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Harwich Port, Massachusetts gold ring, lost, found and returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Jeff was enjoying the yearly family get-to-gather on Cape Cod and a football catch in the water of Nantucket Sound. The inevitable happened. His left handed toss of the football was fallowed by his flying wedding band.

After several hours of searching by Jeff and his friends without any sign of the ring. A call to a newly renewing member, Leighton Harrington, help was on its way. The time of day and tide was such that a search could not be started until 6am. Leighton and I often detect together and keep each other company on the trip to the search area, during the search and ride home.

In the water and looking, two rings were found on the first morning’s search, neither were the object of quest. During the day Jeff marked the area with a few coins before Leighton and I returned to search the second day. Leighton found a few of the coins and I found the ring in the same area we had searched over the previous day. If you miss it by an inch, you have missed it. That is why we don’t give up after the first search and crisscrossing the area.

Back at the house, pictures were taken and the return was made. Big smiles and the thought of a tear was observed. After a few stories were exchanged, Leighton and I were on our way for coffee and to set up a meeting time for the next day’s detecting experience. We were feeling great about putting a smile on another person’s face.

Palladium Ring Lost Covell’s Beach, Craigville, Massachusetts: Found & Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Beyond belief is my take on this return, but you will have to decide for yourself.

I was called by Alec in hope that I could find his ring. I was on my way out to find a diamond engagement ring and did not take the usual information that I should have from Alex. That being said I was on my way to search for both rings. After successfully finding the ring first in fresh water I was on my way to the sound side of the Cape. I could not talk my way past the gate guard so I saw two women talking in front of two empty parking spaces in a private residential area. I asked if I could park in their area. After telling them about they agreed and saved me the $25 parking fee.

I searched for about an hour and half before finding a wedding band. I did not pay much attention to the ring, put it into my pocket and started to leave the beach. An the way out I chatted with a lifeguard and told her I had found the ring I was looking for. She then told me that there was a silver ring in the lifeguard house. We chatted with the gate guard and two other lifeguards. The gate guard said he would let me in without charge the next time I needed a parking space.

Believe it or not I left the ring on the wall were we all were talking, At the car I realized what I had done, ran back to meet one of the lifeguards coming toward me with the ring. Back again at the car and I was on my way home. At a stop light I re-read the little information I had from Alec. It was then I realized I had found a ring that was not Alec’s. Alec’s ring is Palladium, not Gold. Dang, the ring is the lifeguard shack must be Alec’s. But the lifeguard had mentioned Len as the person they had tried to call.

It turned out Len is Alec’s uncle and it was he that left contact information with the lifeguards two days after the ring had been lost. I went back to the beach the next day, confirmed via a picture and e-mails that the Palladium was indeed Alec’s. They gave me the ring and I will give it to Alec’s father on Saturday when he returns to the Cape for the week. The ring will be carried back to Alec when his brother returns home on Sunday. I will then be sent a big, wonderful smile in picture form as the ring goes back on Alec’s finger. All this just one month before Alec’s 5th anniversary.


Wedding Band Lost 16 Years Ago Found and Returned. Chatham, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

16 years ago a young sea-goer’s wedding band was pulled off his finger while trying to secure a friend’s boat to a buoy. Searching the surrounding seaweed covered area was unsuccessful in locating the ring. It was to remain hidden for the next 16 years.

While detecting, enjoying my hobby, and avoiding the Corvid-19 virus I found a wedding band with the initials of T.L.F. and a date of 1989 inscribed on the inside of the band. As usual, as I have never been able to find the owner of a wedding band with that information, I was about to put the ring into my pouch for safe keeping when I noticed a name on a large mooring buoy about four feet from me. The name began with an “F”. Could there be a connection between the “F” in the ring and the “F” on the buoy? I had to do some web searching when I got home.

I searched Zillow for street names in the area, the town assessor’s online data base, and other personal information locators for a family name beginning with an “F” and contact information. The search first lead me to a disconnected phone number, several distant possibilities, and a Trust Fund name and finally to a Financial Group, its name was Odyssey. The name was exciting enough, I had to contact them. Of course the financial specialist, Kim, could not give me any information, other than she knew the family. Do to the privacy laws Kim could only promise me she would inquire of someone in the family that may be able to help and have them contact me. A call came back from Kim with bad news…no one with the initials of T.L.F. was know to the contacted family members. Well I tried. But…wait…

About an hour later I received another call, this time it was from Trish. Yes…Trish had some information, but the owner’s initials were not T.L.F. as they were not the owner’s initials, they were an abbreviation for True Love Forever. The owner, Brian, was and still is a close friend of Trish. An arrangement was made for the return of a long missing wedding band. The return sequence of leading to a wedding band’s return was a first for me, all thanks to a coincidence, hunch and the internet.

