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Lost Gold Wedding Ring In Spokane Valley Wa….FOUND!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Sherry was finishing up her day and had gone outside to start feeding the squirrels and birds. After grabbing all of the bags of food that she needed she made her way around her snow covered yard to each of the feeders. After finishing up this last chore Sherry made her way to the couch. Sitting there enjoying the last hours of the day Sherry had a startling feeling. Her ring was not on her finger. The search for Sherry’s ring begun. The ring wasn’t found anywhere in the house so Sherry and her husband Steve headed outside to look. Neither one of them saw the ring outside. So to the internet Steve went. He had the idea to search for a metal detector. Steve quickly realized he had no idea how to use a metal detector. Not to worry the internet showed Steve some YouTube videos from Chris Turner. Steve thought the Ring Finders looked promising. So that’s where I enter. With a few texts and a phone call I was set up to go to Steve’s house after work. I knew the back story of how the ring was lost so all I needed was to see the possible locations. Turning on my metal detector was problematic. It started looping on and off over and over. Good thing I had a back up detector. Oh yeah, and the fact that as I searched my way back to where the bird feed was kept, I spotted the ring sitting on top of the bark. With a huge grin I swung my metal detector over the ring and looked up. Steve and Sherry could tell I had found something special. They both headed over to me and Sherry quickly saw the ring she had lost. It was a little confusing as to how we all walked over the ring twice but sometimes swinging a metal detector focuses the eyes and finds lost rings. The snow and cold were at it again but nothing stops the passion of a Ring Finder looking for a lost ring.

Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Lake Ocoee…Found

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

I was contacted by Phillip on November 29 about his ring that he lost at a park on Lake Ocoee in Eastern Tennessee.  He had lost his platinum wedding band on the Saturday before while at a roadside park. He was brushing the leaves off a tablecloth when his ring came off. He felt it come off, but wasn’t sure which direction it went.  They had been married for only about two years, so they were both just a little upset.  He and his wife searched the area until well after dark to no avail. He had even gone to a local sporting goods store and bought a low cost metal detector, and went back on Sunday morning.  He quickly found out there were a lot of targets in the ground there and was quite overwhelming! After that they did a Google search and popped up. He works for the local Volkswagen plant here and couldn’t get off until the coming weekend, so I met him there the next Saturday morning on December 4th.  The leaves are all pretty much gone from the trees now and on the ground, so I knew the ring wouldn’t have been visible to someone walking by. The picnic table was at the bottom of a steep hill and the hill by the table was covered with leaves that were nearly a foot deep.  I searched that area first and found the usual pull tabs and foil that are common at parks. There is a paved walk right next to the table, so I searched the ground next to the walk, across from the table.  Just as I was about halfway past the table I got an interesting signal.  It was obviously trash, but mixed in there was a good strong signal.  I slowed down my sweep and used the short wiggle motion to help identify the target I was hearing.  It was the low tone that I was expecting for platinum, and I was getting a consistent 12:09 on my CTX.  I brushed away the layer of leaves with my foot and immediately saw it.  Phillip was a little distance away with his metal detector and didn’t notice that I had found it. So I started taking pictures of it right where it lay. I picked it up and pretended to continue my search for a little while.  After about another ten minutes I quit searching and walked over to where he was and started asking more questions. He assumed that I hadn’t found it yet, so he was quite surprised when I held up my hand and showed him the ring!  The ring was less than a foot from the walk directly adjacent the table.  The actual search time was about twenty minutes.

Lost Diamond Engagement/Wedding Band Set-Trion GA…Found!

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

I was contacted by a couple this past weekend that had lost their engagement/wedding band set in their front yard.  They had looked for it for several days themselves using a metal detector, but he admitted he didn’t know how to use it.  Although he did manage to find one part of the ring, but not the other half.  The ground there was literally saturated with metallic trash so I knew the search could be difficult.  I was initially told the ring was silver, so I concentrated on the high tone that silver makes.  I like to hear all the tones as well to make sure I don’t accidently discriminate out a good target that is close to junk.  After searching a fairly small area for around 40 minutes, no ring, and I was running out of options.  That’s when their jeweler called back, (he had the other half of the ring), and said the ring was not silver, it was white gold, (I had asked them to check).  During my search I was ignoring the low tones that white gold makes since that is the same tone that foil makes.  So I searched the same area again, and in around 5 minutes I got a 12.02 on my CTX.  The ring was hiding in a bowl shaped depression totally covered under the grass.


High School Class Ring Lost in Chattanooga TN for 16 Years…Found

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

High School Ring Lost for 16 Years, Found!

