Dennis Port, Cape Cod, MA Lost Engagement/Wedding Found & Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

July 4, 2024

Finding a beach with a parking space is a difficult thing to do on the 4th of July. Shannon and the group she was with finally found an opening in Dennis Port. The beach had a great new set of stairs that replace the set that was torn off the cliff in a winter storm. The group found an open area at the far end of the beach which had a very narrow dry sand area to sit on. Settling down, it was time for a bit of sun protection to be applied to her daughter. Off came the engagement/wedding ring that was given to Alanna for safe keeping. It was sitting safely on Alanna’s leg until a quick movement sent the ring into the sand.

Several minutes of frantic searching failed to give up the rings location. One in the group did a Google search for “Ring Finder Cape Cod” and was rewarded with a link to my listing. A short conversation and fifteen minutes later I was at the beach where there were no parking spaces except for one Reserved slot. I explained the situation to the parking attendant and was granted permission to park in the open space as I said I should be 15 minutes at the max.

I grabbed my gear and headed to the new stairway that I had never used. All metal and long steps – perfect for the beach-goers. Within 3 minutes I was searching and within 45 seconds I had a large signal. I commented “It sounds like a tin can in size but has the correct tone”. Sure enough it was the ring glistening in the bottom of the scoop. In the next 5 seconds it left the scoop and was back on Shannon’s finger. Boy, that is how I would love to have all my searches progress. Hugs, hand shakes, thank yous, went on for several minutes. Especially from Alanna who was more distraught and upset for letting the entrusted ring slip into the sand. I think it will take awhile for her to overcome the incident but, I know she will with the support from the fabulous group that was celebrating the 4th.

Yes, I do love my hobby when they end like this one did.


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  1. Shannon Moore says:

    We are so grateful for you! Truly an amazing thing you do. God bless you! And again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts

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