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Wedding Ring Lost in garden Recovered! Westfield,NJ

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

I received a call from a woman asking if I could help find her husbands wedding ring in their garden? He had been working in the yard for the past few days and noticed that his gold wedding ring of 58 years was no longer on his finger and he was pretty upset about the loss. I drove up the following day meeting the couple on their lawn and we walked around to the backyard where there were multiple boxed in 10 x 20 gardens and large compost pile behind the garage. Although it was a nice backyard I felt it wasn’t going to be an easy hunt with all the growth and area size.I decided to use my White’s V3i metal detector with a small 4 x 6″ search coil to get in between the flowers and plants. He felt the most likely area was the compost pile so that’s where I started but after a half hours search I had no luck? Next we moved onto the garden boxes one at a time and still no luck. Finally I started searching the paths between the boxes and leading to the compost pile when I got a good hit from my detector. Looking down I brushed some weeds aside and there was is ring! It took a while and I could tell they were losing hope but when I said I found it,the smiles came right to there faces! Another happy customer! Another great day! Recovery #118

First Call in Texas, Ring Lost in a Horse Pen – Found

from Harker Heights (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-571-733-7347

Got a text while on vacation from Dee, whose wedding ring had slipped off her finger while she was taking care of her horses. Went to find it a day or two after I got back, following some heavy rain.  Between the mud, the standing water and the…um…horse residue, it was quite a new, and dirtier than usual, experience for me. After a couple of hours of fruitless searching, I told her I’d come back when things had dried out a bit.  Contacted her a week or so later, and went back over to search.  First thing she told we was how the water was rushing along the edge of the pen when she dropped her ring. As there wasn’t much of a ground slope, I was a bit skeptical, but I expanded my search area. Proving the adage that “the customer is always right”, I located her ring, luckily undamaged by horse traffic, in the expanded area, after an hour or so of searching.  Giddy up!

Tungsten Wedding Ring Recovered from Lake MI

from Grand Haven (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-307-7711

I received a panicked text from Mo on July 7th saying he’d just lost his wedding ring on South Haven Beach and was in need of help finding it.  I assured him that I could help but it would take me about 2 hours to get there.  He and his wife Megan agreed to wait for my arrival and help me narrow down the search area.  It was a bright, beautiful day on Lake Michigan and just finding a parking space was hard.  I had never searched this beach before and it was really crowded.   Doing a grid search in the water with lots of people around is tricky but after about 40 minutes I saw silver in my scoop!  It was my first recovery with my new Xtreme Scoop and they were elated.  The smiles on their faces is what it’s about :o)

Lost Gold Class Ring Found In Rochester Hills Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

A Class Act Reunion!

This pictured gentleman was assisting a tree trimming crew in his yard and while moving limbs and what not his size 10 14k class ring slipped off yesterday. Overnight there was an inch or so of snow as well. I knew from past searches this chunky ring would be reading in the high 50’s to low 60’s on my MXT meter. Chatting a bit he mentioned he was in the planning stages for a 45th year class reunion, making this search and recovery very special. Not remembering where he was in the yard but a general area I started to run a grid pattern right down the middle of the yard. I actually liked the snow since I could see my footprints where I was walking helping me get a better grid search! This is the only time you will see me say I enjoy SNOW! After just a few minutes and some random junk and iron signals I got a +60 zinc penny 0 depth signal blaring thru my headphones. Pinpointing the spot and brushing the snow aside revealed this beautiful gold ring shining up at me! As you can see he was super thrilled that his class ring was found and he will be able to truly have a class act reunion!

Lost wedding ring found in Nesquehoning, PA.

from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-610-207-8677

Robert was helping his sister-in-law with yard work when he lost his wedding ring. It was a cold day and he stated it just fell off while burying a drain pipe in the yard.  This had been one week prior to the 2nd anniversary of his wife’s passing from cancer. His daughter-in-law contacted me through Ring Finders and I went to look for it. He told me it was a Silver Ring, so I discriminated out all iron and even gold on my ATPro. After looking for about 30min, something told me to remove the discrimination of gold. It then took me about 2 min to get a great signal in the gold range. After moving some dirt and stones, I found his ring. He just stood their in amazement when I handed him back his ring. I told him that even though it looks like silver, it is actually a white gold ring. Lesson learned and I was so happy that I could make is day during a difficult time for him. Why try to rent a metal detector when you can use RingFinders.

Lost Gold & Diamonds Ring at Four Seasons Ko Olina Resort Lagoon…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on October 19th when I got a call from Klaus from British Columbia Canada who was on vacation and staying at the Four Seasons Hotel at the Ko Olina Resort. While taking a swim in the lagoon his Gold & Diamonds ring came off. We met the next morning on the beach and Klaus was fairly certain it was in chest deep water. After a thorough search I didn’t find the ring and we decided it would require scuba to hunt the deeper water. Because of jellyfish and surf I wasn’t able to scuba dive until Friday 2 November. I took the morning off from work as the conditions were ideal but it was going to get bad that evening. I started the dive hunt by laying my bright orange grid line in the sand parallel to shore in about 5 feet of water. I hunt down the line then move it seaward after each pass. This way I don’t miss any area if the water gets silted up. The area was sterile I believe I only found a dime then on the fourth leg in 8 feet of water the tone in my Excalibur was unmistakeable. I fanned the sand and there exposed a beautiful Gold & Diamonds ring. I texted a picture to Klaus when I got ashore and he confirmed that was the ring. In the picture above you can see the smile after the ring arrived in Canada with Klaus. Aloha to Klaus.

