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Lost Rings Hayward Lake In Mission… Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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I received a call from a young lady who had lost her diamond engagement ring and her diamond wedding band but the only thing was she did not know where she lost them. This is when you have to ask a lot of questions to narrow down the search area, one thing that stuck in my mind was she was at the lake in Mission but did not remember ever taking her rings off. She went on to talk about watching her kids and her friends kids while she was at the lake, I asked her if she put on suntan lotion and she said yes, on her kids and herself. In my experience it’s very common when mothers are at the beach looking after kids and that’s all they think about, so I wanted to go and search the area she was sitting on the beach. The kicker was the rings had been lost for almost one week, the good thing was at this particular lake they do not permit people to detect there without permission.

We got the permission and headed down to the lake with high hopes but also realistic to the fact that these rings could’ve been lost in several different places, this would be a closure search so she could rest assure it wasn’t there and start the search in other places around her house maybe her vehicle. These rings meant absolutely the world to this young lady and after talking to her for a few minutes I could tell how bad she felt and how she also came to the realization that she may never see these rings again.

She took me to the area she was sitting at and within only a few minutes I found the first ring! I gotta tell you I’m as excited as the person I find it for, I absolutely love what I do and how it affects peoples lives in such a beautiful and positive way. The second ring was only a few feet away and the day was a success! It took an hour and a half to get there and less than three minutes to find her smile!






Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463  I have the best job in the world, I love helping people more than anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what their ring means to them, and I get to see how happy they are when I find it…



Lost Engagemnt Ring and wedding Band Found by Ring Finders South Jersey Ventnor NJ

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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I received a call from Bella today about an engagement ring and wedding band that were lost in the sand on the beach in Ventnor, New Jersey yesterday. The set belongs to her friend’s mother, Jaqueline, who lost rings the while applying sunscreen. I met Bella and Jasmine on the beach today to find the rings. Jasmine pointed me in the general area where the group was yesterday and the rings were quickly recovered.

Lost wedding ring two years ago, Orlando, Fl….Found with metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Recently Robyn was looking on her Facebook and noticed an article about a metal detecting service made up of people who specialize in finding lost jewelry. Two years ago her husband Dave, was doing some yard work pulling weeds around a thick rose bush and ended up loosing his wedding ring in the process. They tried searching for it several times and a neighbor even used a cheap metal detector but ended up striking out! Dave’s wedding ring was a hand-me-down from his grandparents and being a rather thin gold band they had a jeweler custom remake it by adding two other gold bands. Robyn really wanted to find Daves ring and that led to the search for someone to help. It was Fathers Day and what better gift then to try and locate his lost wedding ring and get it back to him on this special day!

After meeting Robyn and Dave and hearing the story of that eventful day two years ago, I set up my Garrett AT Max and began detecting around the bushes where Dave spent most of that day. My very first target was a solid 46 and I thought for sure that was his ring…but not so fast! It turned out to be a small triangular piece of aluminum flashing from the trim around the roof. And the next 20 plus targets all turned out to be very similar items…small pieces of aluminum. (The construction guys must have set up their equipment right there years ago when they did the trim job and dropped all the scrap in one place!). I knew I needed to remove every last piece and it took a good hour using my metal detector. There were places where I could not use my detector so I opted to use my pin pointer…also a Garrett brand item! So I got down on my hands and knees and proceeded to stick the end down into the mulch and dirt probing for Dave’s ring. More aluminum pieces and a few nails here and there. The metal detector would discriminate out the nails and other ferrous (metal) items but my pin pointer detects all metal therefore I was digging a bit more junk targets. Ten minutes later…low and behold I spotted a glimmer of gold in a pile of dirt and I shouted to Robyn, “Hey, hey, hey here you go!!” She let out a holler and came a running!

Again I gave thanks to God for putting me in the exact place and for allowing me to be able to reunite Dave and Robyn with their lost ring!

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Lost gold cross jewelry in grass, Conway, Florida….Found and Returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Danielle was very determined to find her lost gold cross and had literally spent hours trying to find it. She tried raking the grass, using a strong flashlight, crawling on her hands and knees and even purchased a cheap metal detector and still her special heirloom gold cross remained elusive. She just knew it had to be in her front yard somewhere…but where?

