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First Snow = Lost Rings

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Daniel called. The snow was so heavy that the tree branches were looking like they might break. He started throwing a ball but ended up throwing his ring. With a little time and tenacity, we found it but note where he was expecting it. Watch the video for the full story.

Sliver wedding band recovered on Loveland Pass

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Two months ago Adam and Emily were married. Their wedding bands were something extra-ordinary as they had .actually made their wedding bands from a single piece of silver bar stock. Fast forward to Saturday November 7th, they spent the morning doing some early season skiing at A-Basin. On their way home, they stopped by a memorial to (5) people who had perished in an avalanche several years ago. This memorial is on Loveland pass at an altitude of about 11,600 ft. Even though the memorial is over 100 yards off the road, Emily  didn’t put on her gloves as it was warm out for a Colorado winter day. Emily climbed up to the memorial from the trail that leads to it and had to put her unprotected hands into the snow in order to get the traction needed to get to the area she wanted to look at. She spent a few minutes looking over photos, flowers and adornments that make up the memorial. They hiked back to their car and proceeded home. Shortly after arriving home Emily noticed that her wedding band was missing.

In Adam’s quest to find metal detectors to rent he came across my profile on TheRingFinders and called me. We set a time and location to meet so that they could take me to the suspected location of the lost ring. After showing me around the site and explaining what they had dome we headed back to my truck to gear up and begin our search. Upon reaching the site I recovered a couple of pistol casings, though I knew that these targets weren’t Emily’s ring I wanted to make sure that they weren’t masking the ring. I climbed the embankment that Emily did just a few hours before and there I received a signal on my White’s MXT that matched that of when I checked Adams ring. I stepped back and told Adam and Emily that there was a good signal and that I would like Emily to check this signal out. After a few brushes of snow were removed her ring came into view. She let out a “mild” scream, high-fives and hugs were shared by all. Emily couldn’t wait to get back to town to show her friends that doubted we would find her ring our results.

Ring Recovered 11-8-2015

Adam and Emily Emily's ring