatic when I turned over the once lost item and I hope in some way it made the grey cloud over the Mother and Daughter trip depart.  Best of wishes Susan!

The gold clip-on as found in the road.

The missing earring.

The roadway that I located the earring.

Susan preferred not to have her photo taken, so here I am!

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Lost Platinum and Diamond stud earring on Pleasanton, CA Soccer Field…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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When Aditi contacted me on the 7th of May, I had no clue about the new lesson I was about to be taught.  At this point, I did not even know the issues that existed that would lead to the lessons I would be learning during this recovery.

Aditi requested help locating her platinum and diamond stud earring. The stud had been displaced from her ear by one of her young sons.  They were in a large grass field observing a soccer match when the incident occurred and she had visually seen the disposed earring fall into the grass. Now, these were very nice earrings, but what made them even more special was that these were a 10 year anniversary gift from her adoring husband. After searching for some time the family sadly left the park and Aditi sought out an alternative solution.  A google search put her on The Ring Finders page and in contact with me.  With the last of the days light waning, it was determined that I would perform the search the following afternoon.

The next day was beautiful and I had high hopes for a successful speedy recovery, though I knew that a stud earring in a grass field might be extremely difficult.  I met Aditi’s mother at the sports fields.  She too, had been there the day prior and assisted with the search.  A boundary was set and I grid the search zone with cones I carry in my kit.  I was utilizing my Equinox 800 with the large coil and searched in Park 2.  Additionally, I was using my Garret pin pointer to scan the lawn when potential signals were noted. After 1 hour, the mother suggested we conclude the search but I stayed with it another 30 minutes before calling it off to regroup. I sent a message to Aditi letting her know what I had done and that I had been unsuccessful, but not to lose hope.  I knew that I was going back.

Back home I ran a series of tests with different coils and different settings on my wife’s stud earrings.  I contacted a few trusted detectorists for advice.  The first lesson I discovered in this process was that these stud earrings were very difficult to pick up regardless of settings and coils.  The second lesson I learned was that the Garret pin pointer could not pick up the greater majority of the stud earrings I tested.  This meant that all of the would-be-targets that I did detect and used the pin pointer to clear, it gave me a false probability of detection. I would be going back to the field.

The next opportunity I got, I made the trip back to the sports park and reestablished the grid in the defined search area. I also utilized the 6″ coil in the Gold 1 setting which I found to be the most useful during my testing.   This time I painstakingly visually searched the grass beneath any and all promising targets. About 45 minutes into this trip I had a booming repetitive VDI of 1, I got down low and combed through the tall, thick, green grass and that was when I knew, we had made the recovery!

Before removing the item, I tested the pin pointer…nothing!!!  I took a series of photos and sent a text to Aditi wishing her a Happy Mothers Day followed by images of her once lost and now found platinum and diamond earring.  I’m hopeful that it helped make her day just a little bit brighter.  Thank you Aditi for trusting me with the recovery of your jewelry!  I do not take that trust lightly and will always do my absolute best to prove that.


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Missing Engagement Ring in Columbia, Tennessee…FOUND!

  • from Huntsville (Alabama, United States)

Christina McCree – Ring Finder for northern Alabama and southern/middle Tennessee…call or text ASAP, anytime 24/7…610-504-6135

On Thursday night (September 8th, 2022), I received a text message from Austin stating that his fiancé, Shannon, had lost her engagement ring earlier that day while she was outside of their home.  They had spent 4 hours searching with a cheap metal detector, but no luck.  They also tried looking in the dark with a flashlight.  I told Austin I’d be more than happy to help, and that I could come out the next day as soon as I got off from work.

I met Austin and Shannon at their home in Columbia, Tennessee on Friday around 4:30pm.  They explained that they checked their security cameras and were able to pinpoint when Shannon last had her ring on and when she first noticed it missing.  Shannon had gone over to the chicken coop, grabbed a bad egg, and threw it over their wire fence into the field.  She shook her hand because some yolk had gotten on it.  Next, she went and pulled some weeds from the garden, but she said she had noticed her ring was missing before she did that.

