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Lost Wedding Ring Found with Metal Detector at Newport Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











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*** John had been at Newport Beach, CA. with his family. During their stay in a highly populated area of the beach, John was playing chase on the dry sand when she pulled his wedding ring off his finger. They spent the rest of the afternoon trying to find the ring in the sand.

John called me the next morning, asking for help. After hearing his story, I had to tell him that the towel line is going to be a challenge as the beach cleaning machines work this part of the beach every day. Then I told him my car was in the shop. He volunteered to pick me up and drive me to the location. That was a first for me. 

John picked me up a half hour later and we headed for the beach which was only 4 miles away. When we got to the location it was 10am and beach goers were beginning to set up for the day. Right away I could see the beach king sifting machine had not worked the towel line. Now John had to show me a fairly large area of the sand to search. I asked him to see if he recognized anything on the beach that could narrow the search area. 

Then I picked a probable place to set up my grid pattern. I went in a straight line for 20ft. and the miracle happened, first signal was John’s gold wedding ring. He was amazed that we were able to find it so fast. He knew he had not given me a small search area. After many searches, some of them hours and days, I do appreciate the fast recoveries. 

I had the pleasure to help a very nice guy and it wouldn’t have been possible with out John volunteering to pick me up, driving me to the beach.

If you have lost something important please call ASAP.. Anytime … 949-500-2136


Lost Wedding Ring Found in Cumming Ga. 8-13-22

  • from Cumming (Georgia, United States)

Lost wedding ring found today that was lost in the woods for a month. The ring was found in Cumming Ga. in the thick woods behind his house. He was happy to get it back and we were happy to help him find it. He looked for it over the month himself and finally reached out and found The RingFinders and we were able to get it back to him in a little over an hour. Always glad to help others find their lost items that mean so much to them.


Lost wedding band found in Greenwood Lake, NJ

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)
  1. Danny was removing his kayak from the lake when his white gold wedding band caught on the kayak and fell into the shallow water of Greenwood lake. The water was 2 to 4 feet deep and he searched with a mask to no avail.
    He and his wife were upset at the loss of the ring as they had only been married for 2 months. She located Ringfinders after a brief search and they called me to help.

I entered the waters and determined to find it. I set my detector for a water search and the ring rang up a gold tone. I used my pinpointer to go between the rocks and Danny and the ring were reunited. Another happy ending!

Wedding Ring Recovered at Gulf Shores, Alabama

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

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Man’s Wedding Ring Slips Off Finger Disappearing into the Ocean .. Newport Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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*** JJ  was at Newport Beach, CA. with his family. He had been out in waist deep water playing with his kids when he felt his white gold wedding ring slip off his finger.  The key clues that gave me hope for a successful search were, he felt it come off his finger, during high tide, the location has a hard sand bottom and the next low tide was a minus low at 2am in the morning.

He sent me a couple photos that gave me great reference points. I went in the late afternoon to search the dry sand and down to the water. ( many times people do get confused about if the felt the ring come off ) … I returned at midnight to grid search the minus low tide. Only three pieces of metal trash. Then a strong low tone with perfect ID numbers for a big gold ring. The water was ankle deep. The sand was hard so the ring was only about 3 inches deep. 

The next morning I texted JJ with the good news. He wasted no time and drove to pick up his ring an hour after we talked. He was very appreciative and I could tell just by his presence that this ring meant the world to him.   I never get tired of doing this. Such a challenge and always a pleasure to meet someone I can help.

A phone call is the most reliable way to get a shot at finding your lost item. The next best option is to text me.. Always remember “Timing is Important “ … “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “  Stan ..949-500-2136 ..

Wedding Ring Recovered at Johnson Beach Florida

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Hal called me about 4 in the afternoon to see if I could find his wife’s lost wedding ring. He and his family were staying near the Alabama beaches and decided to take their boat out to a secluded beach in Florida called Johnson Beach. Johnson Beach is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and the ring was lost on the intercostal side of the beach. Hal sent me a location and there wasn’t a way for me get to them by car without a 3 or 4 mile walk through the National Seashore which doesn’t allow metal detecting for archeology reasons. I tried calling the Park service for a permit but I think everyone was off work and I got a recording. I discussed this with Hal and he said he would come get me from a marina several miles away. By the time I got to where the ring was lost the sun was getting pretty low in the sky! his wife was afraid she would never see her ring again. the area to search wasn’t that big but the water was dark from recent rain. I ask lots of questions about what they were doing to try and pinpoint the location to start the search. His wife and daughter described at one point they were in the water doing cheers routines and animated with their arms the activity. It was the clue I was hoping for and asked about where they were. They identified and areas about 10 foot wide and I started the search. Within 10 minutes I got the unmistakable tone of a gold ring. Ring recovered, everyone happy and I didn’t get arrested by the Park police, a good day all around!

Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Found! – Geneva Lake, Wisconsin

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

Sunday July 10th 2022, found Chesterfield, Missouri resident, Bill Thanner enjoying a welcome vacation with his wife and three children on the picturesque shores of Geneva Lake, near Fontana, Wisconsin. While snorkeling and diving for shells at Fontana Beach, Bill dropped some of the shells his children collected. It was when he reached down to grab them in chest-deep water, his platinum wedding ring slipped off his finger and disappeared into the murky water. Together, they tried snorkeling for the ring but it was nowhere to be found. Bill felt sickened to his stomach at the thought of losing his ring after 15 years of marriage. It was a sad drive home to Missouri.

Several days later, Bill’s mother, who lives some 800-miles away in the state of Georgia, heard a person on a local radio station talking about The Ring Finders metal-detecting services. She informed Bill, who in turn called me on Monday, July 25, a full two weeks after his ring went missing. Could I assist?

