Dave Boyer

Cost For My Service

I have a call out fee for gas money depending on the distance traveled.

If I recover your valuables, the reward you choose will be greatly appreciated.

Search Types

Water, beaches, parks, yards or wherever you lost your valuable item.

Search Locations

Holland and South Haven. Will also travel state wide.

Dave Boyer's Bio

I have been metal detecting seriously for about 6 years and have a lot of experience helping another RingFinder

with many successful finds. I am retired and available at your call or e-mail request. I prefer an e-mail request to make sure

I get all the correct information from you.

Dave Boyer - Recent Blog Posts

  • Gold ring found in Pratt Lake near Gladwin, MI (2017)

    Jacob from Detroit lost his wedding ring while swimming off a sandbar in Pratt Lake in July of 2016.  Although he searched with a rented metal detector at the time, he did not find the ring.   When he contacted Chuck Raison, my fellow ringfinder from Baldwin, Chuck called me to help him on the hunt. […]

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  • Sleepless in Allendale, Michigan over lost ring. (2017)

    My hunting partner and fellow ringfinder, Gregg Larabel, received a call from Cindy S. saying she lost her ring in her bedroom and they could not find it.  Gregg and I showed up at her house after she got off work and met her husband, Paul, and Liz the family dog, then received the story […]

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  • Lost ring while tailgating at college football game (2016)

    Matt and some of his friends were tailgating before the college game and throwing a football around for entertainment.  To keep from losing it while throwing, Matt took his ring off his throwing hand and put it on his other hand for safe-keeping.  About twenty minutes later he noticed the ring was missing.  His buddy, […]

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  • Another ring found at Holland State Park, Michigan (2016)

    This time the ring was lost on the beach.  Brittany had taken her ring off, placing it in her beach bag for safe keeping while she played with her kids in the water.   But when she reached home the ring was gone.   She went back the next day to look for it, but had no […]

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  • Found wedding ring lost on the side of the road for over a month. (2016)

    Jasmine H. from Okemos, Mi. lost her wedding ring (3 rings soldered together) about a month ago.  Driving down the road, she tossed a cigarette out the car window and the ring went with it.  Since it was at night, she searched the road with a light but came up empty handed.  After over 20 […]

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Dave Boyer - Testimonials

  • Both my husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts! (2016)


    I have shared my story with all my friends and family! I am so thankful for you guys and to know there are such nice people like you in the world brightens my day. I wish there was so much more I could do for you both, and one day I hope to give more!

    Both my husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Even our 2 year old was thrilled you found my ring! Some things are just irreplaceable and not everyone understands, but I can see that you guys do! Thank you thank you thank you!