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It’s all in the chips! – Lost Ring and Charm Found!

from Orange (California, United States)

Earlier in the week, Brittnee emailed me that she got married on Labor Day and had lost a large ring and a charm, that were tied to her boot with a ribbon. “Something Borrowed” portion of that phrase that she had from her Grandmother and Mother for the ceremony.

The wedding was at a beautiful rustic place that was covered in wood chips, and while they had searched for the items themselves, they could not find them in the wood chips. Additionally, the place has very limited hours of operation so getting in had to be scheduled.

We agreed to meet this morning, and they met me there. She showed me where they had been sitting and where they were walking around, which was a pretty small area, probably 50 x 75 feet, with picnic benches in part of the area. The staff had moved the benches around since then, so I feared it may be smashed deeper into the wood chips or hard to get at under the tables and benches.

I searched two grid passes in front of where the head table area was and found lots of junk, and coins but no ring. I then decided to search in front of the raised dance floor area and from there into the bench area. After about 30 minutes, I had found it!  The stone was loose, laying next to it, so I know they stepped on it while moving tables etc. but at least it could be repaired. It was a huge ring and beautiful brown stone, that could easily be lost in the chips if more time had passed. I then deduced that the charm couldn’t be too far away so searched more under the tables for that, and about 15 minutes more, I had the charm.

Brittnee and her husband were very happy to have them back, and the Grandmother never knew they were missing either.

I am glad me and my AT-Pro were able to find these and ensure their wedding day will be remembered with a fun story about the ring instead of a sad story of loss.

Wedding Ring Lost Throwing the football

from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

I received a call from CHRIS he had said he had lost his wedding ring throwing the football with his son. I asked him how long has it been missing he said a few days. First thing I told him was don’t mow your yard. He said his son had weed eated were they thought ring had come off in the front yard. I found the ring a few feet away . CHRIS put me on a good spot. Thanks Chris for calling and for a nice reward…….

Lost Ring Recovered from Brush Pile

from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

A couple days ago I got an email from a woman who’s husband had lost his ring while tree pruning in their yard. it was a very long drive, but I had the whole day and the weather was great. When I got there they showed me where he had been trimming a tree and throwing the branches over the back bank, into the woods. I learned that he and a friend had searched the year before, moving a lot of debris and using a basic metal detector, with no luck. He had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing it again. But she hadn’t! She saw my ad and decided to give The Ring Finders a try.

Unfortunately there were many challenges involved with this hunt. At first I was discouraged, but decided to do an all day hunt if necessary. The people who had lived there before them had dumped all kinds of scrap metal, cable, wires and metal fencing right in the same area. Also, there was some poison ivy to watch out for. There was so much metal, my first detector I tried was having a tough time, lots of signals going off with no repeatable patterns. So, I got out one of my other machines, fine tuned it, and got to work. I found as much scrap metal as I could and put it off to the side and searched for about an hour and a half. I went back to the tree and detected there and down the path to the dumping site. No luck. They were very confident that it had to be over the bank and in the woods, so I went back there and started moving piles of branches and detecting under them. I got a nice signal, got out my pinpointer and pushed the leaves to the side. There it was! I was so happy for them!

Afterwards we visited for awhile, they showed me their dirt bikes, snowmobiles and a really cool old muscle car! I love motorheads! I used to be one, getting old now 🙂

Please click on my name above for more about this service, my contact information and to read other success stories.

Man’s wedding band recovered

from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)

I received a call this morning from Brian D. who had just finished spreading a bale of straw on his lawn and could not find his wedding band.   He figured it must have slipped off during the yard work.  I was out with my wife at the Parallel 44 Winery picking up our membership selection, and told him I would search as soon as we returned.  About an hour later, I pulled up to Brian’s yard and began sweeping the straw.   As luck would have it, I found his ring in the very last square inch searched!  Brian was happy to put it back on his finger where it belongs.   And, because he knew I like wine, he gifted me a nice bottle of red wine from Tuscany, Italy, which he recently carried all the way back to the states!   Bonus!   

Ring found (Elkhart Indiana)

from Hanover (Michigan, United States)

After finding Steph’s ring, Nick and I pointed toward Simonton Lake located in Elkhart Indiana in attempts to find two more lost rings.

Ryan Cole (ringfinder also) had given
me the information concerning this lost ring, and supplied the owners contact information. I contacted Dan and scheduled the search to coincide with the other lost rings in Indiana.

On arrival the boat launch was vacant, but as luck would have it, once zipped up inside my semi dry suit (internal temp 110 degrees) vehicles with empty trailers started showing up. Due to the close proximity of spinning props, I chose to drop some water weight and wait until the pontoon boats were removed from the water.

