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Lost Wedding Ring Edmonton

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-497-2118

I phone pics 206

Received a call from Shaun to see if I could locate his lost wedding ring that he had lost three weeks prior in his back yard while he was raking leaves and cleaning out his flower pots. I phone pics 205After about 1 1/2 hours of searching I found his ring in the flower pot.

Keys found for Ministry of Transportation…. a year later!

from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-859-4540

I was contacted by Ken from the Ministry of Transportation Field Services about a lost set of keys during a survey ….Last year!  Ken and his crew where at a site doing some survey work out in an area along Westside Road last fall.  He arrived in the company truck and tucked his keys in his pocket.  At the end of the survey covering almost a full acre, Ken did not have his keys anymore.  They searched for a couple of hours, but the type of terrain there could easily swallow up a set of keys and leave no trace.  This really bothered Ken because he knew they where there and no-place else.  He bumped into our site by accident, and called me to see if I could help.  The value in the keys is more in the security fob and the chipped key that would be big $$ to replace.  Grid searching a forest is a bit of a difficult thing to do because the ground is completely uneven and fallen trees all over the place.  Ken lasted with me for most of the search, but had to return to the office.  At the three hour mark I had nothing but a belt pouch full of very old debris.  I told ken before he left that I would do a few more thorough search patterns and go over a few paths that could have easily hid the keys.  Fifteen minutes after he left i get a weak signal over a fallen tree.  I had gone over it before but just ignored it due to the fact that it was very faint.  But at this point I was checking every signal I got.  So I found a large branch and used it to pry the fallen tree over far enough to search under…. Bing.. loud a clear.  Under the fallen tree and a pile of bark.  Surprising enough, the remote on the key ring still worked!  We are a tenacious bunch when it comes to an absolute..  That meaning that the keys had to be in the location and could not have been any place else.  I just have to find out where!Ringfind westside rd 2013 min transportation keys 2 Ringfind westside rd 2013 min transportation keys

Here is the vid if you want to watch.

Wedding Ring found in Santa barbara

from Santa Barbara (California, United States)
Contact: 1-805-559-2977

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John Alden Called on Saturday April 20, 2013 regarding his lost wedding ring. We arranged to meet at the beach the next day. He and his father took me to the location they thought it was lost, which they were quite accurate.  After just a few passes on the “grid” we laid out, I was happy to return his ring to him. There is no satisfaction better than a successful ring finding.






Broken Diamond Ring

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

20130422_201406This weekend I was contacted and requested to find a wedding ring mount and stone.

The white gold mount and diamond from a wedding ring had apparently broke off the band.

I went to a local jeweler and secured a similar mount to determine if my Excalibur II was capable of detecting this small article.

Under the right condition the Minelab seemed to give a faint response. I was hopeful.

The callers residence was another issue, apparently high voltage buried cable and lots of building debris.

I spent couple of hours on my hands and knees with my pinpointer in the grassy areas where the mount and stone might have possibly fallen off.

My work revealed no results

Thanks Chris Turner for the insight on this project




Insurance Company Contact

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

20130412_111228 (2)A big thanks to The Ring Finders website:

I was recently contacted by a Houston based insurance company to assist in a claim investigation.

Their client was reporting the loss of an expensive ring in their back yard, either in their garden or one of several flower beds.

I spent several hours on location searching the areas in question.

No ring was recovered. (was really hoping for a recovery)

I felt comfortable reporting to the insurance company the ring was not at this location

Hoping a solid relationship had been established with the insurance company.

The insurance company found me at”


An Unexpected Find

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758


In the company of two American Hero’s


Medal of Honor Recipients

Staff Sergeant Salvatore A. Giunta

Staff Sergeant Leroy A. Petry


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Found Survey Marker!

from Santa Barbara (California, United States)
Contact: 1-805-729-3054

On 4/12/13 I was called to find a Survey Marker for a client.  He took me down in his yard where he was planning on building a new fence.  His marker was buried in about 6-7 inches of dirt.  Within 3 min we found his marker!  I also found a quarter dated from 1970.  By coincidence, the survey marker was placed in 1970!  The client kept the coin to frame as a piece of history for his property!  We surmised that possibly the surveryor dropped the coin while installing the marker.

