Dave Boyer

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I have a call out fee for gas money depending on the distance traveled.

If I recover your valuables, the reward you choose will be greatly appreciated.

Search Types

Water, beaches, parks, yards or wherever you lost your valuable item.

Search Locations

Holland and South Haven. Will also travel state wide.

Dave Boyer's Bio

I have been metal detecting seriously for about 6 years and have a lot of experience helping another RingFinder

with many successful finds. I am retired and available at your call or e-mail request. I prefer an e-mail request to make sure

I get all the correct information from you.

Dave Boyer - Recent Blog Post

  • Gold ring lost and found at Warren Dunes (2017)

    Chad and family were enjoying the beach at Warren Dunes when his gold wedding band disappeared in the sand.  Looking for the ring was not successful, and they had to go back home to the Chicago area.  They looked up the Ringfinders and sent me an e-mail late on Tuesday night asking if I could […]

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  • Ring lost for 20 years and one month found! (2017)

    On July 4th, 1997 Larry was playing volleyball in front of his aunt Laurie’s cottage on Hess Lake when he lost his huge gold wedding band in about 3 ft of water.  Laurie came up with picture to confirm that date.  Old picture shows Larry in the center of the picture with his hands on […]

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  • Ring lost for 4 years and finally returned. (2017)

    Katherine is the first cousin of my son’s best friend from high school and I am friends with her grandfather.  They had heard about Ringfinders and knew I was involved, but with the number of years gone by from when the ring was lost they assumed it was futile to look for it. O.D., the […]

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  • Silver ring lost in Gun Lake, MI (2017)

    Received a request from Jon K asking for help in finding a ring for his good friend Krissie from Chicago.  Krissie and her fiance were vacationing at Jon’s cottage over the holiday and keeping cool by playing catch with a tennis ball in about 4 ft of water.  On one throw she felt her ring […]

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  • Found her cat but lost her ring in Grand Rapids, MI (2017)

    Gregg Larabel, my fellow ringfinder, got a call from Derek whose fiancee (Brooke) lost her engagement ring in the woods behind her apartment while looking for her cat.  She had put her ring in her jacket pocket before entering the woods, and after returning with the cat she found her pocket empty.  After Brooke gave […]

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Dave Boyer - Testimonials

  • Both my husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts! (2016)


    I have shared my story with all my friends and family! I am so thankful for you guys and to know there are such nice people like you in the world brightens my day. I wish there was so much more I could do for you both, and one day I hope to give more!

    Both my husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Even our 2 year old was thrilled you found my ring! Some things are just irreplaceable and not everyone understands, but I can see that you guys do! Thank you thank you thank you!