I began my search by where Shannon was standing when she threw the egg.  Next, I hopped the fence and began a grid search in the field.  This was challenging at times due to the height of the grass and weeds, so I had to press my detector down in certain spots.  When I felt like I had covered a decent area, I hopped back over the fence to check the bedding where the chicken egg was.  Still no ring.  Austin then showed me the video of the egg throw and I noticed that Shannon threw sideways towards the right side.  I hopped back over the fence and expanded my grid towards the right.  I continued searching until I felt like I had covered the area quite a ways.

We decided that I could come back out in the fall and recheck the field better when the grass was cut.  I told them that I wanted to check the garden in case Shannon had actually noticed the ring was missing after (not before) she had weeded.  Austin marked the path she had walked with my cones.  I walked down to the garden and searched one side of her path.  I then searched around the planter she was working in.  The grass was about 2-3 inches tall.  I just finished my lap around the planter when I received a solid tone that showed at a shallow depth on my Minelab Equinox 800.  This was the kind of signal that you just know it had to be the ring.  I bent down, parted the grass, and saw that golden circle beaming back up at me!  I looked up at Shannon with a big smile.  She said, “you found it!?”  I replied, “got it!”  Both Shannon and Austin were shocked because Shannon thought she noticed it missing before she pulled the weeds from the garden.  In fact, they didn’t even search that area because of that!  I explained that our minds will play tricks on us and can even change how events are played back in our heads.

Shannon and Austin were both so excited and relieved that her beautiful 14K yellow gold engagement ring was back on her finger where it belongs!!!  They were also so happy that they came across The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service.  Shannon apologized that she had me looking in the wrong spot, but I told her that it was the most likely area and we needed to search that first.  In the end, all that matters to me is that the person gets their ring back no matter how long it takes to find it.  I’m so proud to be a member of this great service; please, tell your friends that it exists!  Looking forward to the next adventure…

If you or someone you know has lost a ring, jewelry, or other metal item, please contact a member of The Ring Finders.

Lost thrown ring, Orlando, Florida…..found and mailed to owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

This young couple was enjoying a night on the town and decided to call an Uber to help them get safely back to their hotel. Their ride dropped them off a few hundred yards from their hotel and as they walked they talked!! I am not exactly sure what the topic of conversation was but I do know that during their walk along the quiet street Mr. John Doe got very upset and took off his wedding ring and with a back handed throw sent his ring sailing into the street and the ping could be heard and then silence!

It didn’t take long for Mr John Doe to realize the error of his way and later that evening he returned with his phone and tried desperately to find his ring. But after a couple of hours of searching the street, the grass and even in the bushes he decided to look online for some help and typed in “Metal Detecting Service Orlando”! The first result was “” and as he checked out the “Directory” he noticed my name and all the successful recoveries and decided to give me a call. So we met later that day and “John” showed me where he thought he was when he threw his ring. At first I thought that it would be a fairly easy search but an hour and a half later I was beginning to have second thoughts. I expanded the search area by 30 feet on either side and still no ring. It was getting late and “John” was planning on starting their drive north that same day…so I assured him that I would come back later in the week to look some more. He was very happy to hear that and then we parted ways.

The next weekend I returned and decided to look even further along the street, searching the bushes and the 8 foot grass strip along the street. At one point I was a good 45 yards away from the area where “John” said he threw his ring and while I was swinging my detector along the curb and over onto the grass, I glanced out onto the street and low and behold there was the young man’s ring…just laying in the street. I could not believe my eyes and was so, so thankful to see it just sitting there untouched and not a scratch on it. I made a quick little video with my phone and sent it to the owner and he was thrilled that I actually found it! And a couple of days later it was mailed off to “John” and so the story continues!

Lost your ring, or something valuable? Call or text me ASAP!

Mike McInroe….here to help you!

2 Rings Lost in the Sand, Found and Returned on Ocean Isle Beach, NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I saw a post on one of the Face Book pages I’m a member of saying, “Does anyone have a metal detector I could borrow tomorrow morning? We’re staying on the west side and have lost a ring in the sand…” I responded saying “If I can help, call me.” I also attached the link to my blog on web site. Within a few minutes, I received a text from Morgan asking what my rates were and whether I was available the next morning. I told her that I do this on a gratuity or reward basis and I’m available at any time. We agreed that I’d meet her between 8-8:30 a.m. today, Tuesday, Sept 7th.