Later the next evening she was searching on line for other ways to “find lost jewelry in the grass” and she came across and one of the recovery stories I had written about helping someone else find a lost item. Danielle explained that she had stepped outside her front door onto the grass where she had a couple of inflatable Christmas decorations and as she was trying to push a plastic stake into the ground, her dog bolted out the front door and across the street and began fighting with her neighbors dog! Danielle dropped what she was doing and ran across the street to restrain her dog. After returning her dog to the house she realized she had dropped her chain and gold cross, which she had been carrying in her hand during the whole ordeal. She immediately went to the obvious place where she was pushing the plastic stake into the ground. Right away she spotted the chain laying in the grass but the gold cross was nowhere to be seen.

After meeting Danielle and seeing where the fateful event took place, I set up my Garrett AT Max and started a tight grid search, covering all the same area where they had so diligently searched. It took only a few minutes to cover the small area and no gold cross so I searched further out and…BINGO, there was Danielle’s lost gold cross just sitting in the grass! What a thrill it was to see the joy and relief on Danielle’s face and it was a total honor and privilege to help her in her time of need!

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Mike McInroe in sunny Florida!

Lost wedding ring, Windermere, Fl……Found and Returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Dr. Greg emailed me on Saturday afternoon to see if I was available to help him find his lost wedding ring in his back yard. So we made arrangements to meet the next day to conduct a thorough search. Upon arriving I was told that the family had searched for three days with a low end metal detector. Gregg and his wife have been married for 25 years and a couple of their children were letting me know that I really needed to find their father’s lost ring, so that they, (the parents) could continue to be married again. Cute, hey? Apparently one of the boys had gotten a small drone stuck in one of the large oak trees and Greg was using a soccer ball to try and knock the drone free of the branches. He was throwing the ball straight up with force, using a two handed under throw and after a couple of throws he suddenly felt his ring go flying. Thankfully I had a test ring with a small piece of brightly colored ribbon attached to it and I asked Greg to do a couple of test throws. This gave us a good indication of the direction I needed to begin my search. It wasn’t long until I got a great shallow signal in the thick grass and sure enough there was Greg’s lost wedding ring. (I was using my Whites DFX metal detector in the Prospecting Mode, as there was allot of electrical interference and the usual Coin and Jewelry Mode was way to noisy.) It was a real pleasure to help Greg and his family and I hope he is able to get the ring resized so as not to loose it again!
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Lost My Ring While Raking Leaves In The Lower Mainland/Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Well it’s that time of year again when people are losing their jewelry while gardening and raking leaves, It happens every fall! The sad thing is most people just give up the search after they can’t find their lost item. I got a call from a young man named Joe who didn’t give up the search and found online while looking to rent a metal detector.

Joe explained to me over the phone that he felt that the ring might have come off his finger when he took his gloves off to answer his phone in his front yard. He wasn’t 100% sure but he thought it was the most likely place where the ring could be lost. Joe searched himself but to no avail,

He was not ready to give up the search so he had me come out to take a look.

I was excited for the challenge but I only had a 4 hour window before I started work so I drove out to his place (over an hour drive each way) and to both of our surprise the search only took 10 seconds! That’s right… turn on the machine 10 seconds later I found his ring, I have the best job in the world… I get to make people smile, Joe was in a little bit of shock as he couldn’t believe I was holding up his ring so quickly. In over 500 recoveries that I have made, you get lucky once in a while! I was extremely happy to have found this ring for such a nice young man.













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Chatham, Cape Cod: One quick trip to the beach to find a lost ring before dinner

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Jeffrey called me about 4:30pm about finding his misplaced ring. I know the beach well and there are many detectorist that comb the sand daily. Therefore it was most important to start searching ASAP. I told Jeffrey that I could meet him at the beach in about 45 minutes. I made it to the beach in 35. I got ready and when Jeffrey showed up we started the short walk to a secluded sandy spot. I thought it would be an easy search – I was wrong. Two beer cans, a couple of pull tabs and a quarter and one target so deep it is still there. But no ring.

