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Men’s Family Heirloom Wedding Band…FOUND with Metal Detector in Mount Olive, Alabama!

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Just before lunchtime on Saturday (March 19th, 2022), I received a call from Daniel stating that he had lost his white gold wedding band two days prior while laying hay and seed in his front and back yard.  He normally wears a silicone wedding band, but he let his daughter play with it and it came up missing.  The ring that was lost while doing the yardwork was actually passed down from his great grandfather and had been in the family for more than 80 years!  Daniel was disappointed about losing the wedding band and really wanted it back, so that it could continue on in his family.  Daniel had tried looking with an older Garrett metal detector, but realized that it couldn’t detect white gold when he scanned his wife’s wedding ring.

When I received Daniel’s call, I was about to have a quick bite to eat and go metal detecting with a friend.  I’m always happy to help someone look for a lost item and prefer that over a hobby hunt any day!  I made a quick change of plans.  I ate, grabbed some extra gear I might need for the search, and was on my way to Mount Olive, Alabama!

I met Daniel and he showed me the area in the front yard where he was laying the hay and seed.  I started searching the hay area with my Minelab Equinox 800.  The first two targets I checked ended up being trash or too deep.  The next signal I had was lower on the ID scale, but came in shallow and had a solid target tone.  I bent down to check it, scraped away some of the hay, and spotted a ring!  Daniel hadn’t noticed, because he was nervously pacing.  I said, “hey Daniel, I think we got it!”  He came over and said, “that’s it!”  Pure happiness, relief, and the moment every Ring Finder loves!

Daniel called his mom, Paula, to tell her the good news.  She arrived shortly after and gave me a big hug and thank you!  Paula told me that she knew about The Ring Finders, because she had actually witnessed Ring Finder, Allen Zenker, recover a ring from the ocean in Sanibel Island, Florida.  So, when Daniel called her and said that he had lost his ring, she knew exactly where to turn!

I praise God for another successful ring recovery!  I’m so happy that this heirloom wedding band gets to remain in the family and continue on its story.  Proud to be a member of The Ring Finders, and looking forward to the next adventure…

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Lost Gold Wedding Band in Snow… Found by Ring Finder in Eldersburg, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Matt’s Brilliant 14 Karat White Gold Wedding Band that Ring Finder Brian Rudolph Found in the Most Unexpected Place!

Kelsey and Matt Excitedly Display their Irreplaceable Sentimental Keepsake that Had Been Missing for 9 Days!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

The Maryland area had a fairly significant snowstorm, and then a few days later another snowfall took place. This caused many people to lose their most precious sentimental possessions that were once placed upon their fingers. One such example took place in Eldersburg, Maryland. A young lady named Kelsey called me on the phone asking for my help to try to find her husband’s lost 14 karat white gold wedding band that went missing nine days earlier. She said that they weren’t sure where the band had disappeared to. The only thing that they did know was that Matt felt pretty confident that it was lost somewhere outside. He had taken his dog out to the backyard and he walked around a small deck area in the back as well, during the snowstorm. He also remembered walking from the front of the house to his car and back during the course of the accumulation of ice nine days earlier when the first snowstorm hit the Baltimore, Maryland area. Kelsey went on to share that Matt used a metal detector and searched everywhere in the parking lot, on the street, on the sidewalk, all of the lawn areas, and even in their house, but all of their efforts led to no avail. In total, the couple had spent over 20 hours looking for this very important keepsake that was placed upon Matt’s finger on their special day of holy matrimony! The whole crisis was truly upsetting and very disappointing to both Matt and Kelsey.

At the point where the couple had completely exhausted their efforts to recover the lost ring, they took to the Internet in order to try to find an answer to their most frustrating and devastating adversity. That’s when they found the elite international metal detecting specialist directory called THE RING FINDERS. As a member, I was so honored to be contacted by Kelsey in order for me to try to help the couple recover Matt’s lost ring (preserving a very special piece of marital history between he and Kelsey). Once I got all of the details regarding the disappearance of the band, we worked out a time for me to visit their Eldersburg, Maryland house which was about 35 miles away from downtown Baltimore, Maryland.

The next day I traveled to Matt and Kelsey’s place and I was beyond excited to help them out in trying to recover the lost wedding band. Matt took me around and showed all of the places that he walked about in the snow during the day that the ring vanished from the young man’s finger. He took me first to the backyard, then to the side and front lawn, and then finally over to where his car was parked at the time of the snowstorm. Next, I asked Matt to show me the exact path that he walked from the vehicle to the front entrance of his home. Before long, I had all of the details that I needed to begin the search. Matt returned inside to do some work from home while I retrieved my metal detector, gridline tapes, headphones and pinpointer.

