Dave Boyer

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

For some areas I have a call out fee of $25.00 to cover my gas expense.

Depending on the working conditions and time spent searching, I’m happy to accept what you feel my service is worth to you, based on what you can afford. I especially appreciate “rewards” – because that means I found your item!

Search Types

Water, snow banks, beaches, parks, yards or wherever you lost your valuable item. If in water over 5 ft deep I can contact a diver for you.

Search Locations

Primarily West Michigan, but I will also travel state-wide if necessary.

Dave Boyer's Bio

I have been metal detecting seriously for about 10 years and had a lot of experience helping another Ringfinder before I joined this site.

I am retired and available at your request.

I prefer a text or e-mail from you so I get all the correct information on contact name(s), phone numbers, address etc.

If your item is lost in a public place or Lake Michigan, contact me as soon as possible. Others may find your item and Lake Michigan swallows items in a few hours never to be seen again.

Dave Boyer - Recent Blog Post

  • St. Christopher medal recovered from Hutchins Lake, Fennville, MI (2021)

     I received a call last night from Ryan, stating he had just lost his gold Saint Christopher medal. It was a valuable piece, but priceless to Ryan as it had been his grandfather’s — just talking about the loss kind of choked him up. He had been playing with his daughter in about 3 feet […]

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  • Gorgeous Diamond Ring Recovered At Oval Beach (2021)

    Yesterday I received a call from Rachael, stating she had just lost her wedding ring in about waist-deep water at Oval Beach in Saugatuck.  She and Dylan were spending some time with relatives, relaxing and just being together after the crisis of losing their 31 year old cousin and attending the funeral a few days […]

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  • Ring Saved from Lake Michigan. (2021)

    Ring was lost near New Era.  On Sunday Clayton was playing catch with a football in just about one foot of water when he felt his wedding ring slide off his finger.  Gregg Larabel and I headed out right away on Monday afternoon because the wave action of Lake Michigan has a way of burying […]

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  • Engagement ring found in Rockford, Michigan. (2021)

    Gregg Larabel got a call for a lost ring and since he was unavailable he gave it to me.  Chelsie had been working in her parents’ yard on Mother’s Day when she lost the ring, which she described as a silver metal heirloom handed down thru fiance Dylan’s family.  She and Dylan met me at […]

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  • Engagement Ring Found in Dorr, Michigan (2021)

    I received a text today from Stephanie, stating the engagement ring she received in January is missing.  She remembers taking if off by the kitchen sink when she was making a cheesecake a few days ago, but couldn’t say she remembers putting it back on.  As a volunteer fire fighter, she was called to a […]

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Dave Boyer - Testimonials

  • I gotta say Dave and Gregg are the real deal!!! (2019)


    Steve here! I gotta say Dave and Gregg are the real deal!!! After 5 long days of my chain sitting at the bottom of Lake Michigan I was ready to accept that it was gone! But Tuesday night I randomly came across Ringfinders and Dave and called, and spoke with Dave the following morning. The very next day he and Gregg where on a mission. I liked how he acted with a sense of urgency and how dedicated he was to finding my chain. I am still In shock they found it! Along with all my friends and family. When he showed up at my job and handed me my chain, I skipped the handshake and gave the guy a hug! Haha! That’s how happy I was! These guys are legit! And masters of this craft! Have 2 be 2 find a chain in Lake Michigan in 8 inches of sand 5 days later in 15 or 20 minutes! Thanx again Dave and Gregg! I really am grateful for your help and glad I came across your website!

  • Both my husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts! (2016)


    I have shared my story with all my friends and family! I am so thankful for you guys and to know there are such nice people like you in the world brightens my day. I wish there was so much more I could do for you both, and one day I hope to give more!

    Both my husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Even our 2 year old was thrilled you found my ring! Some things are just irreplaceable and not everyone understands, but I can see that you guys do! Thank you thank you thank you!