Ring Lost for 7 Months Found in Front Royal Virginia!

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

This was a referral from another theRingfinders member; I received a call from a lady in Front Royal, Virginia about a lost ring. After talking to her for a while I found out the ring has been missing for about 7 months and even after a few other detectorists tried to locate it they were not able to recover the ring. I made the 50 mile journey to her home and upon arrival she showed me where she believed the ring was lost. Her husband had been doing yard work and was throwing leaves into the woods next to their property and shortly afterwards realized his ring was missing. After doing a quick view of the property and asking a few more questions I went to work. Within 30 minutes I had located the ring buried under some leaves, but also in between several rocks which may be why others had missed it. The owners wife was ecstatic to have her husbands ring back! This was November 2019 and she didn’t plan on giving him his ring back….at least not until Christmas, wrapped under the tree!! So happy to help Brandy.

Ring Lost for 7 Months Found!


2 Replies to “Ring Lost for 7 Months Found in Front Royal Virginia!”

  1. Rob says:

    I’m so glad you were able to help Brandy and her husband!!!
    Did your detector ping on it in the rocks, or were you using a probe?

  2. Raymond P Jones says:

    Hey Rob, I located the ring using the detector. After scanning an area of leaves and trees I went a little further into the woods and received a good strong hit in a small bed of rocks. After moving a few leaves around, the ring was neatly hidden in between a few of the rocks. Brandy was so excited that it was found so quickly.

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