I arranged the 45-minute drive to Fontana Beach early the next morning. The beach was deserted at the time. Using markers Bill had sent to me via Google satellite maps, I systematically scoured the vicinity using my XP-Deus II SCUBA-rated detector. I found a collection of coins, a cross pendant and a cheap lady’s costume ring, but Bill’s platinum wedding band was nowhere to be found. I wondered, had someone already found it? After about an hour and half, I decided to expand the search area. That was when I heard a crisp signal in my headphones. The numbers on my controller screen told me the target was quite possibly Bill’s platinum wedding ring. As it turned out, it was!

I took some photos of the ring and texted them to Bill right away for identification purposes. Bill responded, “That’s it! Unbelievable… the Mayors Jewelry symbol and the missing ruby hole is mine for sure.”

I immediately mailed the ring to Bill from a Milwaukee post office the following morning. It arrived on Saturday, July 30th, just shy of three weeks since it disappeared in a Wisconsin lake. Bill texted, “Received! Unbelievable! Thank you!”

If you or someone you know has lost a ring, even years ago, chances are it might still be found. Don’t let its story end. Contact a member of The Ring Finders today.

Fastest Wedding Ring Find Ever For Me, In Loveland, Ohio, Today!

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received  a text from a gentleman on Tuesday regarding his wedding ring which he lost a few weeks ago while working in his yard. We set a date to meet today as the ring had already been missing for several weeks.

As we walked and he explained his efforts the day his ring went missing, he was certain where and when he lost it because his security cameras showed he had the ring on when he started his project just before he put on his gloves to get started working, and then when he returned to his porch and removed his glove, the ring was gone.

We walked the area where he was pretty sure this ring had to be and he said he thought that when he removed his glove, that the ring had come off in that area, and that it may have been tossed and even bounced.

He told me that he and his wife and friends had searched for days and even at night with no luck, and he told me he had even used a metal detector to search, showing me some holes he dug while searching, but he’d had no luck.

I was thinking the ring might not be there as the area was relatively small and he had noted he and his friends had already searched it thoroughly, but I was headed to my car to get my gear when I asked him if there was anywhere else that he might have removed his gloves that day. I was thinking about another area I had seen in his yard when he noted that there was one other spot along his walk from the front to the rear of his house, but that it was a long shot, and that he probably should not even mention it.

I said we could hit it first on our way back from my car and he asked if I would mind if he walked along with me as I searched. I told him that he might get tired because every time I bent down to search, he would think that I had found his ring, but that it would probably be a pop tab, beaver tail. or some similar scrap metal and he told me that yes, that he had found a few nails while searching with his metal detector.

When setting up my detector I noted they have underground utilities and that this was going to be a ‘chatty’ search because my detector was really noisy.

Zeroed and balanced as best I could, we started our search and I swear, about three steps into his yard, at the side of his house, right next to his trash cans, the detector reacted to a good strong signal and I figured it was trash of course. I warned him, about it probably being trash, but as I bent using my pin pointer and I almost could not believe it. There pressed into the earth was a rose gold circle


We were done! Both of us were amazed, happy, but amazed by our luck. And it was then that I realized that had we not started to work on his long shot, hunch first, that we might have been searching for hours in the wrong area.

We had gotten very lucky!

Speaking of which, GO BENGALS!

Ankle Bracelet Lost In Bicycle Crash Recovered in Ventnor NJ

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)

Phyllis and her husband Steve were riding their bicycles on the boardwalk in Ventnor NJ when Phyllis had a crash with a jogger. She fell off her bike and sustained minor injuries and was shaken up. When she returned home she realized that her gold/diamond ankle bracelet was missing. They went back to the location and were able to find the clasp. After searching, they believed the bracelet to have fallen through the boards into the sand below. A friend told her about That’s how she found me. We made arrangements and met at the site. Underneath the boardwalk was thick with dune grass. I maneuvered my Minelab Equinox through the grass. In about 5 mins I had the bracelet in hand. I tried to hide the fact that I found it but Phyllis caught me. The ankle bracelet matched her necklace and was given to her by her husband for Valentine’s Day. She was so happy to have her heirloom back. It’s just so nice to able to reunite people with something that means so much to them that they thought might be gone forever.

72 Gram 14k gold Cuban Chain recovered in Atlantic City NJ

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from Freddy today telling me that his son lost his 8th grade graduation gift in the sand on the Atlantic City beach. A 72 gram 14k Cuban chain!!! His son, Freddy 3rd put it in the pocket of their cooler while he went swimming in the ocean. They were walking off the beach when he realized he wasn’t wearing it. It was not in the pocket of the cooler. They looked everywhere. Even searched the sand and were unable to find it. My sidekick,the famous Rich Faunce and I drove there and met with the both of them. They led us to the location they believed the chain to be. Rich and I began a grid pattern search. After about an hour of searching the delineated area unsuccessfully I went beyond the bounds. I got a good and steady 3 on my Minelab Equinox. I put my scoop in the sand and tilted it back. Immediately I saw the chain in the sand. I lowered my scoop and yelled to Freddy and his son. I wanted them to see what I saw. I tilted back my scoop to reveal the chain. They both could not believe their eyes. We were screaming and cheering. We were so loud that Rich, who only hears the dinner bell when it rings heard us and came running over. Soon after we were joined by Freddy’s wife and daughters. All were soooo happy that we found the chain. I had a long talk with Freddy 3rd about wearing his chain out in public. I am just so glad that I was able to reunite this young man with his heirloom. IMG_4813