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Found Ring Returned: Hyannis, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

October 4, 2022

Hurricane Ian had been making its way northward keeping the Hyannis sky dark and misty. But a daily walk through the woods Avery and Bigelow made their way peacefully until an exposed root tripped up Avery. In the incident a ring left Avery’s finger an landed in the overgrowth along the pathway. The ring was Avery’s mother’s and is only one of very few pieces of jewelry that Avery wears.

Looking for help via a rental business that rented a detector. A call to J&E Enterprise was answered and Avery was given a phone number and was told Rick is the one that could help. Unfortunately, I was at a doctor’s appointment and did not return the call for a couple of hours. In that time Avery had rented a detector and was back in the woods searching for the lost ring. Rentals usually do not come with detailed operation notes. Most detectors take several hours of practice before one can become proficient in its use. Even locating an object on the surface can be a daunting task.

When I returned the call, Avery was in the woods and said she would welcome any help I may give. About a half hour later I was involved in the search. The area was littered with very old and rusty cans, and other debris. Many trash signals and not one that was worth digging or keeping. After two hours we left the woods as the sun had set, it was time to give up for the evening.

The next morning, I replace my mid-sized detector coil with a small 4-inch coil that would allow better separation of the pieces of trash. Another hour past and I was re-searching over the original area Avery had heard a signal the night before. I was able to determine several distinct targets, all were too deep to be the ring but might be masking a small ring. Therefore, I started to remove each target one by one and had a total of 4 shotgun cases and a long rifle casing. But no ring. As another aid, I tossed a similar ring with a visible string attached to see just how far a ring might travel and then restarted searching from that point.

Oddly enough, I was very close to the area the four shotgun shells were dug. Ah, another signal this time about two inches away, with a detector indicating a surface target. I reached down, moved a few leaves and there the ring was laying, but not for long. I picked it up, turned off the detector and headed back to the car before the rain intensified. A call to Avery and we made a meeting point. Twenty minutes later her ring had been placed on the pinkie finger and there was a wonderful smile on Avery’s face, not to say the one on my face was any less wonderful.

It is always amazing how an object is lost and in the case of a lost ring in the woods that a person can travel miles, search a vast area full of trash, put a 4-inch coil over a 1-inch ring, hear a signal among all others, then make a conscious decision to stop detecting and do a visual search to ultimately find the ring. Knowing one’s equipment, persistence and determination and yes, luck all helped in making the loss into A Happy Ending.

Loins Head Ring Lost Medford Backyard

  • from Jones Beach (New York, United States)

Received  a call late afternoon that a man’s ring was lost in the back yard in Medford.  I told them that I would come right away, it was only 20 minutes from my house.  When I got there they showed me area that the ring was lost. It seems that when the farther was playing with his son he felled the ring come off but didn’t see where it when. I started a large area search making overlaying  sweeps I found the ring in the grass ,could not see it looking down, moved the grass with my fingers and that did the trick.  I gave the ring to the mother and she then called her husband to say that she had the ring.  as you can see she was happy

Ocean City NJ Lost Wedding Band Found! Ocean City NJ Patch News Features John Favano Ring Finders South Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Read the article here:

Ocean City NJ Patch Lost Wedding Band Worn 47 years lost then Found!

Wedding ring lost in backyard. Auburn New York, FOUND

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

Mike called and asked me to find his wedding ring that he lost in his back yard.  It seems that he had been sealing his patio and when cleaning up his equipment, he took his wedding ring off and proceeded to lose it SOMEWHERE ????.

He rented a metal detector and searched himself but with no luck.  But when all else fails -“Who you gonna call –The Ring Finders”

I arrived, interviewed Mike to get up to the date info, and proceeded to search for his ring, and 1/2 hour later presented Mike with his ring.  Here is a link to a video of the interview, search, and his big smile.

Ring lost @ Thompson CC, Dryden New York, Found

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

Thursday October 3 2019.  At 7.15 pm my phone rings and on the other end is a young lady, Mai, who is a sophomore at Thompson Community College (CC) in Dryden NY.  Mai was walking between the classrooms and her dorm when her “promise” ring fell off along the walkway.


Her ring is SS and cannot be resized, and although the ring fits OK during the summer months, now with fall and soon winter coming the cold makes everyone’s fingers lose at least ¼ ring size and during the coldest times up to ½ ring size.  And today the weather was RAIN and temps dropping down into the 50’s.  Wet and cold, perfect weather for losing a ring.


Although I would have liked to wait until tomorrow to search for her ring, I could tell by her voice that she was devastated on the lost of the ring.  She was truly a “damsel in distress” and she was calling me to rescue her.  How could I resist.


It was going to be a wet cold search in the dark so I rounded up my warm weather gear, headlamp and all the MD equipment that I needed and started down the road for a 1 hour drive both ways.


Upon arriving at the CC, I called her and she met me in the parking lots next to the trail where she lost the ring.  We exchanged greetings, I fired up the machine and “a searching we will go”.  There was a buried wire running along next to the walkway that carried power for the light poles that was giving me a little problem but I worked thru that and was able to do a good grid search  It took me about ¾ of a hour but soon there came the sold sound of a SS ring.  I could not see it as it had worked its way well down into the grass but when I “raked” the grass with my fingers I felt the ring.  So I palmed the ring, stood up and ask her a question about the ring.  When she answered, I then opened my hand and said, “Then this must be your ring”.   Screams of joy, and yes I think a few tears.   Another successful search.


