Raymond Jones

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I have a call out fee of $25 for most local areas if the ring is not found, this covers my travel expenses. We can discuss further when you call and I will travel as far as I need to help some find their precious item. I work on a reward basis so you pay what you can and what its worth to you to find your lost treasure

Search Types

All types; Land, Water, Beaches, Parks, Yards, in snow and rain. I also have an underwater metal detector which I can use to wade into about 5-7 feet. In the case of private property we'll need to ensure you have permission which allows us onto the property to conduct metal detecting.

Search Locations

Loudoun County Virginia; Leesburg, Ashburn, Sterling and most of Maryland, Northern Virginia. If your need is great I will travel further out and we can discuss travel expenses on the phone.

Raymond Jones's Bio

I am a Navy Veteran and have lived in the Virginia area for more than 25 years. I have a passion for treasure hunting both on land and as a new scuba diver I also dabble a little in this area. One of the things I always look to do when I find an artifact is to see if I can find its home. I've yet to find anything to return and I hope to be able to give back by being a part of the RingFinders.com community.

I have been metal detecting for around 20 years and have covered many of our local beaches, parks, and while in the military I had the pleasure of being able to have access to search on the older residential bases in which I located a history of artifacts from silver coins, antique toys, military buttons and animal tags from the 1940s.

Let me help you find your treasures.

I'm just a phone call away.

Raymond Jones - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Wedding Band in Bristow Virginia Yard, Found in Bushes (2021)

    Call Ray @ MyGoldFinder for lost items 571.258.7217. I received a text message early Saturday morning from Todd in Bristow, Virginia requesting my assistance in locating his yellow gold wedding band which was lost somewhere in his backyard the night before. Todd has been enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having these past few days […]

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  • Lost Gold Engagement Ring, Found in Snow in Bluemont, Virginia (2020)

    Call MyGoldFinder for lost items 571.258.7217. I received a call from Katlyn on Monday evening stating she had lost her engagement ring while out building snowmen and sledding in her back yard. Her husband, Tony, was going to use a borrowed detector and some help from a friend to see if they could recover the […]

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  • Lost Keys in Snow, Found in Leesburg Virginia (2020)

    We had a snowstorm last night on the East Coast with Leesburg Virginia only getting a few inches and then a heavy coating of ice. The next day, while out at dinner with my son Andrew I received a frantic call from Dave about a set of keys he lost in the snow. The keys […]

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  • Lost Platinum Diamond/Tanzanite Ring, Found in Crozet (Charlottesville), Virginia (2020)

    Call Ray for rapid and professional detecting services – 571.258.7217 MyGoldFinder I received a call early this morning from Georgia in southern Virginia and she asked if I could help her. I asked her the typical few questions to get an idea of location and scope of work and found that she was approx. 2.5 […]

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  • Lost Gold/Titanium Wedding Ring Found in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Garden (2020)

    It’s always such a pleasure to be able to bring joy to someone during the Holidays and this is just one of those stories. I received a call from Scott who had lost his treasured wedding band while out in his garden during the Thanksgiving weekend. Scott was setting up some wire fencing and moving […]

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Raymond Jones - Testimonials

  • this is a story to share, working with real-life treasure hunters – that’s priceless! (2021)


    Treasure Hunter and Ring Finder Ray Pulls Off Late Inning Victory!

    A wedding band that has been on my finger for over 21 years, except for Friday night, as it was somewhere in my yard.

    Rays no quit attitude and commitment after a first pass, a second grid search, raking leaves for visual checks, and after @40 minutes, I heard Ray call my name, on his hands and knees, in the thick of some shrubs along the fence-line – holding my ring!

    Please call Ray: He was at my house within 90 minutes from the time I first texted him! And am glad I opted against buying a metal detector for 2 reasons: 1) a second set of professional eyes with the right know-how and tools pays off; 2) this is a story to share, working with real-life treasure hunters – that’s priceless!

    Thanks again Ray

  • I would recommend Raymond to anyone who has lost a ring. (2020)


    I can not say enough wonderful things about Raymond and his efforts to find my ring. My stomach had been in knots for two days while the ring was lost and like he mentioned when he found my ring and gave it back to me the tears of happiness just took started pouring out. I was worried I would never see the ring again! I was worried that once he saw the large area to search that he would not want to take on the task but Raymond did not shy away from the challenge. He had a plan and a system with his flags to ensure he did a thorough search and he never got in a rush despite the cold temperatures. After finding the ring he showed us exactly where he found it which I really appreciated. Raymond was so nice, pleasant to talk to, and although I hope I never lose my ring again if I do i feel like I have made a friend and I will gladly call him again. I would recommend Raymond to anyone who has lost a ring.

  • I highly recommend calling Raymond if you need help in finding a lost valuable! (2020)


    Thanks so much for coming so quickly to find my ring in the garden. I thought for sure it was in the mulch pile but you checked that out first and then suggested that we retrace my steps back to the garden and my activities there. It wasn’t long that you found my ring near the mums I had transplanted. Good detective work! I highly recommend calling Raymond if you need help in finding a lost valuable!

    Georgia from Charlottesville

  • He was prompt, professional and did a great job. (2020)


    As you can see in the picture, we live in the woods. During fall, the leaves blow around and form little piles of ‘leaf drifts’. The ring slipped off while I was scooping up one of these piles and dumping it into a bin. Since I knew where it had come off, I was sure finding it wasn’t going to be a problem.

    After spending an hour searching the same 10×10 foot area, I broke down and had my wife come help. Still no luck. It turns out a small silver and gold ring is naturally camouflaged to match the surrounding leaves. It was getting colder and darker and the whole process was disheartening. I went in and found theringfinders.com.

    Ray came out and a short time later we got the text. He was prompt, professional and did a great job. I hope not to ever have to use his services again but would no hesitate to call him for any sort of recovery. Thanks Ray!

  • I highly recommend contacting Ray. (2020)


    10/10 all around!!

    My husband was so upset when the gardening mishap happened. I wasn’t sure if the lost ring would turn up, or if we’d have to replace it. After numerous attempts to recover it on our own, I ended up calling Ray to help us.

    Ray was extremely responsive and after our introductory phone call, he was out searching for the ring within 48 hours. After a couple of hours searching our property, I was shocked he found the ring! He is so talented, he made it seem effortless. We are thrilled to have the ring returned to this rightful owner.

    If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, I highly recommend contacting Ray.

  • If you are looking for someone passionate about retrieving lost items with extreme integrity, Ray is easily the one. (2020)


    As a Marine, I was looking for someone with not only the skill set to find my wedding band but the dedication to actually get it done. I was amazed when I first called Ray about his willingness to hear my concern and immediately come over to search (literally less than 30 minutes). The odds of someone doing that are extremely rare these days. Ray being a Navy veteran made me at ease from the very first meeting. His kind nature and willingness to hear my story was like no other. I could not believe his perseverance in finding my band despite numerous long days of 90+ degrees and extremely high humidity. Ray even got in a wet suit and searched in deep water but would not give up even when my hope was dwindling. I can not explain the excitement and goosebumps I had when he called me late Friday saying “Lyle, I found it”. At first, I thought, that’s impossible given the scope of the search area but then came the photo in a text:) If you are looking for someone passionate about retrieving lost items with extreme integrity, Ray is easily the one. The deepest gratitude to you sir!

    Semper Fi, Friend for Life!!!