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Ocean City NJ Dog Park Lost Wedding Band Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Meaghan, Bill, and their furry friend were having a lovely week in Ocean City, NJ. One sunny afternoon, they decided to visit the dog park on Haven Avenue. As Bill was tossing the ball for their dog, his wedding band slipped off his finger and vanished in the sandy terrain. Despite enlisting help from fellow park-goers, the ring remained elusive. One of the other dog owners suggested they contact Ring Finders South Jersey for assistance. Upon speaking with Meaghan, I promptly arrived at the scene to lend a hand. With my metal detector, I commenced my search alongside the eager dogs. In no time at all, we uncovered the lost ring! Relieved and grateful, Meaghan and Bill were free to enjoy their final evening in Ocean City, New Jersey.
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Lost Claddagh Ring Found Ocean City NJ by Ring Finders South Jersey

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I received a message from Nicole on Saturday afternoon via the Facebook messenger app on my page – Ring Finders South Jersey. When I spoke to Nicole she said she realized she lost her Archbishop Prendergast class ring and her Claddagh while on the beach the day before in Ocean City, NJ. She thought the rings may have missed her bag when she put them away. Since she went home the night before, she gave me gave me a marker on the beach to put me in the general location where she was sitting. I waited until some of the beachgoers left before I started my search. I heard a signal and out popped the Claddagh ring! Being in the right area, I figured the class ring was nearby. Well as it turns out, that ring wasn’t lost on the beach at all…it was found in the trunk of the car the next day! Great ending to a Saturday night!

Lost key FOB found and returned Ocean City, NJ

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I received a call from Jennifer from New York State that the family had lost their car key FOB on the beach.   Within 5 minutes of searching the area the FOB was found!  They were very happy as this was their last night in Ocean City, NJ and were able to enjoy it and drive home the next day.

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Lost Rings Can Be Found In Ocean City NJ

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