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Lost ring in Winter Park, Florida….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Trev was playing a lively game of volleyball with a couple of friends when he lost his ring. As he swung at the ball—barely hitting it—he felt his ring slip off his finger. He immediately stopped and yelled “I lost my ring!” He and his friends spent the next two hours running their fingers through the sand hoping to find his lost Tungsten wedding ring.
Trev had only been married for two months and he was not looking forward to telling his new bride the sad news. As Trev continued to search, one of his friends Wyatt, decided to check on-line for some sort of help. And up popped web site and they decided to give me a call. Two hours later I joined Trev by the volleyball court and he explained what happened. He was positive the ring came off right where he was standing, so I fired up my Whites DFX metal detector and started grid searching. Trev offered to do the digging so I handed him my digger/sifter and away we went. We found a number of coins and at every signal Trev was hoping he could uncover his lost ring. After 30 minutes and still no ring I decided to check the grassy areas along the sides and back of the court and struck out again. So I asked Trev to explain and to actually demonstrate his exact actions when he felt his ring come off. Even though he was sure his ring came off on his side of the court, I suggested we search the other half of the court also. And sure enough on the third pass I got a great signal and there was Trev’s lost ring in the sand.
Lost your bling? Give me a ring!
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Found Wedding Ring at English Bay Beach… Flying Home to Owner

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I got a call Friday and the young lady asked me what the chances are in finding a ring that was lost earlier in the week at English Bay Beach…She thinks it was lost there but wasn’t 100% sure of the location.

When I get calls like this I like to ask lots of questions and one was, why do you think it was lost at English Bay? She replied that she was in town on business and at lunch she went to the beach, ordered a hamburger and sat on a log enjoying a sunny day. After eating the hamburger she walked to the Watersedge and washed her hands, then went back to her hotel where she realized her ring was gone.

To me it made the most sense that the ring must have come off when she was washing her hands and I felt confident if she could put me in the right area we’d have a good chance of recovery. That being said it was lost for four days and there’s always a chance some other metal detectorist may have found it.

The other factor was that she was now back home in Ottawa, Eastern Canada, 4 hour flight away. Saturday morning I picked up my metal detector and headed to the beach, I took pictures of the area she believed she was sitting and she confirmed the location…You have to love the internet! Without it, people wouldn’t find TheRingFinders and no second chance!

Within a couple of minutes I found her wedding band! I get as excited as the people who lose it when I see it in my scoop. I quickly took a picture of the ring and text messaged her it was found.

I then raced over to FedEx and sent it back home to a very happy young lady.



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I hope she sends me a picture of her and her smile so I can take my ugly mug off this

I love my job! You can watch the video of the search below.


Lost diamond ring at Spanish Banks Beach…Found after 2 days!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I was at work when I got a call from a young lady who asked if I could help her find her lost diamond ring. I asked where it was lost and when it was lost and she told me it was lost at Spanish Banks beach and that it was lost for 2 days and that she’d cried for 2 days.

She said that she happened to read a story online about a member of TheRingFinders and thought that she had to reach out and give it a shot.

I explained that there was a chance that the beach machine could have scooped it up or another detectorist could have found it as it was lost for 2 days.

That being said I was excited to go to the beach after working a 14 hour day because for me this is what relaxes me the most…A good treasure hunt!!

It was 11 PM and the young lady sent me a google earth map of the location where she’d lost the ring.

She said it was in front of the volley ball court # 3 or #4 I started my search and after searching all of court 3 & 4 I had no ring…Could have someone already found it? maybe or maybe she was a little off with her directions.

I expanded my search to court 5 & 6 and I found the ring minutes later in front of court 6 where she was sitting.

















I was so excited and sent her a text message with a picture of the ring and a note that said…No more crying!

I love this job! if you have lost something special and need it found please visit and find a member nearest your locaton!


Here’s the video of the search & return

Found 4 Gold Rings at Jericho Beach, Vancouver.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I’m at work and the phone rings I was thinking maybe its a ring call…It was but not your normal ring call…The lady who is French Canada and visiting Vancouver with her family had a horrible experience at one of our local beaches…

She lost all 4 of her rings! How? She like others took them off to put suntan lotion on herself and her children, she put the rings on her towel. Hours later forgetting she did that she lifted up the towel and walked away.