Diamond ring returned form Old Silver Beach

  • from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Got a call from a friend asking if I wanted to help him find a ring in waist deep water. I said sure ill meet you there. we got to the location and started swinging  after about 45 minutes I decided to move more off to the side  the first target I got was the ring. My friend gave me the gentleman’s phone number so I called him stating that I found hit and made arrangements to meet the next day.He told me he wasn’t going to tell his girlfriend that I found it just that she had to meet a friend of his fathers. He also told me that the ring was given to her by an aunt that had passed about 11 years earlier. The next day I met up with him and introduced myself and asked her if she was having a good vacation she responded with yes, I said even though you lost this and held my hand out with the ring in it. I could see her eyes  watering up a little with sheer excitement.

Platnium and Diamond ring found and returned in Westwood Massachusetts

  • from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

I received an email from a gentleman a week or so before Thanksgiving,  asking if i may be able  to find his wife’s engagement ring that she lost while doing yard work,or if i knew someone in his area that could. Westwood is about an hour or so from me so i said that on Saturday after Thanksgiving i would come up and try to find it,he said his wife knows right where it should be. We made arrangements for me to meet his wife in front of there house on that Saturday. I arrived at 10:05am and she brought me to the back yard where she had a pile of leaves,she said she lost it in a leaf bag so she dumped it under her deck and that’s where it will be. After scanning it for a few minutes, i told her i was confident that the ring wasn’t there. Her faced dropped. I looked on the side of her deck and saw a small pile of leaves and scanned it and BINGO there was the engagement ring. I looked over to her and her back was to me, so i walked over and tapped her on the shoulder and said i  hope this makes your  holiday’s better as i held out the ring. She started shaking a little and the gave me a huge hug and said thank you. After a couple pictures we said our goodbye’s.

Lost and Found Ring Returned on Cape Cod, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Lost Ring / Found Rind / Returned Ring … It is as easy as that my 19th return of 2011!

      I was on my way to a metal detecting club picnic when I turned on my cell phone and was alerted to a missed call. When I was safe at the picnic I made a return call. Don said he had lost his wedding band while tossing some pine needles into the woods and asked if I could help look for the ring. Don had left his metal detector in Florida and needed help. I said sure, but I have to partake of the picnic food and I would stop by afterwards.

I arrived at Bob’s and with my ATPro set to located platinum and gold I was ready to help and fellow retired US Navy shipmate. First I used one of Chris’s tips of giving Don a ring on a ribbon. I let him toss the ring just as he has tossed the pine needles. I started a grid search to one side and then the other side of where the test ring landed and worked forward. After finding a few targets with too high a ID reading and too deep including some kind of manifold or liquid valve the ATPro’s ID reading locked in at 64. I pushed a few leaves and pine needles away and then asked Don if this was his ring? Still on the ground and shining upward was enough for Don to confirm it was his ring and then he picked it up and returned it to its proper place, on his finger.

Don’s wife, Janet, was the person who located me through The Ring Finders. She was very grateful for my efforts and presented me with a beautiful home made candle decorated with sea shells that I gave my wife for her patient waiting in the car while I did the search and recovery.

Yes another picture for the Book of Smiles. What a wonderful hobby, helping others!

Returned Lost school ring in Whitman-Hanson Massachusetts

  • from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

On July 4th i was detecting an older beach that gets little use now.After about 4 hours i came out of the water and was greeted by a gentleman that I’ve been greeted by before and he asked how i did. I told him pretty good i got 4 gold rings and ones a class ring. He asked if it was a woman’s ring which i said yes,was it from Whitman-Hanson a said yes,he gave a date range(she wants to keep that private)i said yes, and are the initials —(also keeping private)I said yes he said her mother is right over there on the neighbors deck. I went over and introduced myself and said i would like to return her daughters ring.She looked at me and i think i could see a tear.I gave her my number and told her to have her daughter call me  because i want to get the ring cleaned up first before i return it.Its been a couple weeks but on July 24 i met with her and gave her ring back, as you can see she was quite great full.

Lost college ring found and returned on Cape Cod Massachusetts

  • from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

I found a University of Massachusetts ring a few weeks ago and it had the owners full name in it. IO went to Facebook and punched in his name and found him. It appears he lost it last July while swimming on Cape Cod.I emailed him and he was very excited that i found it but still couldn’t believe i had it.  It was a gift from my dad when i graduated and my heart sunk when i lost it,myself and a few friends looked for it for about an hour.on  June 11 i met up with him and returned it. Man was he some happy!!you gotta love a feel good story.