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Lost: White Gold Wedding Band Middletown, Delaware ………….. Found

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

I received an email from a gentleman requesting help in locating an engagement ring and wedding ring belonging to his wife that had been lost in the front yard of their residence. The gentleman stated that his wife had lost the rings in their front yard while she was mowing the grass with a push mower and after putting on sun screen. I arrived at the private residence, interviewed the gentleman and then began my search of the front yard. After about fifteen minutes of searching I was able to locate the wedding band with no problem. After searching the rest of the front yard for about two hours the engagement ring refused to be found.






Lost Wedding Band In Melrose Massachusetts Under Deck lost for 10+ years

  • from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

I received a call from a gentleman from Melrose Massachusetts about 65 miles from my house. He told me that his farther in-law lost his wedding rind about 10-12years ago under his deck. It seems that the ring fell off and rolled on the deck and found one of the few gaps that it would fit though. The problem is the deck is only 12 inches off the ground and the ring was believed to be more towards the center. He said he would remove the flooring.  I told him i usually don’t travel that far, and asked how he found me? He said that his wife was on the computer and found the Ringf inders and picked me from the 4 of us in Massachusetts. He said that his farther was in the hospital and has stage 4 cancer and has spoken of the ring a few times. Well after hearing that I told him that i could make it in the afternoon of 7/12, He agreed and  agreed to cover my gas expense. I arrived at about 4:40pm, Met Brett and went to the back yard , where half the decking was removed from where the ring was thought to be. I made a pass between the back right floor Joice and nothing went to the next one to the left and nothing but did the third and heard that sweet sound i was hoping for about an inch down was the ring. I picked it up and turned to Brett who was looking the other direction and said “I hope you get this to him” Brett turned and couldn’t believe i had it already.The look on his face was awesome. He was so happy he texted his wife right away with the news.  I gave him the ring and we walked back to my truck to get my camera when i realized that from the time i got out of my truck to when i arrived back it was only about 4 minutes by far my fastest recovery and farthest traveled. God i love this hobby so much satisfaction. Brett gave me a little more than was needed to cover my gas which was very much appreciated.Then the 2 hour ride home began , going through Boston at rush hour but was still worth it . Thanks Chris for for that first reaching out you did to me.


Lost Man’s Gold Diamond Wedding Ring in Pataskala, OH “FOUND”.

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)
Lost Gold Diamond Man’s Wedding Ring in Pataskala, OH “FOUND”.

Lost Gold Diamond Man’s Wedding Ring in Pataskala, OH “FOUND”.

I received a call from a guy that lost his first wedding ring in his backyard last summer. His family tradition is giving his wedding ring to his son, that is getting married later this year. If I was not able to find the wedding ring then he would have to give his son his current wedding ring.

Well about half way though the back yard, I found the ring. The diamond and gold wedding ring shine in the sun as his wife came outside with joy to see the lost ring. Him and his wife were very happy to see the ring again. And their son will be also.

Lost Mens Palladium Wedding Band at Dewey Beach, Del. Found……….

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

I received a call from a gentleman regarding a mens palladium wedding band that had been lost on the beach. The ring was lost in an area of the beach that still had a large puddle of water from the high tide cycle and had fallen off the clients finger while he was running around the beach playing with his nephews. I was directed to the area of the lost ring and after starting a grid search, I recovered the ring on my second pass. I learned that the ring was very special to the owner as he and his wife had designed the ring themselves.  Another happy client!!   














Lost Nantucket Platnum Engagement Ring FOUND & RETURNED

Dear Leighton,
  I came across your page and contact info on the Ring Finders directory.  Do you happen to know anyone on Nantucket who might be able to help?  If not, I’m interested in renting a metal detector and giving it a try myself.  Please let me know at your earliest convenience.  The rings were lost yesterday afternoon in the sand – very specific search area, not too big at all. We searched by hand last night but no luck.
       Thanks very much in advance,
                  Darshan Jesrani

Well it started out about a week ago, when I got a frantic e-mail from a gentleman saying that his wife had just lost there wedding ring set on the beach. It was a very brief e-mail so with not much detail. I responded and asked all the questions one should ask, and a day later I got a return message saying they were lost on Nantucket Island. It just so happens that I was making plans to visit the Island this weekend… My wife and I haven’t been there in 30 years… maybe this was meant to be? They told me that they had rented a detector from a local shop for 2 days, and only found a dime… I told them no guarentees, but if I made it over, I would give it my best shot. I again e-mailed them and asked if I could get a better discription of what I was looking for, white, yellow, diamond, weddingband etc…. All I got back was a GPS location…… even better ! …. My wife being such a great sport, said lets go and see what happens…. I had the boat booked in ten minutes and on Saturday we were off AM sharp. I got there and counted off 200 feet to my right and 50 or so feet up from the water and started my grid work. Six passes later and about 15 minutes after turning on my detector,  I had a beutiful Platnum Diamond Engagement Ring in my scoop…. I had to do a little work on my end but it all worked out. Turns out they had about 40 people looking for the ring over the week on their hands and knees…. 5 minutes after locating the ring a woman aproached me and asked if I had found a ring, that a couple had lost one last weekend. I told her I had it….. not sure who was more excited me or her….. lololol  Because all they sent me was their e-mail, and NO phone number, I was planning on e-mailing her husband when I returned to the mainland that evening.  The woman told me that she had their number if I wanted it….  I said of course that’s why I am here… I called the number and asked for Emily, and told her who I was, and I didn’t have to say anymore…. she said NO Way…. you found it? Better news yet, she was still on the Island, and was at the boat as we were talking…   Her boat was leaving in 45 minutes… I told her to hurry down to take a few pictures and discribe the ring and I would give it back to her… To a T it was hers … Her husband was wearing the matching ring…. A lot of hugs a couple of tears of joy, and a few stories as to how it was lost, and off they went home to New York…. What a great day it was returning such a keepsake as that….. I never did find the Wedding Band… I gridded the heck outa that place, but too many people squating on such a nice weekend… Thanks for looking….and listening to my story…. What a great hobby….

