Ring lost, found and returned in Newton, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

My wife and I were just home from a mini getaway. When I received a call from Leighton, another Ring Finder asking me if I could help in a ring search as he was unable to do a search the next day. Definitely I can. Besides, it would be another day away from home with my wife, going places we had never been before.

I called Neil and was told the specifics and that he had also contacted Kent, another Ring Finder and friend of mine. A time for the search was set for the next morning. As a courtesy I called Kent, who also had work commitments on Saturday and would not be able to meet up for the morning search. It was on me with moral support from my wife on this search.

After a walk over the area and explanation that Neil also did some lake weed cutting to clear a launch area for his kayaks. By this time my wife had made friends with Ruby, Neil’s race track rescue Dalmatian. I put on my water gear, did a quick scan over the track between the house and dock area, Nothing, it was then into the water and just a few minutes later I heard a perfect signal, took a shallow scoop and there it was. Neil’s ring was in my scoop. I walked a few steps back to Neil so he could remove the ring from the scoop and put it back on his finger while repeatedly expressing his gratitude. Picture time followed.

I always try to put interest into the “ring shot” and this time was no different. Ruby showed interest in my gear and held still while posing with the ring on her forehead for a perfect photo.

Neil insisted in buying breakfast for my wife and me. We had watched the Phantom Gourmet the day before and had planned to stop at the pick of the show, which was Ronnie Waffles, on our way home. That was a sweet, happy ending to an anguishing day Neil had experienced. A perfect ending to an outstanding week.

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  1. Richard Browne says:

    Dear Richard & Jane,

    On Saturday 5/15/2021 I was working in the yard & on my lakeshore when I discovered
    that my wedding band that I had worn for almost 40 years had gone missing. I was very distressed
    & searched for hours. My wife & I had seen a story on CHRONICLE NEWS MAGAZINE about
    Ring Finders so I searched them.
    Within hours I had heard from 3 separate individuals & was more at ease due to the quick
    On Sunday at 9:00a.m. you arrived & your calm & caring way put me at ease as we walked
    the yard & shore to retrace my previous steps. In ten minutes you were in the water & with your
    special equipment & experience found my ring in about 5 minutes! I was thrilled!
    I also appreciated the nice conversation with your Jane who was so kind to me & our dog
    This was a wonderful service & you will have a special place in heaven for all the good you
    have done.
    If there is anything I can do for you in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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