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Surprising Recovery!

  • from Eau Claire (Wisconsin, United States)

While kayaking, Linda lost her Apple phone a few feet off the dock into 4 feet of water. The water was cold and visibility nonexistent, and the phone could not be found.  The next morning, using an Excalibur II, an appropriate signal was located very quickly and the phone was brought to the surface in a sand scoop.  Of course that would be too easy, and the phone, only partially in the scoop fell back into the water.  It then took about 30 minutes to bring it up again. The big surprise however was when Linda turned it on, it worked after sixteen hours submerged in the lake!  Just as happy as Linda was her grandson, who was worried how it could call Grandma if her phone was lost.

Gold Class Ring, Lost and Found, Fairfax, Virginia

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

I am an expert metal detectorist with the knowledge, skill, and experience to recover your lost items on land and underwater. Please text or call as soon as possible: (703) 598-1435

Area Marked with String of Lights

Jennifer’s Ring

Recent graduate Jennifer was home from college, putting up a string of outdoor holiday lights when she felt her class ring slip off. She immediately searched the tall grass but couldn’t find the ring. She took the string of lights and made a ten-foot circle around the area and called me.

Thanks to Jennifer’s quick thinking, the successful recovery took only moments!

Rob Ellis: Metal Detector Expert… Call/text ASAP, (703)-598-1435





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Don’t give up. Many of my clients have bought, borrowed, or rented a metal detector before calling me. Just because someone has a tool, it doesn’t mean they know how to use it. I use state of the art equipment, and I have thousands of hours of experience searching on land and underwater. If you have tried using a detector without success, please call to see if I can help.

Ring lost at Mission Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Uriel was playing in an impromptu volleyball game when his ring flew off while hitting the ball. He thought it landed somewhere close by, but, after looking and searching, it didn’t show up. An online search brought Uriel and his friend to site. His friend called me, and Uriel called Curtis Cox further north. Since I was a lot closer, I got the nod. As usual, the traffic on a Memorial weekend Saturday was a nightmare. I’m glad my wife came with me to circle around with the car as I went out to meet Uriel and search for his ring. I searched the inside boundaries of the court with only one target……a full Busch beer can! They can celebrate with that later! With nothing else in the small court, I started just outside of it. Got a nice hit on the first pass, and it was his ring. Total search time was only a few minutes. Drive time to the beach and back home was over 2 hours for just a 26 mile round trip! A pleasure to meet you Uriel, and thank you for the reward.

Ocean City NJ, Lost Ring Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Lost a ring?

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Allison called me about a very special lost wedding band that belonged to her mother.  She was tossing a football to her children while on the beach in Ocean City, NJ, when the ring slipped off and fell in the sand. We met shortly after her call, and she showed me the area where she threw the ball. It wasn’t long before the ring was found with the metal detector and close to her heart again!

Find ring in sand Ring finder ocean city njOcean City NJMetal Detector Ring Finders Ocean City NJ

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Lost rings found in Destin, fl

  • from Miramar Beach (Florida, United States)

Jordan was on the beach in Destin, fl on a church retreat. She took all 4 rings off and set them in her chair. Unfortunately, someone folded her chair and they fell out. Luckily for her I was in the area and was able to come out quickly. Recovered all 4 rings in less than 3 minutes. Fast recovery and she was very kind.

Lost rings found in Seaside, fl

  • from Miramar Beach (Florida, United States)

This young lady was enjoying her beach vacation when her rings disappeared/fell out of her backpack.  She was feeling helpless as she didn’t know where they could be. The family called me and turns out they fell right where they were sitting. Recovered them within minutes. Very happy to return these rings.

Loat wedding ring found in Panama City Beach, fl

  • from Miramar Beach (Florida, United States)

Marlee and her family were visiting the beach and they went into the water. She noticed her rings were on so she took them off and was holding on to them while walking back to shore. Unfortunately 1 ring didn’t make it. Fortunately for her she found my number and I was able to recover the ring within minutes in 3 ft of water. Needless to say ahe was very happy and some tears were shed.


Lost Tungsten Wedding Ring in Colorado Lagoon, Long Beach, CA. Recovered in Water by Ringfinder.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











How I found Diego’s wedding ring in the water with a metal detector.. Call Stan the Metal Detector Man if you need help finding a ring or any sentimental keepsake. .. available now Call or Text for information on how the service works… Stan  949-500-2136

*** Diego called asking if I could find a ring in the water. He and his family were in Long Beach at a park called Colorado Lagoon. He had waded out in the lagoon waist deep diving head first in the water. He knew that was when his ring came off his finger.

