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5 things to do if you lost your wedding ring raking leaves…

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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Fall is among us and it’s that time of year people are losing their jewelry while raking leaves.

5 things to do If you lost your wedding ring while you were raking leaves…

1- Keep your bags of leaves.

2- Do not put the bags out on the street for city pick up.

3- If you were wearing gloves check them.

4- Save your money and don’t buy or rent a metal detector, hire a professional!

5- Call a Member of TheRingFinders ASAP…


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Lost My Ring While Raking Leaves In The Lower Mainland/Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Well it’s that time of year again when people are losing their jewelry while gardening and raking leaves, It happens every fall! The sad thing is most people just give up the search after they can’t find their lost item. I got a call from a young man named Joe who didn’t give up the search and found online while looking to rent a metal detector.

Joe explained to me over the phone that he felt that the ring might have come off his finger when he took his gloves off to answer his phone in his front yard. He wasn’t 100% sure but he thought it was the most likely place where the ring could be lost. Joe searched himself but to no avail,

He was not ready to give up the search so he had me come out to take a look.

I was excited for the challenge but I only had a 4 hour window before I started work so I drove out to his place (over an hour drive each way) and to both of our surprise the search only took 10 seconds! That’s right… turn on the machine 10 seconds later I found his ring, I have the best job in the world… I get to make people smile, Joe was in a little bit of shock as he couldn’t believe I was holding up his ring so quickly. In over 500 recoveries that I have made, you get lucky once in a while! I was extremely happy to have found this ring for such a nice young man.













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