Lost wedding ring, Windermere, Fl......Found and Returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Dr. Greg emailed me on Saturday afternoon to see if I was available to help him find his lost wedding ring in his back yard. So we made arrangements to meet the next day to conduct a thorough search. Upon arriving I was told that the family had searched for three days with a low end metal detector. Gregg and his wife have been married for 25 years and a couple of their children were letting me know that I really needed to find their father’s lost ring, so that they, (the parents) could continue to be married again. Cute, hey? Apparently one of the boys had gotten a small drone stuck in one of the large oak trees and Greg was using a soccer ball to try and knock the drone free of the branches. He was throwing the ball straight up with force, using a two handed under throw and after a couple of throws he suddenly felt his ring go flying. Thankfully I had a test ring with a small piece of brightly colored ribbon attached to it and I asked Greg to do a couple of test throws. This gave us a good indication of the direction I needed to begin my search. It wasn’t long until I got a great shallow signal in the thick grass and sure enough there was Greg’s lost wedding ring. (I was using my Whites DFX metal detector in the Prospecting Mode, as there was allot of electrical interference and the usual Coin and Jewelry Mode was way to noisy.) It was a real pleasure to help Greg and his family and I hope he is able to get the ring resized so as not to loose it again!
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Mike McInroe….honored to be a member of theringfinders.com

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  1. Carole plubell says:

    Four days ago I lost a very precious ring my grandson purchased for me to replace the ones I lost to thieves in my home.

    I don’t know where to rent a metal detector here in Butte MT. I’d sure like to give my LORD a helping hand on finding this treasure.

    1. Mike McInroe says:

      Hi Carole. I am so sorry for your loss and have sent you an email with some suggestions and what you can you do. Please let me know how your situation gets resolved and I am trusting there is someone close by that can be of help to you in your time of need.
      Mike McInroe…proud member of theringfinders.com

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