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Lost White Gold and Diamonds Wedding Ring at Kaimana Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Talaya who lives in my neighborhood Kaimuki. While hanging out at Kaimana Beach Sunday with her husband and daughter, Talaya took off her ring to apply sunscreen and set it on a beach chair. She got distracted at the beach and didn’t discover her ring missing until later that day while teaching a work out class. While doing a push up and looking at her hand she gasped, “Where’s my ring?” They retraced her steps back to Kaimana Beach and her husband even sifted sand in hopes of finding the ring. Talaya’s friend told her about ring finders and that’s how she found me. My heart sunk when she told me the ring was lost two days ago. Kaimana Beach is a favorite among local detectorists and I feared the ring would have been found already. I told her I’d take a look after my Dentist appointment. When I arrived around 1PM I was able to find parking and thankfully the area Talaya marked out for me on Google maps was more or less void of sunbathers. I told the lifeguard what I was doing and fired up the Nox. The first target was a loud #10 on the Nox and in one scoop their was the glistening diamond ring in the scoop. Talaya told me the ring was Platinum in her text but this ring said 14K but had the Jewel on the inside she mentioned. I texted her a pic of the ring with the word, “Blessed”, and the response was, “Thank you so much. I am crying.” Suddenly my dental pains went away. Aloha to Talaya!

Ring Lost Swimming at Whangarei – Found with Scuba

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)
Ella and her friends were swimming at the head of one of the Marsden Cove canals at One Tree Point, near Whangarei and as she moved out into the deeper dredged area, she felt her sentimental rose gold and diamond ring slip off her finger.
Long story short, five days later I found myself kitting up to dive the dock and hopefully locate her lost ring.
Although Ella wasn’t able to meet me on site, she did give me an excellent location of where, and how, it was lost.
Four minutes and twenty two seconds after reaching the bottom, I had the ring safely in my hand – I had spent more time putting the Scuba gear on than searching!
If you have lost a ring, or any item such as a bracelet or necklace, engaging an experienced Ring Finder as soon as possible gives you the absolute best chance of finding it.
This is especially so if the ring has been lost in the water, or in the sand.
I cover Whangarei, Tutukaka, Ngunguru, Russell, Paihia, Kerikeri, Coopers Beach, Taipa, Cable Bay and Kai Iwi and all areas in between.
I pride myself on an extremely high success rate with thirty six years experience and many hundreds of items found and returned in that time.

Lost Gold Wedding Band in Pottstown, Pennsylvania…Found

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

John’s Classic Gold Wedding Band Recovered from his Subaru Outback With the Help of Ring Finder Brian Rudolph

John of Pottstown, Pennsylvania Displaying His Beloved Wedding Band After Found in His Outback!


I received this text message from a guy named John who lived in Pottstown, Pennsylvania:  “Hi, I lost my wedding band in my Subaru Outback. Do you possibly have any suggestions???”

It turned out that John learned about my expertise in finding lost rings in vehicles from an article he read online located on THE RING FINDERS directory. In the particular article that he studied, I had recovered a platinum wedding band for a young lady who lost her ring in a Subaru Outback similar to John’s over a year earlier. She searched for over a year but could never find her beloved keepsake. I was called in and found the band in the craziest place! This article gave John some hope with his own ‘missing ring in a Subaru’ story.

Here’s the rest of the backstory: John was driving down the street and at some point his ring slipped off of his finger. He heard a “ping” sound and that’s when he figured that when he parked his Outback, he would reach down on the carpet and find the “runaway” halo. To John’s surprise, the 14 karat yellow gold classic men’s wedding band was nowhere to be found! He looked everywhere for his ring and after several hours of searching John finally gave up the hunt. He was completely perplexed by the fact that he could not solve the missing gold ring mystery.

This particular wedding band that John had lost in his vehicle was not actually the original ring that was placed on his finger by his wife Victoria many years earlier on their special wedding day. The gentleman shared on the phone with me that the first band was lost in a fire that took place in his kitchen years earlier. The heat from the flames was so intense that John’s ring was burning sear marks into his finger as the gold was scorching hot from the fire. As John was being burned alive, he desperately attempted to slide the sentimental keepsake off of his finger to finally bring some relief to his body. Finally, after several attempts, John was able to push the precious metal away from his tortured human flesh and he eventually found some relief as he continued to fight the flames. Thank goodness John survived the house catastrophe, however John would never recover the original wedding ring from the rubble.

After what happened during that terrible fire in John’s kitchen, John had made a pact with himself that he would not allow for another ring to go MIA ever again. That is what motivated John to go onto Google and search for some possible help from an expert who recovers lost rings in cars and trucks. And that’s when he came across THE RING FINDER’S article that I had typed up a year earlier.

