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Man’s 14K Gold Wedding Band Lost, Found, and Returned in Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a call today from Josh looking for the guy with a metal detector that can find rings. I confirmed he had the right guy, and asked what had happened. He responded that he had given his gold wedding band to his wife, Emily, for safe keeping while they were on the beach. She had put it on her thumb and at some point it slipped off. I asked a few questions including where they were. When he responded they were staying at the Holiday Inn in Myrtle Beach, I knew I’d have to get a hold of Matt Fry. Since Matt’s The Ring Finder for Myrtle Beach, any calls I get for that area I pass to him. When I called, he said he was in the middle of something and to go ahead and take the call, thanks Matt. I called Josh back and told him I’d be there in 30-45 minutes.

Vacation time is definitely back in full swing at Myrtle Beach. Traffic was bumper to bumper, and parking was non-existent. I grabbed a parking spot in the hotel parking lot, and stopped by the front desk to let them know, so my car wouldn’t get towed. As I walked out on the beach, I saw a couple waving at me. When I got close, we introduced ourselves and Josh showed me a small area in the dry sand, maybe 5’X5’, where they thought the ring slipped off. I turned on the Equinox and thoroughly scanned the area with not even a peep. So, I started a grid line working north, still with no targets. After about 4 lines, I went back over the same area working the grid south. Two lines south from my original starting point; I got a solid 17, which told me I had gold! I scooped the ring out of the sand, shook the sand out and let Josh reach in the scoop and retrieve his wedding band of 7 years. Both Josh and Emily were extremely excited their lost treasure was found.

Josh and Emily, thanks for trusting me and the Ring Finders to help find your lost ring.



Lost Men’s Gold Wedding Band Recovered in Hallandale, FL

  • from Sunny Isles Beach (Florida, United States)

It was a lovely spring day in Florida with beaches full again after many months of COVID-19 restrictions. A young woman called me and explained that the prior day, her husband had lost his wedding ring on Hallandale Beach in Hallandale, Florida.

It was an “oops” moment that they discovered only after they made it back home and they knew it was on the beach because he had stored the ring in the cup holder of the chair and then shook out the sand before going home. Easy to forgive as the couple has a lovely young baby to care for!

I made my way to the beach and recreated their approximate location from photos they had taken while on the beach. We communicated during the process and I found my way right to the correct spot. Two other couples were on the beach relaxing, so I was sure to let them know why I was invading their space!

Just as she described, the ring was just under the surface after about 45 minutes of searching within the area.

I’m glad they used RingFinders and found me. They were smart to remember details about what happened and where they were. It made the search much quicker!

The sentiment shared with me when it was returned was, “Nuestro amor contra viento y marea.” The meaning of the phrase is our love against wind and tide or against all odds. ❤️ I wish them all the best in their future!

Lost Wedding Ring Palm Bay Florida Found

  • from Melbourne Beach (Florida, United States)

I received a text at 1:40 AM from a very upset man Jonathan telling me he lost his white gold with diamonds wedding ring while was building a barbeque and doing cement work in his back yard. I did not see his text until Saturday morning when I got up. Before I could call him, he called me. Due to my schedule Saturday was an impossible day for me to go to his home, so we scheduled it for early Sunday morning. I have to give Jonathan kudos for canceling his lawn service until I could get there. I arrived Sunday as promised to be greeted by what a very nice distraught man seeking my help. We walked his property and he showed me where he was working. My fear was it was buried in the concrete he put down of Friday. I started detecting near where he was working with my Nox 800 and after about 15 minutes I got a few bad hits because this is a new home and they used fill that had nails in it before they put the top soil on. Then I got the gold hit and out comes this gorgeous wedding band.  I have to say the look on Jonathan’s face said it all, he just sat down and tears of joy came running down his face. I think I made a new friend today.

Ring Found on Captiva Island

  • from Cape Coral (Florida, United States)

I received a frantic message from a women vacationing on Captiva Island. While enjoying a playful game of football on the beach her engagement ring flew off. It was late afternnon on Friday and  getting to Captiva with traffic could be brutal so we agreed to meet at 6am. Sat.  I started my search in the dark and found the ring before sunrise, just in time for them to leave for their flight home.


A diamond in the rough……literally

  • from Rapid City (Michigan, United States)

 Received a call today to find a lost engagement ring in Traverse City MI.   Was a unique situation and a large search area but prevailed in the end.  Owner was grateful to have her ring back and i couldnt be happier to have the chance to make the recovery.