I had a guy to contact me several months ago about a high school class ring he had lost in 2005.  He had since moved out of state up to Pennsylvania.  This weekend being Mother’s day he was in town visiting family and had obtained permission from the current homeowners to do a search in the yard.  So this has been several months in the making.  He thought it was white gold, but wasn’t certain.  I wasn’t sure what kind of signal I would get on my CTX, and I knew it would be several inches deep, so I was doomed to dig just about everything.  I started up towards the house and worked my way down to the street, drawing my grid lines.  I had been there about three hours and had dug a bag full of trash and modern coins.  It’s slow going when you have to dig nearly everything.  We had only about five feet of yard left before we got to the street when I got a signal that at first looked like trash.  The CTX didn’t give me a VDI number, (I think there was trash very nearby), but I did have a consistent tone and a small tight target identification picture on the screen.  Since it was consistent I dug it and out popped a ring that had been in the ground for 16 years.  It was 3-4 inches deep, a little deeper than I thought it might be.  Another happy ring owner!

Lost Diamond Ring Maryville Tennessee…Found

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

This couple had been reseeding their back yard last weekend when Sarah S. noticed her ring was missing.  They hadn’t been married long, I think maybe a year and a half.  She was very distressed, putting it mildly.  They had tried to find the ring on their own.  Even going out and purchasing a very low end metal detector, but with no discrimination he quickly found out how much trash metal was in his yard, (the house dates from the 40s).   The drive to the site was nearly two hours.  I listened to her story, as well as asking a few questions.  The ring was a white gold and diamonds engagement/wedding band set.  I set up my grid, and made one pass across the yard.  About halfway back on the second pass I got a solid 12.02 at zero inches on my CTX.  I knew that tone and VDI was exactly what I was looking for with it being white gold.  Sure enough, my pinpointer found the wedding band portion just below the layer of straw.  I marked the location with a flag and continued on.  Two steps later I got another 12.02 at zero inches.  This was the larger engagement band portion.  She had a good cry when I showed her the rings, it would have made a great video had I been recording.



Lost White Gold Diamond Ring in Ringgold Georgia…Found

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

White gold and diamond ring was lost while tending to the flower beds in the back yard.  The couple had bought a metal detector to search for it themselves with no luck.  After looking for it for around two weeks, they found me on .  Since the location was close for me I headed over there immediately.  I found the ring in less than 30 minutes buried in the grass just outside of one of the flower beds.


Lost Platinum Diamond Ring in Chattanooga Tennessee…Found

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

Conner contacted me late Sunday afternoon, on October 28th, around 5:00 PM.  The ring was actually platinum, my first one, so I wasn’t certain what it would read on the CTX.  It gave me a solid 12-03, in the high-trash mode, very similar to white gold. I have attached a couple photos of the happy lady.



“After a heavy rain, the night before, my fiancée and I were getting one of our cars unstuck in the yard. Little did we expect her engagement ring would go flying off her finger into the grass. We both quickly went into a panic as this is a family diamond passed on for generations. We tried everything to find the ring from crawling for hours to borrowing our neighbor’s metal detector. After six hours we were running out of daylight. I got online and found Ed Hart! He understood how important it was and drove over immediately to help find it. Within three minutes he had found her RING! We can not thank Ed enough. It is hard to find such wonderful people like him! Thanks again Ed you a lifesaver! ”



Lost White Gold Diamond Ring in Blaine Tennessee…Found

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

This drive was a 2 hour and 15 minute drive from home to the location.  Here is her testimonial.


On Wednesday evening Feb 7th, 2018, I was feeding 3 of the horses in barn, I threw some hay in stall for them, watered them and then went in house. Next morning I had realized I was not wearing my wedding set!!! This was a new wedding set my husband had saved money to buy me for our 25th Anniversary just 10 months ago. I went to barn and one of the girls had already cleaned out all the stalls and threw the manure in field where it had been trampled over by least 4 other horses and had been raining for 4 days straight, it looked hopeless to say the least. I spent all that day in rain knee deep in manure and mud with small detector hunting for ring, the horses had been moved from barn to horse arena, so now it could been stepped on and in arena maybe, I spent next day for 7 hours in arena and nothing, I went back to barn opened stall doors and under door was the diamond wedding band but No solitaire diamond .

I found Ed Hart on line through and he is about two hours away, he gladly said he would be up next day. Saturday morning feb 11th 2018 Ed was right on time. He started in each stall and some of the manure in barn a hour into searching the rain started pouring again, he put on rain gear and we started outside the barn where girls had thrown manure from that Thursday, when stepping into the field area your boots would get stuck instantly was about 8 inch deep from all rain and mud. I had a area marked for him to search and he hit on something and started to dig then another hit, my husband started digging for him because mud was so bad you would get stuck in it, all the sudden where the hit was and my husband said I GOT IT! I gave ED great big hug, it would have never been found without Ed Hart and .  Thank You again ED you are the best!


Lost Man’s Gold Ring Chattanooga Tennessee…Found

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

This gentleman called me after raking leaves in his backyard and said he had lost his ring somewhere in the yard.  I asked him what he did with the leaves, and he said they were all bagged and waiting for pickup.  I told him to hang onto the bags and don’t put them out for curbside pickup yet.  His yard was fairly small and I quickly determined the ring was not in the yard.  That’s when we began searching the bags, and there were around 16-18 bags of leaves.  The first 12 bags were a strikeout, but then I got a 12.19 on my CTX.  We cut the bag open and located his ring.