I was so excited when John called me for assistance in trying to help solve the mystery as to where his ring may have ended up. Because my schedule was so packed at the time of John’s call, I told him that I would try to guide him over the phone to help find the ring. If my efforts from afar still led to no avail, I would personally drive up to Pennsylvania and do the ring recovery myself. He was very grateful for any suggestions as to what he could do to try to find his piece of gold.

I spent a great deal of time asking him about what happened when the ring disappeared. I then inquired as to where he checked already and I also asked him if he checked certain key places that were more obvious spots to cover at the get go.

Once the interview was completed, I then took it from there and gave John a list of places to search before I would have to be brought in to conduct my own investigation if all else failed. My top priority was to have John search all around the steering column of his Outback. We knew that the ring never made it outside of the car. That was a fact which was quite encouraging to deduct. The wedding band had to have come to rest somewhere out of sight after it initially hit something plastic (there was nothing made of metal on the dashboard or around the steering column).

I was pretty convinced that the ring may have traveled down on top of the steering column and then slid behind the rubber flange that protects any dust from getting into the dashboard compartment. From there, the ring could have made its way down and around the side of the steering column. Or, it could have still been hanging out up at the top end of the dashboard just waiting to be discovered. I wanted John to carefully probe those key areas before I would make my way up towards Pennsylvania to use my tools and equipment to start my own search for the missing band. Once I gave John his homework assignment, he thanked me for all of the time that I gave him on the phone and the passion that was emitted from within me, hoping that I could help yet another person find their missing ring inside their vehicle.

I am so happy to report that less than an hour later I received a phone call full of utter excitement and elation from John! He went on to share the most exciting testimony that he had found his wedding band in the very section of the vehicle that I had suspected it was lost in – the steering column! He first checked the upper side of the column just behind the rubber flange that I talked to him about earlier. He carefully placed his finger or something narrow just behind the flange to see if the ring made its way back there. Just as John was pushing forward behind that “rubber curtain”, he heard something fall from the top of the column behind the flange. With the hope that he could discover what this loose piece actually was that fell downward, John pulled back some rubber that protected the lower portion of the steering column from dust buildup and out came his beloved gold wedding band! He couldn’t believe it! He was blown away by the incredible results soon after he finished his conversation with me! The nightmare was over! The mystery was solved! John‘s ring returned once again to his left hand’s ring finger! I had been right all along in regards to my theory that perhaps the ring made its way behind the top of the steering column just waiting to be found by its rightful owner!

I could not have been happier for John as we celebrated on the phone and covered any more details regarding his search and successful recovery of his lost wedding band! It brought me so much gratification to be able to help someone who found me through another article about another missing ring in a Subaru outback which I was able to recover for someone else a year earlier! This is why I love THE RING FINDERS directory and why I appreciate its CEO, Chris Turner of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada! He started this directory over 13 years ago and it has become a source of great importance for thousands of people like John who would not have otherwise recovered their lost treasures without the help and assistance from ring finding experts like myself and hundreds of others around the world!

Before we got off the phone, John thanked me several more times and he told me that he would share with many people about THE RING FINDERS! He said he would forever mention to people how I was able to help him recover something that he felt he would never have seen again had it not been for my assistance. I was quite humbled by his words of kindness and it certainly made my night and well into the days that followed!


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Heirloom Engagement Ring Lost In Car While Using Hand Sanitizer Newcastle WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call ASAP 206-618-8194

Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover a lost heirloom platinum diamond engagement ring from a car.

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November 2021 Martina called asking for help. She explained that she was in her friends car sitting in the front passenger seat. She had just put hand sanitizer on and her engagement ring slipped out of her grasp. After stopping the car in her driveway the girls were very cautious searching absolutely every place they could however they were unable to locate her engagement ring. This engagement ring came from her fiancés mother and Thanksgiving was just days away. Martina could not bear the thought of hang to tell her future mother-in-law the sad news.

Desperate and frantic to find a solution after searching the car several times with no success lead her to a Google search that landed her at She put her local zip code in and found my listing. After reading my profile page she was convinced enough to give me a call seeking some professional help. I reassured her that I have experience and special tools for this exact type of search and that I would do all I could to find the ring if its still there to be found. I also reassured her I’d be able to search her front yard if the ring didn’t show up in the car.