The first leg of my search took place in the backyard. It was not a large property so I was able to scan over all of the grass within about 35 minutes or so. I did hit a few good targets, but none of the objects turned out to be Matt’s sentimental piece of gold. When I was pretty confident that the band was not dropped on the back lawn, I continued my metal detecting along the side of house which led to the townhouse’s front steps (the front door entrance was located on the side of the end unit – not in the front area where the front lawn was). I made sure that I was very consistent with my detector swings along with keeping straight lines back and forth while covering all of the grass where the front walkway was located. Unfortunately, still nothing turned up.

The third leg of my “investigation” took me to the front lawn of Matt and Kelsey’s property. Since the lawn stretched pretty far from left to right, I laid down six long grid tapes that were separated by five feet between each one of them and began scanning the ground across the property. I would get to the end of one grid lane and then return back the other in the opposite direction. I was so hoping that I would discover the white gold piece of jewelry somewhere on those first many lanes, but still nothing worth sharing about turned up.

Before I completed that large section on the grass, I decided to take a timeout and bring my equipment over to the strip of grass located between the sidewalk and the parking lot curb. I wanted to examine the spots where Matt had parked and walked in the direction of his property before concluding my exploration on the other part of the grass. One of the cars that was situated next to where Matt had parked on the day of the ring’s disappearance had left its space, so I wanted to capitalize on metal detecting that asphalt area before they returned home. A few mounds of snow still remained on the parking lot due to all of the precipitation that our area was hit with over the previous nine days. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to strike out once again with not finding the wedding band in that particular region. I scanned the parking lot as well as the curb area along with detecting the grass that was sandwiched between the parking lot concrete and the sidewalk.

Even though there was a whole line of cars that were parked right up to the edge of the curb, I chose to continue metal detecting the grassy area between the curb and the sidewalk all the way down the parking lot until I was right in front of Matt and Kelsey’s front lawn. All that remained left for me to metal detect was that one small section that I took a break from just before I had gone over to where Matt had originally been parked. It was at that point that I was really starting to doubt that I was going to be able to find the wedding band. My search was about to come to an end. Yet, I must admit that there have been plenty of times when the “Doubting Thomas thoughts” come into my mind and it is shortly thereafter that I end up successfully recovering what I thought was probably lost forever. Well, I am so happy to share that that was exactly what happened in this particular case! Just as I was completing my detecting of that tiny piece of real estate on the front lawn, I just randomly turned my head towards the parking lot and scanned with my eyes over towards the grassy area that was just beyond my client’s house between the curb and the sidewalk. It was a narrow section of grass that was connected to the other strip of common lawn that I had metal detected before. However, I didn’t scan past my client’s house because neither spouse had remembered walking that far away in the opposite direction of where their cars were located in the parking lot. Well, I was probably about a foot or two from the sidewalk on the couple’s property when I looked over to the grass and for a split second I could have sworn at the time that I had caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a circular piece of metal just lying on the damp grass. I did a double take and immediately walked over to investigate that mysterious silver-colored “halo”. I couldn’t believe my eyes at that very moment! Believe it or not, but I actually discovered the ring just sitting there in the middle of that 2.5 foot wide section of grass that was no more than a foot from the sidewalk! For a moment, I wondered if perhaps I had found someone else’s ring that was also lost during all of that snowfall. The reason I doubted that it was my client’s wedding band was because of how far away it was found from where the couple had parked their cars! But then, instantly the “lightbulb” flicked on in my head and I realized what had actually happened to Matt’s ring! The priceless jewel had fallen off of the young man’s finger approximately thirty feet away from where I had discovered it (towards where his vehicle was parked). Then, the snow blower came down the sidewalk and pushed the snow along with the ring about ten yards from its original spot. Eventually, the mound of white ended up being placed on top of the narrow strip of grass just past the couple’s home! Unbelievable!

Excitedly I picked up the ring and inspected it to see if it was in fact made out of 14 karat white gold. The verdict turned out to be…Yes! It did belong to Matt alright – the very ring that we had all suspected that it had been hiding somewhere else other than where it actually ended up! The band had been lying there for almost a week and a half and nobody spotted it all that time! Because of the second snow cover, the prolonged chance that it would have been eyeballed by somebody definitely helped in this particular case! I was so excited that I recovered this ring, especially in the way that I ended up finding it! It made the search even more thrilling, knowing that I was able to eyeball it after nearly completing every bit of real estate that I could have possibly detected! This particular location where I found the ring was not anywhere near the spot where Matt had walked from the car, so there was such a small chance the ring would have been recovered by me. It just so happened that my eyes grabbed a hold of it while I was just about to finish that small little piece of land on the couple’s front lawn! I could not wait to surprise Matt with this unbelievable news!