After what seemed like hours, I entered the water and began my search pattern. Many years of discarded metallic trash and other debris caused me to spend over an hour digging unrelated insignificant targets.

The bottom of the lake was covered in several inches of silt, causing visibility to reduce from 5″ to 0″. Working in zero visibility is pretty common in any freshwater lacking any kind of current.

After filling my pockets with tin cans, several coins, one wheat penny and a pair of sunglasses, I located what I came for. In approximately 8′ of water I dug and recovered a dark colored titanium ring with the date 1-15-16 inside and the words “I will love you always”. I returned to the surface and exited the water to contact Dan and tell him the news.

This ring was lost several months ago when Dan was pushing his boat away from the shoreline. In attempts to climb up the ladder of the boat, his ring slid off his finger and sunk out of sight. Ryan searched for the ring on the day if was lost, but his search was cut short by excessive boat traffic and unhappy shore fisherman.

Dan was extremely happy and asked to have the ring shipped back to him. He was unable to make the drive to Simonton Lake due to work obligations.

Dan, thank you for the opportunity and Ryan, thank you for the information!!!IMG_3346

6 year old lost ring (Nappanee Ohio)

from Hanover (Michigan, United States)

IMG_3346 My brother in law and I made a trip to Elkhart Indiana this morning, leaving at 7am to begin a long 3 ring day. 2.5 hours later and a few paid tolls, we arrived at our first ring find. Nick was tagging along for moral support. Every team needs cheerleaders!!

This specific ring belonged to Stephanie Byler, who lost her ring 4 years ago at her parents house. Stephanie was playing volleyball in the pool when she realized her ring was missing from her finger. The family searched the area around the pool and even borrowed a metal detector, but had no luck finding it.

After reading Libby Evans story I posted last week,Stephanie contacted me to try my luck again. Stephanie actually began to cry when she told her husband I was willing to help.

These unfortunate events are usually filled with many emotions, and regardless of how many years go by, the single moment a sentimental item is lost, time seems to freeze until that item is found..

I spoke to Stephanie’s mother and asked her what she remembered about the day the ring was lost. After a brief conversation, I retrieved my XP dues detector and began my search.

I started searching around the pool, and would expand my search in a spiral pattern until the ring was located, or the entire yard was cleared.

I had a single signal before I located a beautiful clean tone, approximately 4-5″ deep within 15′ of the pool. I hadn’t even made one lap around the pool before I located this specific signal.

One scoop later, with the dry dirt under the finely manicured lawn exposed, I stared into the crater and saw beautiful gold diamond ring!

The entire search took 12-14 minutes, from the moment I pulled up, to when I was covering up the hole which produced the ring! Many nights of worrying and sadness could now be forgotten. I imagined how happy Stephanie would be in a few moments after making a single phone call.

Nick and I returned my gear to my truck and knocked on the door to speak with Stephanie’s mom.

After some begging and a very important promise, I showed her the ring and asked her to keep the secret until I called Stephanie and surprised her. She agreed and followed the promise with a prayer to keep us safe as we continued with our day and the two remaining ring finds.

Stephanie is a 3rd grade school teacher and was unable to answer when I called. I left a voicemail and asked her to return my call because I had additional questions concerning the search.

20 long minutes later, Stephanie called and the conversation was recorded… capturing the emotions and excitement is the utmost of importance to me!! This is the best part of finding lost rings!!!

Stephanie was very excited and couldn’t wait to meet up with us later to pick up her long lost ring.

After meeting Stephanie and her husband Robert, we learned the ring had been lost 6.5 years ago, not 4 as I was originally told. Stephanie didn’t want to discourage any search efforts, and feared I wouldn’t have helped if she told me when her ring was actually lost. This makes Stephanie’s ring my oldest reported ring found to date!

6.5 years of cutting grass, Indiana blizzards and thunderstorms allowed this ring to sink 4-5″, but also allowed Stephanie an unforgettable experience!! Thanks again Stephanie and Robert! We appreciate everything and we’re glad we could help!!!

Gold wedding band lost in yard. – Found

from Syracuse (New York, United States)

I received a 911 call from wonderful lady, whose name is Jessica.  What happened was her 3 year old daughter got into Jessica’s jewelry box to play with the rings and things. Then the daughter went out into the back yard with the box and proceeded to lose Jessica’s engagement ring and wedding band.  When Jessica found out what happened, of course she had a sense of panic and loss.  Although upset, she forgave her daughter and searched the yard.  She was able to find the engagement ring but not the wedding band.  Her husband borrowed a metal detector from a family member and searched the yard but only found out the there is LOTS of metal buried in every yard.  That’s when Jessica went on-line and found “The Ring Finders” website.  (