We met at her friends home where I was greeted with a very clean car.  Never assuming anything I had to ask her if the car was this clean during the time of the loss or if it had been picked up at all. She assured me            the car was in the same condition since the loss. As experienced finders we have learned to ask a lot of investigative questions to draw as many details as possible. If there had been other bags or garbage in the car this could leading to other potential hiding spots as to where a lost ring could get transported out of its initial location. I as happy to hear on the search that car was as clean as the day of the loss. This drove some confidence that the ring might sill be in the vehicle. Keeping a positive frame of mind always helps with any search. After searching under the passenger seat with my video endoscope and bright LED flashlight there was one hot spot that had to be checked. The HVAC vent under the seat. These are typically like a plastic duct system designed to direct heating and cooling towards the back seat passengers. Rings bing heavy in nature will often make their way to the lowest parts and sometimes fall inside these duct tubes. From there is unfortunately a slippery duct system with smooth metal rings against a plastic duct system.  The longer they are in a vehicle the deeper they may go as every brake action can cause the ring to move further and further out of reach. This is why time is your enemy if you have lost a ring especially in your vehicle! Fortunately we have some pretty creative tools and experience in recovery of rings lost in vehicles. It’s not at all recommended to take your car to a mechanic for a lost ring. We have examples of people having seats pulled from a vehicles, large labor charges and still no rings recovered. Remember a mechanics aren’t focused on lost ring recovery and are typically working as fast as possible to get each job accomplished. An auto mechanic shop is not the best option for a lost item recovery search. Being a mechanic myself and having all the tools to remove seats from vehicles I have found easier and better ways of inspection and item recovery reducing seat removal. 

What the video to see my process in action returning now only a cherished engagement ring but a big smile to Martina’s face. She was very relieved and now ready to visit her family for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Tungsten wedding band found in yard in Reading, PA

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

I received a text from Madi asking if I could be a hero and find her husbands wedding ring. He lost it on Christmas day while playing football with his brother at his parents house. Madi and Ryan live in Maryland and would not be able to meet me on the day of the search. They sent me great details on the area they think it came off. They were devastated after not finding it after several hours of searching. I arrived several days later because of my schedule and searched the area for about five minutes before getting a strong hit on my Garrett ATPro. I found the ring deep in the grass which was difficult to see because of the rings unique black and brown color.

I texted Madi and photo and told her i found it. She immediately called me and told me I was their hero. I went to the house to give the ring to Ryan’s mother who did not even realize I had searched for it. She was so excited I found it and would keep it safe until her son comes to visit her again.

How to Find a Lost Gold Ring in Potomac, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Leo’s Exquisite 18 Karat Gold Cartier “Love Ring” Wedding Band Once Again Shining Like the Sun Above the Earth!

Leo of Potomac, Maryland Excitedly Showing Off His Most Treasured Material Possession Minutes After Metal Detectorist and Member of THE RING FINDERS Brian Rudolph Discovers Leo’s Lost Wedding Band!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a call from a gentleman named Leo who lived in Potomac, Maryland who was hoping that I could help him find his lost wedding ring. Three days earlier, Leo had a party in the backyard of his lovely home. A bunch of his guy friends came over for drinks and a delicious steak dinner. Sometime in the middle of the night after the party or perhaps early the next morning, Leo realized that his very handsome 18 karat yellow gold Cartier “Love Ring” wedding band was no longer on his finger.

Leo went out back to his swimming pool patio area and looked everywhere for the missing ring. He then searched throughout the grassy lawn but all of his search efforts led to no avail. He then went to the trash bags that contained all of the throwaway items from the party and analyzed every piece of trash with the hope of finding his lost treasure. Still, he could not find his most precious sentimental keepsake.

After many hours of searching with no positive results, Leo searched online for an answer to his problem. The solution came when he found the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS. He searched for a detectorist in his area and my name, Brian Rudolph, popped up. That is when he reached out to me and we immediately set up a time for me to come over later that evening.

When I arrived at Leo and Michelle’s most beautiful Potomac, Maryland estate, I could not have been more excited to be a part of solving the mystery of the missing wedding band. Leo met me in the driveway and escorted me out back to show me all of the places where he walked and partied with his friends several evenings prior to my arrival.

As soon as I got completely oriented around the backyard of this grand estate, I immediately returned to my vehicle to retrieve all of the necessary equipment that I would need to use for the search. Leo returned to the inside of his home as I began grid searching the entire front lawn that was located closest to the mansion on the top side of the backyard (there was a lower level section of the backyard where the swimming pool rested and then more lawn behind the pool and patio).