Could you imagine the gut wrenching feeling she must’ve had when she looked down and saw no rings on her fingers!  As you could imagine she was devastated!

Her and her husband went right back to the area they had  spent the day and searched in the sand for over an hour but had no luck finding the 4 rings.

Not giving up, 2 days later she got online and found me on she couldn’t believer her eyes as she & her husband never thought there was such a service.

A phone call later and a late night search vpervided a successful recovery of all 4 rings! What an amazing feeling for me and an emotional one for her!






I love my Job! If you lost something special and need help finding it…Call a member of near you!












Watch the emotional rescue on the video below…


Lost BVLGARI Ring…Found at Jericho Beach!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

The call came in from a young lady who lost her ring that her mother gave her many years ago, she lost it at Jericho Beach in Vancouver…The young lady found because the lifeguard told them about me.

She went on to explained that they knew the area where the ring came off but just couldn’t find it. Amazing how fast the sand can hide your ring and how hard it is too find.

I grabbed my detector and headed for beach which was about 40 minuts from my house, when I got there it only took 5 minutes or so to locate the beautiful ring…

She was very happy to see her ring again her boyfriend went to the lifeguards to thank them for telling them about

If you are reading this and have lost a ring checkout our directory of metal detecting specialists on















I love my Job!


Watch the video of the recovery below.

Wedding ring lost at Coronado Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Chase called me asking for help recovering his wedding ring lost in the surf at Coronado. He was out boogie boarding the day before when a wave stripped the ring off his finger in knee deep water. He saw someone on the beach with a detector and asked for help, but, the guy didn’t have a water machine, so, couldn’t help Chase. The guy (Chase didn’t get his name) recommended that Chase give me a call. Thank you, whoever you are! Low tide was just 1  1/2 hours away, so, we made arrangements to meet there ASAP. I met Chase and his wife on the beach at the location of the loss. Oh, did I mention that they had only been married a few days and that they were here on their honeymoon?! This ring just had to be found! I started a grid at ground zero and expanded out from there in all directions. After an hour and only 5 pennies to show, I started at one end of the probable search zone and headed back over the area I already searched doing a slightly different grid pattern. Another half hour into it, I got a real weak target sound in my Excalibur’s headphones on the slope in the wet sand. I figured it was just another penny but didn’t want to leave anything in doubt since I was searching in all metal. I dug down 14″ and the target was still in the hole! Using my Vibraprobe 580 pin pointer, I located the target right in the bottom and grabbed a handful of sand. Well, out popped his gold ring! It really surprised me that it had sunk that deep in less than 18 hours. A very happy couple to have that ring back in time for their flight back home today. A pleasure to meet you both, congratulations on your marriage, and thank you for the reward.

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How to find a lost ring in the sand! (Kincardine / Goderich Ontario)

About a week ago we received a call from a lady who had lost her wedding band just south of Kincardine, ON, Canada on a private beach. She was wake boarding for roughly an hour and when she came back in she noticed the ring was no longer on her finger.
We received the call around 8 at night and knew that making it to search that night would not work as we had a good hour ride to the location. Between work and other obstacles in both of our schedules we came to the conclusion the only time to search for it would be the following morning at 7am.
We woke up shortly before 6am and made it to the beach around 7. The lady who lost the ring showed us a rough idea of where the ring had been lost and we began the search.
I had to be to work by 11 which meant I had to leave the location around 930. This gave us about 2.5 hours to find this ring. After about 1 hour of searching thoughts began going through our mind “time is running out”, “could we be searching the wrong location”, “is it in the shallow water or deep”. Finally my father got a strong signal in about 6 inches of water and dug up the ladies wedding band!
Awesome to be able to reunite this lady with her ring once again and see the smile on her face when she got it back in her hands!


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Lost Ring Found Waikoloa Beach Area, Hawaii – Speedy Recovery

This was a great recovery for several reasons!

First, it marked the first ring recovery we’ve done since moving to the Big Island of Hawaii and joining Ring Finders three months ago.

We were so happy to help Pedro and Martyna from Poland find her lost engagement ring!

Second, this recovery set a new personal speed benchmark for finding lost rings!

Martyna had put the ring on a hat to shoot at sunset in memory of their one-year engagement at the same spot. Unfortunately the ring fell off the hat the moment a wave swept up and it was gone…!