Surprising Matt was definitely the highlight of my day after finding his lost wedding band in the grass near the curb! He could not believe where I ended up finding it! My client continued thanking me and shaking my hand over and over again as he was so grateful to be able to reclaim what he thought was most likely lost forever! Just before I was about ready to take pictures of the ring and its owner, Kelsey pulled into the parking lot and she too was greatly surprised by the fantastic news! Because she was the one that found me online and first contacted me about the loss of the ring, the young lady was most satisfied that she went with her gut feeling and decided to try out my services! She too could not stop thanking me over and over again with much delight!

Once it was time for me to leave, all of us stopped to give thanks to the Lord for the seemingly miraculous recovery of Matt’s lost 14 karat white gold wedding band! It could have easily been spotted and picked up by just about anybody in the hours and days following the melting of the recent snowfall! Yet, I really think it was God’s favor upon me to be able to bless my newfound friends! What a fantastic finish that search turned out to be!


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Men’s Tungsten Wedding Band Lost in the Driveway…FOUND Bessemer, Alabama!

  • from Huntsville (Alabama, United States)

On Tuesday afternoon (January 18th, 2022), I was driving on I-65 north traveling home to Huntsville, Alabama.  I had just finished a nice long weekend getaway at Panama City Beach, Florida.  I was visiting my parents at a condo they were renting and went metal detecting with my dad.

I was towards the end of my 6-hour trip back and had just passed the Birmingham area when I received a text message from Daniel.  I had my car read the message and discovered that Daniel had lost his Tungsten wedding band somewhere in his gravel driveway in Bessemer, AL.  Perfect timing!  I was literally 40 minutes from his location and had all of my metal detecting gear in my car.  Had I been in Huntsville, it would’ve added an extra hour to my travel time.  I immediately called Daniel, told him where I was, and asked if I could reroute to his location.  He said absolutely!  I got off at the next exit, back on I-65 (but now in the southbound lane), and was on my way to Bessemer!

I met Daniel at the end of his driveway.  I didn’t want to pull in too far depending on where he lost his wedding band.  Daniel had been working outside all morning.  He explained that his driveway floods a lot and he was adding gravel to stop some of the flow until a permanent fix could be put in.  He also cut up a tree.  He wore gloves the entire time and knew he had his ring on, because he felt it vibrating on his finger when he was running the chainsaw.  After finishing up that work, he took off his gloves while sitting in his truck.  He got out and soon after noticed that his wedding band was missing.  Daniel also mentioned that he recently lost a lot of weight, and the ring was fitting very loose.  Plus, it was cold outside and his hands were wet, so perfect scenario for a ring to slid off.

I started searching where Daniel was laying the gravel in his driveway.  I found a penny and some junk metal.  There were a couple of iffy signals in about 6-12 inches of water.  If necessary, I was going to come back at the very end of the search and check those targets with my sand scoop.  I moved to the next location where Daniel was cutting up the tree.  No ring.  I then asked to search Daniel’s gloves and truck, because taking off the gloves would’ve been the most likely time that his ring would’ve come off.  Still no ring.

I asked Daniel where he was parked when he took his gloves off and got out of his truck.  I thought his wedding band might have landed in his lap and then rolled onto the ground when he got out.  I started searching that area.  I checked one signal with my pinpointer, but the target was beneath the surface.  As I was standing up, I caught a glimpse of his silver Tungsten ring just a few inches away!  I think I uncovered it when I swung my coil and knocked away some wet grass and leaves.  I told Daniel that I had just spotted it.  He caught a glimpse as well and was overcome with joy and relief!  He was also very thankful for my assistance and quick response time.  I have to say that these recoveries never get old, and they are the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done!

Daniel showed me a video of how bad his driveway floods.  Based on that video, his ring could’ve easily washed away if it wasn’t found that day, making for an extremely difficult recovery.  But I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  God is so good!  I thank and praise Him for another successful ring recovery and safe trip home!  I’m always happy to help and very blessed to be a member of The Ring Finders!  Looking forward to the next adventure…

If you or someone you know has lost a ring, jewelry, or other metal item, please contact a member of The Ring Finders.