At first, I wondered why I was getting so much interference coming through my metal detector. No matter where I swung the coil in search of the missing ring, I was getting all kinds of strange beeps and static registering on my machine. I still battled through the terrible distraction but eventually I needed to solve the problem with this particular issue. I had Leo come outside to chat with me and at some point I asked him if he had an electric dog fence. He replied by confirming that he actually did have an electric dog fence buried under the entire perimeter of the yard. I greatly thank Jeff Morgan (THE SEATTLE RING HUNTER), a great ring finder who is also a proud member of THE RING FINDER directory who suggested that there could be an electric fence turned on at this estate. I am so grateful for Jeff’s knowledge and professionalism! Once the fence was turned off, all of the interference disappeared! I was back in business! A big shout out to Jeff in Seattle, Washington!

After finishing the entire front lawn that was closest to the house, I was able to conclude that the gold wedding band was not lost in that section of the backyard. I then started detecting around an enclosed section where the garbage cans were placed. There were also garden hoses and other accessories that I needed to move out of the way to make sure the ring did not get lost in that isolated environment.

When I came up empty-handed inside and around the fenced in area where the trash cans were placed, I searched all along another fence line that was closest to the entrance to the backyard leading from the driveway. I also metal detected in and around a pool shower stall that was adjacent to the other fenced in section where the trash cans were hiding within. Again, I came up with nothing.

At this point I believe I had searched for over three hours and I started to get more curious as to why the ring had not appeared at that point. My next mission was to grid search along the right side of the lawn which was to the right of the swimming pool going down on a decline away from the house. I was meticulous with searching for that Cartier wedding band along that right side of the lawn. Therefore, I was confident that I had not missed even a square inch of that part of the property. There was a stone wall that separated the right side of the lawn and the pool patio and so I stayed along that right side and worked up and down the decline. There was also some sports equipment that was laying out on the grass and I metal detected all around that area, as well. Unfortunately, there was still no ring to be found.

At this point, I was getting close to finishing the fourth hour of metal detecting and I was getting concerned that perhaps Leo may have lost his priceless piece of jewelry somewhere in his gorgeous home. The only areas remaining to be searched happened to be a small grassy area that was near the pool, adjacent to the patio closest to the back wall. In addition, I needed to check inside the pool and around the sides where the grass met the concrete slab that surrounded the pool. One thing that I learned long ago as a young ring finder and that was: there is always hope until the search is completely done and finished! Until then, you keep pressing on! And that’s what I did!

I metal detected all around the perimeter of the pool without positive results. I scanned with my eyes all around the inside of the pool, hoping that perhaps the yellow gold had somehow rolled from the patio into the heated water. Again, my efforts lead to no avail. I just could not figure out what could have happened to this poor ring!

The Very End of the Stone Wall Where Rudolph Was Finishing Up the Four-Plus Hours of Searching

The Rim of Rudolph’s Metal Detector Coil Picks Up a Faint Choppy Signal Right at the Bottom Where the Stone Met the Grass

Just after detecting the edge of the lawn that met up with the pool’s concrete slab, I made my way over to the grassy area that was closest to the patio stone wall where I had been detecting the right side of the lawn earlier. I was now coming to a complete circle in my search efforts and it was looking like I was going to have to call it quits moments later. However, then something wonderful happened! Just as I was finishing one of my last swings with the detector right along the end of the stone wall that separated the side yard from the pool patio, my detector gave me a signal worth looking into. It was faint and choppy but it still got me curious. Just as I was kneeling down to get a better look at what the edge of my machine’s coil was faintly picking up, my eyes locked in on something shiny, resembling a yellow gold color that was wedged down in the ground between the outer edge of the stone wall and where the grass began. With my headlamp blazing above me, I focused in on that very spot and lo and behold, there it was! Leo’s Cartier “love ring” wedding band! It had slid off of its owners finger sometime during the party and made its way into a crevice that was located between the far end of the stone wall and the luscious grassy lawn! I found the ring! At the very last second or so of my long four-plus hours of searching, I was able to recover Leo’s precious keepsake! I could not have been happier for Leo! When I finally revealed the good news with my client, I showed him where I found the ring and he could not believe it! Of all places! The ring took off in a certain direction as it traveled airborne off of Leo’s finger and it just happened to end up in that very crevice – that little space where the eye would not have been able to naturally lock-in on that place where it was hiding! Leo was so blown away by my find and was finally relieved knowing that his precious ring had returned to his finger once more! He could not have been any more grateful for my diligence and long-suffering!

Notice the Wedding Band Wedged in the Crevice Just Between the Stone and Grass

Notice How Close the Stone Wall was Positioned to the Patio Where Leo and His Friends Were Partying the Night of the Missing Ring!

While Leo and I began to celebrate the great discovery, we could hear one of the mansion’s windows open up on the top level and Leo’s wife Michelle let out the most excited cheer for what I was able to accomplish that evening! She was so happy and most grateful for my work! The two of them were so very kind with their words and generosity, as well! I kept telling them how honored I was to have been called in to try to solve this mystery!