You can see the YouTube video by clicking on this link



Found Car Keys on Cape Cod Saved owner $1000

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)


It was just one of those mornings with a few minutes before having to leave the house so Amy-Rose went to pull a few weeds and toss them into the woods. With birds singing in the background she did not realize that with the weeds so went the 3 car keys and two remotes. It was noon when I started to search for them, in between the shrubs, with very little room to swing a detector’s coil. However with a 3×18 inch search coil I could “jab” into the foliage. About fifteen minutes into the search my ears were rattled with the sound that was either the keys or a large can…Yes it was the ring of keys. The car could now be driven to the dealer and there would be no tow charge or charge for all the keys. I left with one smiling lady in amazement that I had found the keys.

Gold Rush in Maple Ridge BC / Huge Gold Rings…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Its been a while and yesterday afternoon I was out doing some Christmas shopping with my brother who is from California when I received a call from a young lady. She said that her father had lost his ring. She ask me a few questions and said that her dad would give me a call.

I got the call minutes later and the man went on to tell me that he had lost 4 huge rings at his job site, they had dropped out of his pocket because the zipper broke. You could image how upsetting that would be as he wasn’t sure where they had fell out…I was excited to get out there and search for his rings but I had Christmas shopping to do so I rushed around and got it done and shot out to Maple Ridge to help find the rings.










I got to the job site at 5:30 pm and we talked about the possibilities of where he thought the rings could be, he told me that he spent 6 hours the day before searching and sifting the dirt for the rings and 4 hours the next day. He called his daughter and asked her to search the internet to see if there was anyone out there with a metal detector that could help… She found ”The Ring Finders”

I turned on my trusted Whites XLT and it was going crazy with the power line directly above me. I quickly went back to my truck and took out my new Whites V3i and set up the frequency and was able to program the detector to cancel out about 80% of the interference from the power lines above me.

After about 30 minutes the young man jumped into his backhoe and started to level out a big pile of sand so I could check it out and while he was doing that I went to another area where I got a good signal and started to dig…

Ring #1




What a sight to see when this came out of the dirt! We were very excited and hopeful that the rest would be close bye…


Only a yard away from the first ring…I knew the rest would show up close bye…


Ring #3

These were very large and heavy rings!


This was the biggest ring and what a great feeling to find all 4 rings, he said Christmas came early for him! I have to say that was fun! I think I found more gold then those guys from that reality show called Alaska ”Gold Rush”

Thanks for the kind reward!

I Love my Job!

Lost something? Call me ASAP! I’ll help you find it.

You can watch the video of the search below…

Lost Platinum Diamond Ring in East Vancouver…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)











Today I had a search for a platinum diamond engagement ring that was lost on Meaghan property along the walk way beside her house. Meaghan had searched for a week on and off in the area that the ring came out of her pocket, but just couldn’t find it.

That’s what prompted her to search the internet and see if there was someone that could help her find her engagement ring of 5 years, finding ”The Ring Finders” was exactly what she had hoped for!

I received the call and we set up a day to come out and find the ring, a week later I was there to check out the search area. Looking it over, I knew I’d be finding this ring without my detector.

After moving  a dozen concrete blocks that were a part of the walk way and a couple of long pipes and boards and about 30 minutes…There it was under a concrete block closes to the house…


What a beautiful ring! I was so happy that it showed itself and its now back where it belongs. Thank you for reading my blogs and until the next search…


I love my job!

Lost something? Call me ASAP

Video below of the search.

Ring recovered in Northglenn front yard

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Joe Pfifer lost his 14 karat white gold wedding band while doing yard work. Something as simple and mundane as removing dried up leaves from the shrubbery in front of their home on a cool spring morning had caused Joes ring to slip from his finger.

Joe had tried searching for the ring visually and even researched on-line on how to search for lost rings which is how he found “Ring Finders”. And with the thought of somebody who knew what they were doing as opposed to Joe giving it a go on his own, Joe contacted me.

When I met up with Joe he explained what he was doing and the location of his efforts to clean up the yard. Within a few short minutes I had recovered Joe’s ring from under the tree bark mulch that was hiding it from sight. This search area was being hindered by metal edging, but when you know your machine interference from such can be minimized.

Ring recovered on March 25, 2011.

Joe Pfifer and his ring

Joe happy to be holding his ring once again


Joes 14 kt white gold ring

Wedding ring found in back yard – Lakewood, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Olivia Frank had lost her wedding ring in her back yard. The couple had searched the yard extensively without any luck. After 6 months of worry and frustration they found “Ring Finders” and through that my contact information. We made arrangements and set a meeting date for me to join them at their home for a brief talk and survey of the site.

My first trip to their house gave me the story of the rings loss and the layout of the yard. I managed to get in about three hours of search time before rain and snow drove me off the hunt site. I was certain that the ring was not in the portion of the yard they swore it in.

Upon my second trip to their house I went over the area that I had previously searched with two other detectors and no ring. I then expanded my search area and started running another search pattern. After another three hours of searching I ended up finding the ring several feet away from the expected location.

“Liv” was so excited and happy that she began to tear up when she got her hands on her ring again. It did need a good cleaning by a jeweler, but that is what happens when a ring is left to the elements for several months.

Ring recovered on December 4, 2010.

Liv and her ring

Livs ring