While we talked, trying to set up a time to search, we discovered that we both available that evening. Jessica only lives some 5 minutes away, and we had about 2 hours of daylight left so I decided to go right then and do a quick search of her back yard. I arrived, questioned Jessica as to where she had found the engagement ring, and the general layout of the yard. I set up my grid and started searching.  As the ring was lost only a few days ago, it would not be buried deep into the lawn, so I could ignore all the signals that were deep and not gold, and there were lots of those signals.  I went up and down the lawn checking with my pin pointer all the signals that the big detector detected.  The first four or five came back strong but they were buried, and a ring lost just a couple of days would be lying on top of the soil, although it would be under the grass and invisible to the necked eye.  I got another signal, checked with the pin pointer, moved the grass and, there it was !!!, now it’s time to give the ring back to the Jessica.

I filmed the search and the recovery.  It’s a short (5 minute) video, so if you are interested, click on the link below and enjoy.  Jessica’s response if precious.

Thank you for watching, I enjoy my hobby – something that has turned into a very satisfying retirement pursuit.


Cedar Beach Babylon Ring lost Volleyball Court

from Suffolk County (New York, United States)

I received a call and follow up email from a very upset woman. She told me she was playing volleyball at the beach and when leaving the beach she notice her wedding ring was missing. After searching the internet and finding The Ring Finders, she called and told me that she lost it near volleyball court #49. Then she say there are about 100 volleyball courts.

I went to Cedar Beach and asked where the volleyball courts were and I was told in front of the concession stand.  Looking out from there all I could see was a sea of courts.  After searching for #49 and finding it, I didn’t know where to start, called the woman and asked where she had her chair’  Started a grid search of that area, no success. Then when to a second area that she said she had been in.  Starting a search there and within 10 minutes I had her ring.  I text her a photo of the ring and with in seconds my phone rang with a most joyful woman.  I  agreed to me her the next day to return the ring.


What a ring return in Brewster, Cape Cod, MA

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Gene was pursuing his fishing hobby and had a big trout on the stringer. Little did he know that Cape Cod’s fish are smart and powerful. Yes, the trout pulled the fish stringer free from the rocky area in which it was anchored and started to swim away. Gene’s keen eye caught the movement and was not going to let a fish out swim him. Well, he really was not thinking about swimming but the fish was managing the rocks better than Gene. Gene went down – Dive Number 1 – and he missed to hold onto the trout. Up and after the colorful fish again, OOPS…Dive Number 2 – took place and up came Gene with the trout in hand, BUT without his wedding band. All the movement in the water caused the ring to go into hiding. The resulting search did not reveal the ring’s hiding place in a bit over 2 feet of water.

Days later, while watching TV and the story of Jim Wirth returning a Manhattan University ring to its owner 47 years after it was lost, a search for a RingFinder was on. I was contacted and agreed to go look for the missing wedding band. Wait a minute – Gene wanted to watch the search. Just short of a week later Gene and his wife made arrangements to meet me at the loss location. After a short hike and a 15 minute search I had the ring in my scoop. I walk into shore and let Gene take the golden ring, a symbol of 51 years of marriage, from its temporary resting nest among the rocks in my scoop.

On the walk back to the parking lot I gave Gene a big at-a-boy for his dedication to fishing to feed his family. However, he does not eat the fish he catches. Oh, if Gene only had a trout or two he wanted to give me as a gift. No such luck, maybe I will have to take up fishing again, but then there would be no time for being a RingFinder. Heck here on Cape Cod there is enough fish for everyone. I’ll keep on metal detecting. The people I have met are far more interesting than any fish I ever caught.

After the pictures of smiles were taken and a stories of West Hartford, CT (where I am from) were exchanged we bid our good-byes. Gene had the fish and the ring that did not get away! What a great __ __ __ __ story! – you fill in the blanks, HINT: found on a stringer, or found in my scoop.
What a fish tale – What memories…

Lost Platinum & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

from Oahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring hunt began when I got a tearful cry at work from Keyara who lives in Kapolei Hawaii. While sitting in shallow water with her daughter her gorgeous engagement ring fell off. She reached for it but the sand instantly gobbled it up. While searching on her phone for a ring recovery she came across my contact info first. I told her I could leave work a little early and come out and retrieve her ring. Shallow water should be a cinch! When I arrived Keyara’s husband Tony took me down to the beach and showed me where Keyara was in the water and I began my search. Several coins and a pull tab after about 20 minutes I was beginning to think the target location had to be off. Tony assured me the location was correct. There was really no surge in the lagoon to speak of so on my own I expanded the search grid out in a northerly direction and “BOOM” there was a great platinum tone and one scoop down there was Keyara’s ring. Tony was in shock as he thought his area was correct. No matter the ring is safely and happily back on Keyara’s finger. Aloha to Keyara & Tony!