After saying our goodbyes, I drove back down the estate’s driveway and onto the street. As I looked back at that beautiful home, it brought so much joy to my heart as I thought about how I successfully helped birth two new smiles for the couple that I had just said goodbye to, knowing that such a special ring was returned to Leo’s finger! I truly love what I do and I absolutely love the people I do it for! What a night that was!

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Lost Gold Ring w/Birthstones Found In Canton Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

In A Nutshell…….

……As Aadarshini was throwing nuts to the squirrels from the balcony, his Fathers family birthstone ring came off. I scanned the ground in a Squirrel-lock Holmes manner. Under my electronic metal magnifying device the ring revealed itself. As I lifted it from the ground and handed it to him I said…. It’s fur you!



Two Lost Diamond Wedding Rings Bainbridge Island WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call ASAP 206-618-8194

Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover two lost wedding rings lost while carving pumpkins.

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November 2021 Mikala called me shortly after Halloween asking fro some professional help. She explained to me that her whole family have been on the search for her missing wedding rings and they could not find them. She went into detail telling me that the family and her toddler were up on the second level of their home carving pumpkins. During this activity she had taken off three rings from her hand and placed them on top of her sons highchair tray. Well after the pumpkin carving and clean up she went looking for her rings and they were all missing. They searched the area they had been carving and tore apart the highchair and no rings were to be found.

A bit after the incident her husband happened to eyeball one of the three rings a sterling silver ring laying at the bottom of their balcony steps. This lead them to think that possibly their toddler must have seen the shiny rings on the tray table and somehow got ahold of them. They have big dogs and their son has been known to throw rocks off the balcony for them to chase after. This gave them reason to believe their son may have tossed mommies rings for the dog as well. This lead to more searching high and low outside of the home but the wedding rings never came into focus.

Mikala told me they didn’t have any experience using a metal detector and once she found TheRingFinders online she soon rather just call a professional to come search for her wedding set.  I told her that it sounds like a great challenge and I be honored to drop by and perform a search.

The day of the search was not unlike another winter day in the Pacific North West full of wind and rain. In full rain gear I gathered my tools and was off to another lost wedding ring adventure. 


Watch the video to see as we bring back not one but two smiles to Mikala’s face. This search took quite a bit of effort but was worth every bit of it to have recovered her lost wedding set of four years. 

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Lost Cartier Trinity Ring Throwing Ball in Grass at a Park .. Costa Mesa, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











Metal Detecting Service .. Call Stan the Metal Detector Man ..  949-500-2136 

… Natasha takes her dog out to her neighborhood park every morning in Costa Mesa, CA. This morning walk turned into a  disaster for her, while throwing a ball for her dog her special Cartier trinity ring flew off her finger into the grass. A few minutes searching the grass she realized she would need help. Natasha found my information on a google search that brought up TheRingFinders directory.

After calling me, I was able to meet her at the park within an hour. She had marked the place where she was standing when the Cartier Trinity ring came off he finger. This ring was given to her by her mother and her sister’s also have identical rings. It’s a classic ring that is made with three separate rings white gold, rose gold and yellow gold joined together like a puzzle. This should be an easy ring to find with a metal detector. 

After a half hour searching directly in front and in back of where she was staging when the loss occurred. We found the ring in the grass outside the zone where it should have been. Possibly it may have been blown to the left by strong winds that morning. Maybe she didn’t mark the spot where she standing while throwing the ball? It does seem to be a fact after doing many searches, the item is never where they think it is .. Sometimes we never know what happened, the main thing is the sentimental ring was found.  Needless to say, Natasha was extremely happy and grateful to have this ring returned after wearing daily sence she was a teenager.

“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ Call Now, I can answer any questions about finding your lost valuable .. Stan .. 949-500-2136

Yellow gold weeding band lost in Roseville, MN – Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Zach was walking his dog in his yard in the snow when, after shaking snow off his hands, he noticed that his wedding band was missing. He rented a metal detector to find it, but came up empty-handed. He contacted 4 days later and I met him at his house the following morning.

We searched the obvious spot (where Zach shook his hands) and spread out about 10 feet from that spot. Having no luck, we decided to grid search the front, back and side yards but still no ring. As a last resort I asked Zach to rake all the snow away from two metal poles that were in his front yard. While Zach raked, I searched a couple less likely spots and found the ring near the house and about 15 feet away from where Zach shook his hands. Neither of us thought the ring could have flown that far! Next time I get the chance to search for a ring, I will search a little farther out from the most likely spot.

Zach was very happy to have his ring back on his finger.