Grandmother’s Lost ring Found in Victoria by RINGFINDER, JIM!

  • from Duncan (British Columbia, Canada)

Just this morning as I cruised the lost items in the ” USEDVICTORIA ” web site I came across this plea for help:

Lost – 1 yellow gold ring with 3 diamonds. It has EXTREME sentimental value. I am willing to pay a reward for it’s return. If you found it PLEASE contact me. My heart is broken at the thought of it being gone.

I contacted the person by email, and a short time later her return email asked me to come to her home to help find this precious lost ring.
On arriving at the house I chatted with the young lady to narrow down the search area. We started on an area outside the yard where she was afraid it may have dropped. After a few passes, I had covered most of that area, and thought we should try in the yard. Narrowing down the target area to a 20 x 20 foot section, I continued a grid pattern, with the young student explaining that she had just moved from Edmonton, and that this ring was so very special to her, as her Grandmother had personally given it to her, literally on her death bed.  Both of us were starting to get a little discouraged as I had covered most of this area, and as we were still chatting I was up against the concrete walkway, against the stairs and near a metal stake, when I started getting the strong distinctive tone of something in the tall grass. As I bent over and parted the grass, I reached down and I used the same phrase I always use.  ” Does your ring look something like this ?” at which I reached out to her with the ring in my fingers. 

I had realized that this young lady, a student, couldn’t offer a huge reward for having found this precious & cherished ring, but her reward to me multiplied ten-fold when I saw the look on her face, and the genuine tears of relief when she clasped the ring in her hands. Her thanks and the picture speak volumes. This was a great day for both of us, my success, and her treasured memories returned.


Grandma’s ring returned to tearful student.


Treasured Diamond Ring Found

Lost Man’s Gold Wedding Ring in Powell, OH “FOUND”.

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)
Lost Gold Man’s Wedding Ring in Powell, OH “FOUND”.

Lost Gold Man’s Wedding Ring in Powell, OH “FOUND”.

I received an email from a guy that lost his gold wedding ring while helping with his young daughters softball game. He played pitcher, catcher and second baseman. Between each inning he took off is baseball mitt. After the game while at dinner, he noticed that his gold wedding ring was no longer on his finger.

He went back to the baseball diamond to look for his ring but no luck. After he got home and read the Columbus Dispatch, he saw my news article. Then he emailed me about his lost ring at about 10 pm at night.

By the next morning I was heading to meet him to look for the ring.  I had a two hour window to find the ring before he had to leave for a couple of days. Since other games would have been played there before he would return someone else could have found it.  Looking for an hour and a half and asking many questions as to where he was during the game the ring was found covered up by the dirt.

He was very glad to have his ring back since he just celebrated his 10 year wedding anniversary.


Lost Ring Carlsbad, Calif. 92008

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

I started Milo’s search and recovery in 1997 to help people find their lost rings on our beach’s. We have a 98% find rate.  Now I have become a member of (The Ring Finders.com)  Look foward to helping more people find their lost items.

Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Blacklick, OH “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)


Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Blacklick, OH “FOUND”

I received an email from a lady that lost her diamond ring in a wooded patch adjacent to her back yard. After talking to her, she informed me that her fiance threw the ring in the high weeds with a creek going though it. This happened after an argument.

We made a time that we can all be at the house so I could search for the ring and also her fiance could throw my test rings. I searched part of the backyard where he threw the test rings past the fence, in the tall grass and trees. I did the search for about three hours until it got dark. Unfortunately no ring. We set up another time to come back out and search the area again. The second time I found the ring within 15 minutes. The ring was just further in the woods but close to the creek. I am glad that I was able to return the ring to her and that her fiance did not have to buy another diamond engagement ring.



Gold Signet Ring for 8yr Old found after 3 weeks

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)


Hello from Don & Ellen Wilson in Dallas, Texas.  We got a call today from Mrs Bundy, her 8yr old daughter, Briar, had lost her Gold Signet Ring at the playground of the local Country Club.  We met at the Country Club and began searching the area where the daughter said she saw the ring fly off her hand.  She was playing Queen of the World by standing on top of a picnic table and threw her arm out like she was Queen. The ring came off of her hand and was lost.

After 3 weeks of searching by Briar, her parents, other family members and the Country Club grounds & Management staff everyone had given the ring up for lost.  Mrs Bundy’s sister in New York read an article about  “The Ring Finders” and told Mrs. Bundy she should check the website and see if there was a “Ring Finder in the Dallas area”  She did and found my wife and I.

After about an hour of searching we were about to call it quits when I asked the little girl to get back up on the picnic table and re-inact the event.  She did, then my wife said “no wait, do it again and close your eyes and do it the exact same way”.  Briar did as we requested and did it completely different than she had previously showed us.  This time I saw that it was possible the ring may have  flown in a different area of grass.  We began to detect this area and in 5 minutes the ring showed itself.  I called the little girl and her mother over and asked, ‘is this your ring’?  They were so excited and so grateful.

Another great day in the life of “The Ring Finders in Dallas,Tx”

God I love this hobby!

Don & Ellen