Lost Diamond Ring in Maple Ridge…Found in Back Yard!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

I received a call this morning from a young man who said his wife lost her diamond engagement ring in the backyard while playing baseball with their daughter.  He said his wife was very  upset and concerned that the ring was lost for good. After discussing the search and what it entailed I decided to go after work to search for her ring.I met with his wife and she showed me the area where she thought the ring many have been lost. It was a very large back yard and the grass was long enough to hide a ring with no problem, after talking to the young lady I had a pretty good idea where I was going to start my search.She told me that she searched with her husband for over an hour and a half with a rake and just eyeballing the area to see if they could get lucky and find the ring…but no luck… She also told me that she hardly slept the night before knowing that her ring was lost and she may never find it.Its amazing how emotional it is for the person who has lost that sentimental item and the thought that it may never be found.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell it only took 15 minutes in the pouring rain and dark to find her lost diamond ring… it’s the greatest feeling when your detector sounds off and you look down and part the grass and see that persons cherished item looking back up at you …knowing with excitement that it will make that person’s day when you hold it up and show them!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the 700th recorded ring found for The Ring Finders Directory! We have over 100 recoveries without pictures…800+ My goal is to see over 1 million Smiles on my Directory before I die! I love my Job!Lost something call ASAPWatch the video of the search… 

Ring Found in Hills at Johnsonville, Wellington, New Zealand

from Wellington (New Zealand)
Contact: 022 361 4990
Sharon reunited with her ring

Sharon reunited with her ring

Sharon's ring deep in the grass

Sharon’s ring deep in the grass

Sharon was walking her dogs in the hills above her suburb when they were ambushed by another dog.  While attempting to separate the dogs one of her gold rings was flung off her finger and disappeared into very long grass somewhere downhill.

When we arrived it was drizzly and misty but Sharon’s bubbly personality meant the weather couldn’t put a damper on our mood and she couldn’t wait to show me where she had lost her ring.

Sharon took me to the exact spot where she had been standing.  A very large, prickly, gorse bush was very close and had me a bit worried but first to check out the long grass.

In less than 1 minute I got a faint signal.  I pressed down on the long grass and had trouble getting another beep and when it did it came back with a ferrous signal.  I thought it might have been a nail or barbed wire.  I used the pinpointer and tracked it about 6 inches right to the bottom of the tuft of grass, spread the blades and exposed a beautiful gold ring covered in diamonds.

There was an audible gasp from Sharon and as I looked up to see a beaming smile and then received a bear hug that nearly knocked me over.  Priceless.

Very generous reward – some of that will go to Life Flight Trust Rescue Helicopter.

Lost Ring, Found in Airdrie

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-701-1739

Lost Ring Found, In Ice and Snow!

I got a call today, a lady had lost her 18k Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring outside a Holiday Inn yesterday. She had taken it off to admire it, and had it on her knee.  When she got out of the car the ring fell into the snow and her Fiance drove away before she noticed it was gone.

Then things got worse,  before she had a chance to go and look for the ring, a Bobcat digger went right through the area scraping the snow up and piling into three different 5 foot piles.

Next, things started to turn around for her because her brother-in-law to be, decided to search the internet for a metal detector user and found me on

I went out and they described the ring it’s a beauty I’m sure you will agree, I got there and started searching the 3 piles of ice and snow and after only 35 minutes we came up with the ring!  Between tears of joy and hugs, she explained that she had only had the ring for 2 months and that both her Fiance and her had been devastated at it’s loss and were so grateful to have it recovered.

Greatful OwnerLost 18k and Diamond Ring Recovered

Wow!  it feels good to help people get back the things that mean so much to them.

For Service in Airdrie, Calgary, Cochrane, Carstairs, Irricana, Beiseker, Didsbury, Olds, Bowden, Innisfail and Red Deer, Call Bill Jones (The Detectorist) 403-701-1739 or Email: