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Mercer Island lost class ring in Lake Washington

from Seattle (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194


On a nice hot day in Seattle Joe went for a swim off his back yard dock into Lake Washington. As soon as he jumped into the water his dog followed. With one strong motion to tread water he noticed immediately his big gold University of Southern Carolina class ring went straight to the silty lake bottom below. Too deep, silty and milfoil everywhere he was devastated. So he made a Google search on how to find a lost ring in a lake and found the SeattleRingHunter. From this point forward the hunt was on. Watch the exciting conclusion to yet another lost ring recovery from Lake Washington, Mercer Island, WA.


Watch the video here:


Jeff Morgan


M: 206-618-8194

Hit the Trifecta at Oval Beach, Saugatuck, Michigan

from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-406-6653

After detecting in a nearby lake all day I arrived home to set down for dinner and got a call from Andy K. saying his wife Jessica lost her 3 rings. One ring was from her grandmother and the other 2 was her engagement and wedding ring. They have been married for one month and are from Cincinnati, Ohio attending a wedding in Saugatuck. They took the trolley from the hotel to the beach and when they got to the beach they put their towels and a handbag in a spot on the beach and Jessica placed her rings in the pocket of the swim suit cover she was wearing and placed the cover in the handbag. When they got ready to leave Jessica pulled the cover out of the handbag forgetting she put the rings in the pocket, they grab the trolley back to the hotel and discovered the rings were missing. They hustled back to the beach and ask the ranger if they knew anyone who could help them find Jessica’s rings. I left my card with the ranger and they have called on me over the years. Andy called me and I told him I could be there in 45 minutes.                                   After showing up at the beach I proceeded to do a grid search of the area they were in earlier. I searched a 20 foot grid North and South finding a penny which I handed my scoop to Jessica and she took the penny, I went another 20 feet the other way and got a quarter and handed my scoop to Jessica and she took out the quarter. After several passes with no success I went up and down the path where they entered the beach with no success. I then took an East and West grid search of the same area and after 4 passes I got a faint signal with my Fisher F75 and scooped up a ring with a blue stone. I again handed the scoop to Jessica and she thought it was another penny, when she looked into the scoop she fell to her knees crying “that’s my grandmothers ring”. I then took another scoop and showed it to her and she continued crying “that’s my engagement ring” and then the next scoop was her wedding ring. Jessica could not control herself thanking me and Andy stood there amazed too. This was the end to a very nice day at the beach and a trip to Pure Michigan.                    BTW Jessica, I never did give my $.26 back that I found. 

Men’s White Gold and Diamond Wedding Band Found and Returned in Myrtle Beach

from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-333-4114

I received an urgent email from Julia on Tuesday about a lost ring in the ocean. Julia did not leave a phone number, so I emailed back. I got a return phone call from her about 6:30 that night. She put her brother Bailey on the phone as he was the owner of the lost ring. Julia is a local and was being visited by her brother. Bailey was referred to me by a local life guard named Hanna. I made arrangements to meet Bailey at 7:30 in the morning for the next low tide.

I arrived at the beach and Bailey was already there. He told me how he and his son were boogie boarding the day before near high tide. He told me how a wave crushed him into the bottom and jerked the board from his hands. He told me he saw the ring come off and land into the running surf. We joked about it happening in slow motion like Frodo’s ring glistening in the sun as it flew through the air. Bailey put me in a good location for the lost ring and I started a 50 yard wide grid running parallel to the surf. I thought I would find his wedding band around the low tide water line, but I started about mid slope to quickly eliminate that as a search area. On my third pass in the grid search I got a beautiful mid tone in the phones of my Excalibur II. One scoop of sand at 4 inches and I had his diamond encrusted wedding band in the scoop. Bingo I said as I plucked it out of the sand scoop and handed it to him. He stared at it for a moment and then exclaimed “That’s Amazing”. Bailey then told me he had not told his wife that he had lost his wedding band. The ring’s story gets to continue, hopefully for another 14 years on his finger. Another happy ending.


Bailey, I wish you well on your return to Texas. Thank you for the generous reward. I hope the shoulder heels up soon.

Beautiful 1K Diamond Engagement Ring Lost in North Myrtle Beach, Found and Returned

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

I received an email, and then a follow up phone call, from Kim saying she had lost her engagement ring and asking for help in finding it. She said she lost it around 1pm that afternoon. Looking at the tide tables, the next low tide would be at 1:30am the next morning. I got the resort address and told her I’d be right over so I could get an idea of what my search area needed to be. After seeing what I was up against, I told her I’d be back at 1am.

The search area wasn’t all that big, so when I got back at 1am, I started a perpendicular search going from the wet sand to the water line. I kept expanding my search area both north and south and wasn’t getting many targets, and definitely no ring. Kim and her husband came out to the beach around 2am and I confirmed the search area. I decided to change tactics and started a parallel grid line with the beach and still nothing. Finally around 3am, I called it a night. I had a big family reunion starting later that day, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it back out at the next low tide. I told Kim that I was going to contact both Matt Fry, TRF Myrtle Beach, and Jim Brouwer and see if one or both could cover for me. Around 8:30am I got a call from Jim saying he was available to search. Shortly after we hung up, Matt called and said he wouldn’t be able to help. I contacted Kim and told her Jim would be there to search and he’d be calling her shortly.

Sometime around 2pm Jim called saying he’d found her ring. I must have walked right over the ring, missing it. That happens sometimes, but thankfully Jim backed me up and Kim’s ring made it back to where it was suppose to be.

Jim, Thanks a million for helping me out!

Kim, sorry I added a little more stress by not finding it in the first place, but thank you for trusting us to help find your lost treasure.



from Seal Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-951-217-5101

It was only 95 degrees out last Sunday afternoon, so I thought I would go swing the metal detector in the lake at the local swimming area .I hunted for a couple of  hours with not much luck  others than a few coins, some bottle caps and some fishing hooks . About ten  minutes before closing time at 6:00 pm  a sad young lady  named Kim came to me to see if I could help find her husband’s wedding band . I searched for a few minutes in one area before her husband Anthony came out into the water about waist deep and told me he lost his ring around chest deep. Well, I am a bit shorter than him so I was out just under my nose , after about five minutes and just when they were closing, I heard a loud signal . I knew I found it but retrieving it took a few scoops with my nose under the water but there it was . When I walked it over to Anthony and his wife they were very suprised , relieved and very grateful. The day ended well with returning a wedding ring to such as a nice couple.

Lost Diamond Wedding Ring in the Ocean at Catalina Island, CA.

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136













An epic ring call with an amazing recovery in a cobble rock beach at Emerald Cove, Catalina Island, CA. four days after lost in the ocean. Catalina Island, sometimes known as the Island of Romance but this time it was not too romantic when Jacky lost her wedding ring at the island.

Dave Shenbaum’s sisters-in-law Jacky believed that her diamond wedding ring came off as she lifted her two small children into a shore boat. She was standing in knee deep water with a gravel type beach at Emerald Cove. Although she didn’t feel the ring slip off, she knew it was missing after getting into the dingy.

Dave put on his dive mask to search for over an hour to no avail. He knew he was not equipped with the right tools to ring a ring in this environment. This happened Friday and they returned to Redondo Beach the next day 26 miles across the channel. They had resolved that the ring was lost forever.

Dave, Manhattan Beach Fire Captain and lifeguard has used TheRingFinders to help people find valuable items for their owners. He contacted me Sunday at 4:30pm, asking if I’d be willing to go over to the island on his friend’s skiff or another larger boat.

We checked the tides and weather forecast to choose the best time to get to the site. Monday seemed the best but only allowed us a few hours to prepare.

I have never met Dave Shenbaum or Joe Bark retired fireman and I was a little apprehensive about jumping in a boat that I have never seen with strangers to cross the Catalina channel.

We met at the next morning to take the Joe’s ocean skiff to Emerald Cove. It would be the fastest and most maneuverable getting us to shore. Everything went like clock work we were almost like Navy Seals on a mission. I was on a small boat with trained first responders that have been on many rescues and other emergency situations. Can’t ask for better partners than that.

After an hour and fifteen minutes we landed on the gravel beach. Dave and I went ashore where he showed me his landmarks to where the loss occurred. It was low tide so I started at the waterline gridding parallel along the beach. Halfway on the third pass after I had dug two trash targets the next signal was the beautiful white gold diamond wedding ring. We took a few photos at the location then jumped in the boat for the return trip.

Arriving back a Redondo Beach King Harbor four hours round trip, including our search and photo-op.  Steve and Jacky Shenbaum met us at dockside not knowing we had already recovered her wedding ring. Dave held out his hand with a few pebbles from the beach and her ring. She did a quick double take then the tears of joy started to flow her husband Dave Shenbaum could not believe that his brother had set this recovery up and kept it a secret till he could surprise the both of them. This was definitely an epic ring recovery. I could not have done this without the help of Dave Shenbaum and Joe Bart two of Manhattan Beach’s finest.


Wedding Ring Lost On Topsail Beach Was Quickly Found

from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-614-354-6704



Adam was spending another vacation day with the family.  Searching for shark teeth, hoping to witness a baby turtle nest hatch and throwing a ball with one of his sons.  He stated that he usually keeps the ring home but in this occasion,  forgot…  Adam contacted Emerald Isle Metal Detecting shortly after the loss and plans were agreed.   Adam was very helpful in showing the area he thought the ring was in while he was along the shoreline.   My 2nd target, just after his son & wife walked past, was Adam’s ring!

Very special ring found

from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-774-454-4544

I was emailed by a young lady that had lost her ring the day before in the water at the beach. The following afternoon i met with her and her father on the beach with girlfriend. After a quick introduction we started our search. The beach has a steep slope which led me to believe that the ring could have been pulled down. After about 40 minutes with no result i asked her if she was sure this is the location. She assured me it was but also added she went to the left a very short ways so i expanded my search.i could see after every passing minute her hopes were dimming. I worked my way up the slope and got a signal a shallow scoop retrieved the ring. Its a Massachusetts State Cheerleading Championship ring. It is probably a return I most wanted to do,


Lost White Gold Rings In The Lake Found In Waterford Township, Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

The Swingers Club!

Got your attention? Rhetorically, what thoughts come to mind when you think about a swingers club? 🙂

Well don’t get too excited…. because this pictured, pretty, young lady and her friends were making a scene of their own yesterday after work.
Taking advantage of the mid 90’s temps in the Detroit area they decided to visit a favorite spot to cool off, complete with a rope swing hanging from a sturdy tree. When I got there today it totally reminded me of the old swimming holes with the tires hanging off a spindly rope that as a kid I would love to sneak off to. Add to that a docked pontoon boat and as I searched, the scent of a charcoal grill with burgers and hotdogs cooking drifting across the water was the true smells of summer that made me realize how short the summer season is.
She recalled swinging out a few times and on the last swing she noticed hers rings were gone! I grid searched the area and looking down in the clear water I saw the shape of a ring on the sandy bottom just barely under the surface. As my coil went over the shape it sang out scoop me! Pulling up the scoop filled with sand and swishing it in the water revealed these 2 beautiful white gold rings! I held them up to her and from the shore I swear she walked on water to get to them! She and her friends were totally thrilled and asked me to join the club, and without hesitation I did and have never felt so ….. COOL !!


Lost Wedding ring found Marina Park Ventura

from Ventura (California, United States)
Contact: 1-805-290-5009

I got a text this morning bright and early at 6am from Heather who had lost her wedding ring at Marina Park Beach in Ventura yesterday. She and her daughter were playing in the surf enjoying the water when a sneaker wave came in and slammed them in the back causing her ring to fly off into the waist deep surf. It was high tide so with a little luck I knew I would have a chance to find it if I could get out there during low tide. I raced over to the beach and by 6:50am I was in the wet sand searching for the ring. I was put in the area via text as she was still at home and I started gridding. Targets were few and I expanded my grid and about an hour into the search I got a solid 8 on my Minelab Equinox, dug down 10″ and I had the ring.

Heather did the right thing and contacted me as soon as she was able. I take calls and texts at all hours as time is of the essence when retrieving lost jewelry. Don’t hesitate to call or text me at 805-290-5009.