Tungsten wedding ring found near Allentown, Pennsylvania

from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-610-207-8677

I was contacted by Jason asking if a metal detector could find a tungsten wedding band. He stated he lost it while playing football. He tried to find it himself with an “older” metal detector but agreed he did not know how to properly use it. I made arrangements to drive to Allentown to search for it on a Saturday, since this was at his work place. After searching for about an hour and covering about half the size of a football field, I got a loud hit, shallow depth, and found it in the grass. Both Jason and his wife were ecstatic to get his ring back as they have only been married for a short time. Don’t rent a metal detector when you can use a professional Ring Finder!

Lost Gold Wedding Ring in House .. West Los Angeles, CA. .Found in Time for Wedding

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136












Lauren’s parents had passed down their wedding rings to Lauren to be used for her marriage next week. The unique gold ring that her father had worn for over 35 years was lost three hours after they gave them to her. Lauren had put both rings on her fingers till she could put them in a safe place. 

She was at her new home that was in the process of being remodeled when her whole day turned into panic. Her project for the day was to organize some of the boxes stored in the garage. Also, unpack a few of the boxes of items to go into kitchen cupboards. We also had an area of the front yard where she had removed some weeds.

Timing was important because Lauren was able to recall most of the places she had been. We did a quick grid of the front yard where I could use my big metal detector. Then the kitchen area boxes and wrapping where I could use the handheld pinpointer metal detector. Last place was the garage that had 30 or 40 boxes plus the floor area around them. Starting at one side, we opened each box and it was helpful that Lauren could remember the boxes she didn’t open. 

The ring showed up in a box of halloween decorations that she had searched without success before calling me. It was great to see how happy she was and the look of relief on her face. We definitely saved many hours of grief if it wasn’t found. It could have been next Halloween till she opened this box again. I was kind of hopeful that the ring would show up inside one of the boxes as this has been the action in past searches that caused rings to slip from fingers.

Sharp Eyes Not Detectors Used In Palm Harbor Ring Recovery

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

SRARC Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service – Tampa Bay Area, Pinellas County, Manatee County & Sarasota County

Lost something important? We can HELP! Our services are FREE! Donations to the Club are accepted.

We will send a team of metal detector experts to search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks and even your own backyard. If you have lost your ring or any other precious item, “Don’t Wait – Call Now.”

(Dunedin) Howard (727) 631-4191 (Clearwater) Joe (727) 269-3112 (St Pete) Tom (727) 415-7968

Sharp Eyes Only Requirement In Palm Harbor Ring Recovery

One bright spot in an otherwise sad week.

Joan’s husband passed away just last week and was heartbroken to lose a ring he had given her. She was throwing pine needles off her second story balcony when her ring slipped off her finger.

Family, neighbors, and the yard man all searched in vain. She was directed to SRARC where a team was assembled.

District Captain Howard Metts, Dimitur Alipiev, and Paul Hill arrived at 2pm sharpe. Introductions were done as Joan explained where she was standing overhead. At that point Dimitur turned and said here it is. The look of astonishment was actually on ALL our faces. Joan fought back the tears and was so thankful to have the ring back. She couldn’t believe it wasn’t found before our arrival. We never took our detectors out of the cars.

Keys found in Chula Vista

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Angela called me to help find her lost keys. It was dark, she and her husband were outside his car in the parking lot where they lived. Angela attempted to throw her keys over to top of the car to her husband on the other side. The keys didn’t make it! They hit the top of the car and bounced somewhere. They searched the parking lot, sidewalk, and landscaping the best they could in the dark using a flashlight, but, didn’t have any luck. They searched again the next day, even cleaning out dead leaves and branches from the bushes along the sidewalk. Still no luck. Next in the process was to buy a metal detector and try again. They had “fun” removing everything imaginable from the ground cover and bushes, but, the keys just wouldn’t speak up. Eventually, they heard about The Ring Finders and gave me a call.

I met Angela at the parking lot around noon and got the low down on how the keys were lost. I started by searching all the ground area in and around the bushes and all along the sidewalk. No luck. I ran the coil over the surface of the bushes and even in the overhanging tree branches, but, still nothing. Next, I started at one end and started shaking all the bushes as hard as I dared, hoping to hear the tinkle of keys or to hopefully convince the bushes to let go of them. We made it all the way to the other end without success, but, while walking back toward where we started Angela looked down and spied them right under the corner of one of the bushes. Yes! Don’t know how we missed them at the time we were at that bush, but, hey, they’re now back where they belong, so, that’s what counts. A very happy Angela called her husband with the good news and both gratefully thanked me. A pleasure to meet you Angela and thank you for the reward.