Then it was off to second area closer to the water and wet sand. Dang! I had the wrong detector for this search, but I would give it a try anyway as it was a small area and I could see just where Jeffrey had been sitting. In just three swings of the detector a solid response to a buried object was ringing in my ears. Next was to take a scoop of sand and yes in the sand was a platinum ring, the object of my search. I sifted the sand from the scoop leaving only the ring. Now it was Jeffrey’s turn to do something except watch me with great expectations. It was his task to remove the ring from the scoop and place it back on his finger were it belonged.

The round trip from and back to the cars took less than 25 minutes. When back at the cars a couple of quick stories were shared and pictures were taken. The only down side to this return was it delayed both Jeffrey’s and my timely entrance to our dinner engagements. However, the entrances were made with smiles, just a bright as the ones in the photo for sure.


  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

Got a call from a local lifegaurd, there’s a lady tryin to find her husbands ring lost in front of tower number (x) if you close by.

I’m 5 min away I’ll head that way. As  I start down the stairs I see a lady with a couple small boys and one little girl imagekicking sand around.  As I get close she see’s me walking over with detector in hand. She was shocked I showed up without her calling me.  I got the story and started to grid. Didnt take long but was out of her search area just a bit. The two boys had been refering to me as Mr John durning our time together. What a TREAT.

The Ring goes back to her husband but Read the rest of this entry »

Lost Diamond Engagement Ring Found in Cloverdale, BC…Thanks to Story In The Province Newspaper By Reporter Jennifer Saltman

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)



Thanks to a story in Province  Newspaper by reporter Jennifer Saltman who wrote about a meteorite ring that was lost and found… it helped a young lady by the name of Julie from Langley BC find her lost diamond engagement ring ! Thank you Jennifer for doing such a great story and mentioning The Ring Finders Directory, I know Julie would like to thank you as well.


This is the story… Julie was working (landscaping) in Cloverdale on a very wet and rainy day and was getting ready to go home when she took off her gloves and noticed that her diamond engagement ring was missing… This ring was very special to Julie because it has her late grandmother’s gold wedding band melted into her diamond engagement. This was something her husband had made for her and it was very, very special as you can imagine.




You see Julie lost it while working and the only way she could’ve lost it was when she took her gloves off. She remembered only taking her gloves off a 2 or 3 times during the day to answer her phone. At the end of the day she realized her ring was missing, she raced back to the area and looked and searched but could not find the ring. This is where the Province Newspaper comes into play… Julie called her mother to tell her what happened at work and how devastated she was,  her mother then tells her about a story in the Province Newspaper that she just read the other day about a company called The Ring Finders and how there’s a person that helps people find their lost rings.


Julie called me right away and we discussed the search and set a time to meet and search for her lost ring. Just a few hours later we met at the parking lot where she was working, she showed me the 3 areas that she believed the ring could be…After searching the first 2 areas and no luck I mentioned to Julie that depending how she took her gloves off could effect how far her ring could fly. If she gently took off her gloves the ring would fall beside her, but if she pulled on a finger and yanked the glove off quickly it could make the ring go flying. The fact the ring was round and hevey could make it go even farther as it could roll on the concrete. I continued to close off the 3rd area and was ready to double check before expanding my grid search when a very said looking Julie approached me holding something in her hand…It was her ring!





She said that after we talked about the flick factor and that the ring could go flying she started to search away from the area that she thought it was lost in. 30 feet or so away from the first location she found her ring in the middle of the street flattened like a pancake! The centre diamond and other smaller diamonds were missing and I could tell how hard it was for her to believe what she was seeing. We talked for a few minutes and I told her how excited I was that she found her own ring. How she has the original ring that she was married with and also the fact that it has her late grandmothers wedding band that was melted into her ring. I knew when I saw the ring that it could be fixed and it will be like knew soon! Julie soon realized that she was very lucky to have the ring back and the fact that she found it makes this story even more special.





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A Ring Finder in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico BeachThis Ring Finder has made it to Puerto Rico for vacation with metal detector in hand. I love the beaches here and love bringing my metal detector to comb the beaches for lost rings and jewelry.

The entire island is my playground, as well as Culebra and Vieques. I’m on the island from April 10th through the 18th. Feel free to give me a call if you have lost a ring or jewelry on any of the islands. I would love to find it for you.