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Lost key found!

from Maple Creek (Saskatchewan, Canada)

A nearby neighbour had lost a house key in the snow sometime in December. They worried for most of the winter that someone would find it and gain entrance into their home while they were away…….or worse still when she was home alone.

Upon hearing of The Ring Finders service they got in touch with me, hoping I would be able to locate the key and give them back some peace of mind. Arriving on location they showed me the general area where it was lost……right next to a large metal trellis!

I took up the quest, making several sensitivity adjustments, dialing my detector to a level that would allow me to work closer and closer to so much iron without losing any vital signals. As it turned out, after about half an hour of searching I found the key on the opposite side of the path from where they thought it would be. But I found their key!

The look on his wife’s face was great to see…..I could tell she hadn’t been sleeping too well knowing the key to their house was laying somewhere on the ground so near their back door. But she’ll sleep well tonight, and so will I having been able to put her mind at rest.