Lost silver bracelet in sand, Sanford, Fl….Found with metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Dev was enjoying a relaxing morning playing volleyball with his family and friends and when the time came to pack it up and head home he noticed that his large silver bracelet was not on his wrist. This bracelet was a special gift from his friends as a present for his birthday a couple of years ago. And he wears it all the time and could not believe that somehow it had come off. He and his family searched diligently through the sand hoping to find it and after a while they realized it had just disappeared. But Dev refused to give up and finally looked on line and entered “Bracelet Finder using a Metal Detector” and up came A quick search in the “Directory” showed I was located right here in Sanford, Fl. and he gave me a call.

I was just sitting down to lunch with my family so I assured Dev I could come out after we finished eating and if his lost silver bracelet was there in the sand I could find it for him and not to worry. Two hours later I met Dev and he showed me the sand volleyball court where they had spent the morning playing. He explained that they had switched sides after each game so the odds were even that it could be on either half. It took me about 10 minutes to cover the whole court and then I began searching around the outside along the out-of-bounds line. I found a few pieces of foil here and there and then the first strong promising signal turned out to be an old matchbox car and then not five feet away another strong signal. Slowly I brushed the sand away hoping to reveal what sounded like a large silver item and sure enough…there was Dev’s lost silver bracelet! Dev was so glad to have his special gift back in his possession. (The clasp had worked its way open and it was obvious what had caused it to fall off and into the sand!).

Lost something recently…or even years ago and need some help?

Give me a call, text or send me an email….ASAP!

Mike McInroe….thankful to be a member of

Ring Lost On Indian Rocks Beach, Recovered By SRARC

SRARC Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service – Tampa Bay Area, Pinellas County, Manatee County & Sarasota County

Lost something important? We can HELP! Our services are FREE! Donations to the Club are accepted.

We will send a team of metal detector experts to search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks and even your own backyard. If you have lost your ring or any other precious item, “Don’t Wait – Call Now.”

Kristen took off her ring and put it on the chair to put sun tan lotion on. When ready to leave she picked up the chair forgetting the ring was in it. Realizing the ring had fallen into the sand where she could not see it, she searched on line for help and found our SRARC Ring Finders website. Joe and Pat Montione along with Ed Osmar met with Kristen to do a search the next day. Ed was able to find the ring in 10 minutes. Kristen was very happy to see the ring again! Great job team!

Runaway Men’s wedding ring found-Lodi, New Jersey

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)








Anthony was sitting on the steps of his front porch when he heard the sound of his wedding ring falling off of his finger and hitting the step. He knew exactly where he was when the ring fell off. After numerous fruitless searches of the area he located me on the Ringfinder site. I arrived to see the search area was fairly small and began to scan the lawn on the side he was sitting. I moved to the other side of the sidewalk and located the ring about 15 feet away from where he dropped it. We were both suprised  how far it had traveled after just dropping off.

It was important we found the ring as the next day the landscapers were scheduled to mow the lawn and there was the chance it would be hit with the lawn mower. Another disaster averted!


  • from Dunedin (Florida, United States)



I was scheduled to conduct a search for a lost wedding band on Honeymoon Island last Monday afternoon when I received a call from Derek and Rhiannon Sunday evening. Rhiannon’s beautiful wedding ring had slipped off her finger while the family was enjoying some beach time earlier in the day. Even though Rhiannon realized the loss almost immediately, the family was unable to locate the ring in the sand. As the family was leaving Honeymoon Island, they reported the lost ring to a park ranger and the ranger passed along my contact information.

Because Sunday was the end of a busy Easter holiday weekend, we set up a search time for early Monday morning, hopefully before the hobby detectorists began searching the beach. Derek and Rhiannon took me to the location where they were sitting (thankfully they had marked it well and it was beyond the high tide line) and after only about a 3 minute search, I uncovered the ring, pulled it from the sand, held it up to Rhiannon, and the tears of joy began to flow. I know you Ringfinders know this already, but there can not be anything more satisfying than returning a precious item to someone when they thought they might never see it again. I love my job!

Thank you to the rangers at Honeymoon Island for connecting me to Derek and Rhiannon and thanks for the generous reward!



Man’s wedding ring found in woods after being lost during tree work-Washington Township New Jersey

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)


Jide had been helping a friend cut some trees and dump the branches in a nearby woods. He realized his wedding band had fallen off in the process. they searched the wooded area and could not find the ring. After searching the internet, The Ringfinders site was found and I was contacted.

After arriving at the scene I realized this was not going to be an easy search and recovery. There was a massive tangle of cut tree limbs and branches and very little room to swing my detector. Well, team work paid off!  Jide would go ahead of me and move branches far enough for me to properly search the area. I eventually received a strong signal and glimpsed a bit of gold among the weeds and branches. I recovered the ring and it was smiles all around!