When I arrived I met Morgan in the driveway of their rental and she explained what happened on our way out to the beach. She said that she had put 3 rings in the cup holder of one of the beach chairs. Later that day, as they were going in for the day, her sister picked up the chairs and the rings went flying. With a family search, 1 of the rings was found lying on top of the sand; the other 2 had disappeared and were buried. Morgan’s mother had joined us on the beach and pointed out the suspected 15-20 foot square area. After a few grid lines, I hit dual signals which meant both rings were in the same spot, inches apart. I took a scoop of sand and dumped it out on the beach. When I did, I saw Morgan’s Silver and Gold ring packed in the sand. This one had sentimental value, as it was a college graduation present. I reached down and picked it up, cleaned out the sand, then held it up for Morgan to see. She came running over, very excited, with a huge smile on her face. I handed her the 1st ring and now to find the 2nd one. I turned back around to the sand pile and Bingo; there it was sticking out of the sand. Both rings are back where they belong with another chapter to add to their stories.

Morgan, Thank you for trusting me to help you find your lost treasures. Best of luck to you in your life’s adventures and enjoy the rest of your vacation.



Lost Claddagh Ring Found Ocean City NJ by Ring Finders South Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

I received a message from Nicole on Saturday afternoon via the Facebook messenger app on my page – Ring Finders South Jersey. When I spoke to Nicole she said she realized she lost her Archbishop Prendergast class ring and her Claddagh while on the beach the day before in Ocean City, NJ. She thought the rings may have missed her bag when she put them away. Since she went home the night before, she gave me gave me a marker on the beach to put me in the general location where she was sitting. I waited until some of the beachgoers left before I started my search. I heard a signal and out popped the Claddagh ring! Being in the right area, I figured the class ring was nearby. Well as it turns out, that ring wasn’t lost on the beach at all…it was found in the trunk of the car the next day! Great ending to a Saturday night!

Man’s 14K White Gold w/Diamonds Wedding Band Lost in the Ocean, Found and Returned in Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a text from Brian on Thursday, July 15th, saying “I lost a men’s wedding band, white gold with 6 diamonds, in the ocean behind Anderson Ocean Club. Can you help?” I replied asking him to call me. This hotel was in Myrtle Beach, which is Matt Fry’s area. Matt had just called me within the last hour saying he was going out of town for the weekend. Matt also said that if I got any calls for Myrtle Beach to go ahead and take them, and if he got calls he’d pass them to me. I planned on getting Brian’s information and then calling Matt to see if he wanted the call before he left town. When Brian and I talked I got additional details. He lost his ring the day before, right at high tide, in waist deep water. He also knew the area he had lost it. I tried calling Matt a couple of times without success so decided to take this search. Looking at the tide tables, it was right at low tide. I called Brian back and asked him if he could meet me in about 30 minutes to show me the area, he agreed. As I tell my wife I’m heading out for a ring search, I get the look (all husbands know the look!!) as she says “Now? Dinner’s ready!!” I told her its low tide and I’ll heat dinner up in the micro-wave when I get home. I must say though, she’s a real trooper. Never complains about the crazy hours I have for ring searches.

I met Brian on the beach behind the resort and he showed me the exact location of where he lost his ring. I’m thinking this should be pretty easy. He lost the ring waist deep at high tide, and it’s now low tide. Logically, the ring should be right there on the down slope to the low tide line. One thing I’ve learned doing ring searches, logic and Mother Nature do not work well together. When Mother Nature throws in the wind, the waves, and the sand movement she’s in full control of the situation and anything lost in the ocean. I started a grid search parallel to the beach working the slope out to the low tide line. At some point, I told Brian that he didn’t need to stick around, if he wanted to go back up to his room or take the family to get something to eat I’d call him if something came up. I searched for over two and an half hours, using 2 different detectors, without finding Brian’s ring. I called Brian and told him I was done for the night and would be back in the morning, Friday. I could hear the distress in Brian’s voice, which made it harder for me to stop searching.

