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Lost Wedding Ring “Found” in Houston, Texas by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Wedding Ring Found in Houston, Texas

The Ring Finders Houston, Texas


I was contacted  Anthony and Jackie regarding Anthony’s lost wedding ring at their apartments pool in Houston, Texas. Anthony said he had been playing in the pool with one of their children when he felt his ring fly of his finger. Anthony said he searched for several hours, but he and Jackie were unable to find he missing wedding ring.

Anthony and Jackie searched the internet and found “The Ring Finders” and placed the call.

I met with Anthony and Jackie today, and after surveying the site, I asked Anthony to get back into the swimming pool and demonstrate his actions when he lost his ring. I had Anthony place a quarter between his finders and we did several test throws to see where his ring might have landed.

The practice throws were the key, on his third practice throw with the quarter it landed on the opposite side of the swimming pool. This was an area previously not searched by Anthony and Jackie, not thinking the ring was on the opposite side of the pool.

The ring was found moments later and Anthony was re-united with his missing wedding ring.

Anthony and Jackie were a great couple and it was a pleasure helping them find their lost ring.

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Equipment Used:

CTX 3030

TRX Pin-Pointer







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John Volek

Lost Diamond Engagement Ring Found in Cloverdale, BC…Thanks to Story In The Province Newspaper By Reporter Jennifer Saltman

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)



Thanks to a story in Province  Newspaper by reporter Jennifer Saltman who wrote about a meteorite ring that was lost and found… it helped a young lady by the name of Julie from Langley BC find her lost diamond engagement ring ! Thank you Jennifer for doing such a great story and mentioning The Ring Finders Directory, I know Julie would like to thank you as well.


This is the story… Julie was working (landscaping) in Cloverdale on a very wet and rainy day and was getting ready to go home when she took off her gloves and noticed that her diamond engagement ring was missing… This ring was very special to Julie because it has her late grandmother’s gold wedding band melted into her diamond engagement. This was something her husband had made for her and it was very, very special as you can imagine.




You see Julie lost it while working and the only way she could’ve lost it was when she took her gloves off. She remembered only taking her gloves off a 2 or 3 times during the day to answer her phone. At the end of the day she realized her ring was missing, she raced back to the area and looked and searched but could not find the ring. This is where the Province Newspaper comes into play… Julie called her mother to tell her what happened at work and how devastated she was,  her mother then tells her about a story in the Province Newspaper that she just read the other day about a company called The Ring Finders and how there’s a person that helps people find their lost rings.


Julie called me right away and we discussed the search and set a time to meet and search for her lost ring. Just a few hours later we met at the parking lot where she was working, she showed me the 3 areas that she believed the ring could be…After searching the first 2 areas and no luck I mentioned to Julie that depending how she took her gloves off could effect how far her ring could fly. If she gently took off her gloves the ring would fall beside her, but if she pulled on a finger and yanked the glove off quickly it could make the ring go flying. The fact the ring was round and hevey could make it go even farther as it could roll on the concrete. I continued to close off the 3rd area and was ready to double check before expanding my grid search when a very said looking Julie approached me holding something in her hand…It was her ring!





She said that after we talked about the flick factor and that the ring could go flying she started to search away from the area that she thought it was lost in. 30 feet or so away from the first location she found her ring in the middle of the street flattened like a pancake! The centre diamond and other smaller diamonds were missing and I could tell how hard it was for her to believe what she was seeing. We talked for a few minutes and I told her how excited I was that she found her own ring. How she has the original ring that she was married with and also the fact that it has her late grandmothers wedding band that was melted into her ring. I knew when I saw the ring that it could be fixed and it will be like knew soon! Julie soon realized that she was very lucky to have the ring back and the fact that she found it makes this story even more special.





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