I asked him to mark the spot above the high tide line and take a couple photos. Tide was rising and it may be too deep by the time I get there. He wasn’t sure the whole family could stand by as they were just about ready to leave. 

I made the 18 mile drive catching them still at the site of the loss. Diego was awfully upset. I calmed him down saying the most important part of the search is done. We know he felt the ring come off his finger and I have the exact location. It may be deeper that I can get today but tomorrow morning we have a very low tide. It’s a back bay with no waves. The ring isn’t going anywhere.. 

I did a thorough grid out to neck deep with no success. There wasn’t very many bottle caps or trash metal targets, which is a good thing. It was looking like a return search the next low tide. He was insistent that it was at least waist deep. Completing all the water grid before calling it a day, I got a strong signal in knee deep water. Boom! Tungsten Carbide ring that was definitely Diego’s ring.. Another Very Happy guy. I knew that this meant the world to him because he was speechless. A perfect day, when we do these searches we never know what we will run into.

Don’t waste time contact me now.. Timing is important, especially if the loss is in a public location. Metal detectors are very effective to find small objects, when used by experienced metal detector expert. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ .. Stan the Metal Detector Man is a member of TheRingFinders .. Call or Text Stan  949-500-2136

Mens wedding ring found in Destin, fl

  • from Miramar Beach (Florida, United States)

Handal lost his wedding ring while swimming at his house on 30A when it came off. Luckily he was able to note the area he lost it in 3 ft of water. After about 20 minutes I was able to recover the ring and get it back to him. Another happy client. 

White Gold and Diamond Anniversary Ring Found and Returned, Myrtle Beach SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I had just crawled into bed Sunday evening when I heard my cell phone ringing in the next room. I did not get to the phone in time. I saw the call was from Ohio. Checking voicemail and texts, but there were no messages. Deciding to ignore it, I crawled back into bed. 10 minutes later I heard the phone ringing again. Annoyed I jumped out of bed to answer the phone. Jim Wren, TRF North Myrtle Beach, was on the other end telling me I had a ring search in the Myrtle Beach area. He told me the lady was desperate. With a little bit of sarcasm I replied, “They all are”. I asked Jim if he wanted to do the search. He said he would contact her and see what was up and that he would send me a text to let me know what he did. The next morning, I checked my text messages to find a message from Jim. He explained that he did not go out because the ring was lost near the water’s edge at low tide and was then under water.

I sent Niki a text to follow up. She returned my text with a phone call and explained that she was getting ready to leave town to return home. Explaining to her that it was high tide and that the ring was under water was not what she wanted to hear. I did tell her that I would chase the tide down later that afternoon, but that I wanted to meet with her before she got out of town. She had to get on the road to make work that evening, but her daughter Alexa would be here for a couple more hours. I met with Alexa a couple hours later to get a good idea of their position on the beach the day before. Alexa was a big help. She told me that the ring could be on the top of the beach as well.

I returned to the beach at 2:30. Picturing a 65 yard square grid, I got to work with my trust Minelab CTX 30-30. I worked the top of the beach for an hour allowing the tide to recede a little more. There were several people on the beach that afternoon. While working my grid I would draw a circle with my sand scoop around the camped out beach goers and keep moving. Explaining to them what I was doing held back any frustration as to why I was in their space. The tide had gone down a bit more, so I decided to move to the water’s edge. I was working parallel to the water when on my third gridline I got a nice 12:05 signal at 5” deep on the CTX. I knew this would probably be her ring. It was! As I picked it up out of the sand I could see a few of the beach goers watching me from their chairs. I nodded to them with confirmation that I had found Niki’s anniversary ring. They stood and cheered the successful result. “The Ring Dance”. On returning to my truck I shot a picture and texted it to 3 different phones that I had acquired for Niki’s group. Sitting in the passenger seat Niki got my message and screamed so loud she scared the “Stuff” out of everybody in the car. My phone began to “bling” with all of the excited responses. “The text message ‘Ring Dance”!

Niki’s anniversary ring is now back on her finger in Ohio. What she thought was gone forever now has an additional story to it’s credit. The 25 years anniversary ring that husband Steven gave her last year is back where it belongs. And any grumpiness that I had the night before was replaced with joy for everybody.

’til next time.