Friday, I’m trying to come up with another game plan for Brian’s ring, when I get another ring search. Ironically, this call was at the same resort but on the north side. I asked this owner to meet me at 3 p.m. since he had other business to attend to. So, now I had two ring searches in the same area about 100 yards apart. I didn’t feel I could do both searches, giving a 100%, by myself. I called Jim Brouwer and told him the situation; he agreed to help but would be about an hour late. When I got to the beach to do the searches, Mother Nature was up to her antics again. Strong winds with big waves that were crashing up on the beach. There was no way I could do a search until the conditions calmed down. Over an hour later, things calmed down some and Jim had shown up. I asked Jim to search for Brian’s ring while I searched for the 2nd ring. I asked Jim to search for Brian’s ring because sometimes a different detector, with a different technique, and different ears makes a difference. After finding the 2nd ring, I joined Jim to look for Brian’s. After 3 hours, we still didn’t have Brian’s ring. Again I called Brian with the bad news.

I couldn’t make it on Saturday, but Sunday I got out early in the morning, an hour before low tide, determined to find Brian’s ring. I started a perpendicular grid search at one of Brian’s landmarks that he had pointed out to me on Thursday. My plan was to search from the top of the slope out to knee deep water across the beach to Brian’s second landmark. I was half way through the area and out in the   ocean about shin deep, when I got a great signal on the White’s PI. One scoop and I had the target out of the hole. I spread the sand out with my foot and saw a monster of a ring. Bingo, with the description Brian had given me on Thursday, there was no doubt I had Brian’s ring in my hand. It was still early in the morning, but I took a picture of the ring and sent it to Brian, and followed it up with a phone call. No answer! Called a couple more times with no answer, must have been too early. I was hoping that Brian and his family were still in Myrtle Beach and not on their way home to Michigan so I could hand him his ring. Brian finally answered the text with “Wow.” I called him, and although he had just been woken up with a ringing phone, he was very excited. Unfortunately, they left Saturday and were about half way home. I got his address and his ring will be on its way home tomorrow. There’s no way to describe the feeling of finding something for someone who had probably given up all hope of ever seeing their treasure again.

There was one more hiccup getting his ring back. Brian had asked me to UPS overnight air it back to him. Unfortunately, there was a “mechanical breakdown” with either a plane or truck along the route. So, Brian had to wait one more agonizing day before his ring was back home and on his finger where it belongs.

Brian – Thank you for trusting me to help find your lost treasure.


Man’s Palladium Wedding Band Lost, Found and Returned Myrtle Beach SC,

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a text message a little after 11 a.m. on Friday, July 16th, from Mike saying “Hi Jim, Mike here. I just lost my wedding band at Myrtle Beach near 26th Ave North, by the Anderson Oceans Club and Spa. It’s a size 11 palladium band. I lost it in the water about 30 minutes ago. Any chance you can help?” I called him to get some more details, like how deep he was in the water, and whether he could meet me to show me the area. We agreed to meet on the beach at 3 p.m. He and his wife were in town from Maryland on a short trip, so he was limited on time. He lost his ring about an hour before high tide and low tide wasn’t going to be until a little after 7 p.m. I had a second lost ring at the same location, about 100 yards apart that I had gotten the day before. I was hoping I could find this ring and then re-search the other area for the second ring. Then I got to thinking, maybe Jim Brouwer would like to help. That way I could search for this ring and have Jim cover the area for the second one. When I talked to Jim, he jumped at the chance but couldn’t be there until a little later.

I got to the beach on time and met Mike. He showed me the area, confirming that his wife had marked the area when he lost his ring. Unfortunately, the wind had picked up which caused large waves coming straight into the beach. There was no way I could walk into the surf let alone try and detect. I sat there for at least an hour watching the waves crash onto the beach while waiting for Jim. After a while the conditions calmed down enough that I could detect. I gave Jim a description of the other ring and showed him the area. We both went to work trying to find these rings. With the information I got from Mike, I really expected to find his ring on the slope. After 2 hours of searching the slope and going out knee deep in the ocean, I hit a good target. I was using my White’s PI detector, so every signal sounds really good. I was expecting to dig up another bottle cap, which is about the only thing I was finding. I had the target in my scoop and shook the sand and shells out of my scoop and saw his palladium ring. I took a picture and sent it saying Bingo! He showed up about 45 minutes later with a big smile on his face knowing his ring was going back on his finger where it belonged.

Mike – Thanks for trusting me to help find your lost treasure.