They spent the evening looking for the ring with their fingers in the sand, and by the time they’d called us and we could make the hour’s drive to their location out at Anaeho’omalu Beach, Waikoloa, it was noon. Martyna told us she’d spent the night in tears.

Arriving on the beach, I was a little worried to see Pedro and Martyna’s friends – about six of them – all on their hands and knees raking fingers thru the sand and digging piles of sand here and there. Fortunately, they showed me the exact spot she’d lost the ring. I asked everyone to stand back and switched on our Excalibur II metal detector. Two, then three sweeps of the coil and, “HELLO!” I hear the growling lowish tone of platinum. 5 seconds… I asked Sylvie to switch on the GoPro but by the time she’d turned the power on, the ring was in the scoop and Martyna was hugging, Pedro, me, Sylvie and all her friends! Total search and recovery time was about 10 seconds! I wish all recoveries were that straight-forward – for everyone’s sake!

Brent and Sylvie’s Ring Recovery Feedback:

Pedro and Martyna did a few important ring-recovery steps right at the beginning which helped the speed of our recovery. We were fortunate that the waves were small with no rip along the beach. They were lucky enough to know exactly where they’d dropped the ring, so made a note of that exact location. They also marked the time – which gave us a chance to check tide levels and approximate wave height when they’d lost their ring.  On the challenges-side, having their friends dig around seems natural, especially if one knows the locale, but…it can dislodge a ring’s precarious place in the sand and allow it to be swept out with the waves. Fingers-in-the-sand-technique has about a 2% chance of finding anything… Also the chances of recovery get smaller and smaller quickly with passing time. By the time we got out to the site, 18 hours had passed. Call as soon as possible and we’ll be there as soon as available! Again, so happy for small waves and good “X-marks the Spot” info!

So happy Pedro and Martyna are still rejoicing!



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1938 Family heirloom wedding ring recovered in Newfound Lake in Bristol, New Hampshire

  • from Hampton Beach (New Hampshire, United States)

A week ago a woman lost her mother’s 1938 wedding band. She was at the water’s edge of her brother’s lake house on Newfound Lake in Bristol New Hampshire. She was throwing a ball around with her nephew, when she realized her mother’s ring was gone. They searched for well over an hour but couldn’t find it. They had pretty much the whole family in the water looking everywhere with no success.

The problem with gold rings is that they are so heavy that they often sink nearly instantly when dropped.

She ended up having to go home to New Jersey heart broken. Her brother John was still up here however.

She finally came across the Ring Finders site and I was contacted by another Ring Finder who was not as close to location as I was. He asked if I could assist and I was happy to do so.

I arrived at the cottage this morning and went over the story of how it was lost.

I gridded off the area where she felt she lost it.

It took about 20 minutes but I ended up locating this really beautiful 14K white/yellow gold ring. John was in the house when I found it. I called in “John, can I ask you a quick question?”. He came out and I handed him the ring. I said “Does this look like the ring?”. He was amazed and very thankful. He is 76 years old and the ring was one year older than he was. Both he and his sister were very happy that their parent’s heirloom was no longer lost.

Newfound lake Recovery

Newfound lake Recovery2

How To find a Lost Ring on The Beach in Lions Head, Ontario!

I received a call a few days ago from a guy who had lost his wedding band in Lions Head ON. Myself and my father both avid users of metal detectors decided to take about an hour drive up to see if we could locate this item. We soon came to realize that the beach we were metal detecting had some large rocks making for a difficult search. The water depth in this location also dropped off very fast making it challenging to check further into the water. After about a steady two hours of searching as well as using goggles to go under and see if we could locate it by eye we decided to call the search off for the day as we covered pretty much all the area that we believed the ring was lost in. I had my suit about half off when he told us there was one more spot he would like us to search. The family created a rock statue and threw the rocks back in after they were done. I quickly suited back up and went over to the location the rocks had been thrown into. Within roughly a couple minutes I had a very strong beep ringing up at around a 63 on my Garrett AT Pro. I spend a small amount of time locating what rock this beep was coming from. I bent into the water and lifted a rock about the size of a football. Sure enough if his platinum ring and diamonds was not under that rock sparkling in the sun!!

We are very pleased to have helped this gentleman and look forward to many more searches to come!



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