Lost White Gold Ring with Diamonds in House Found with Dowsing Rod in Dearborn Heights Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Boom Boom Out Went The Lights!

Last Tuesday half of this nice lady’s engagement ring came off when the power went out, she had been doing laundry, dishes and was scrambling around the main floor of the house, and by time she was able to grab her cell phone for some light she noticed it was missing. After lighting some candles and regaining her composure, her and the fiancée started to look around some but to no avail. Add to this 2 cats and a really cool pit bull that likes to scoop things up off the floor. She thought maybe the ring came off in the bedroom closet as this was the last place she was before the lights went out. When I got there today, their thoughts were that the dog swallowed it. We had the other half of the ring so I got a read on that and scanned the dog and got a signal but they informed me that it was a microchip. So with no other signals on the dog I searched the yard area where he does his business and nothing showed up. Back into the house we went and I got out my dowsing rod and started to search in the bedroom. I treat all indoor searches like a crime scene and any signal from the dowsing rod gets investigated, meaning drawers getting dumped out, cabinets emptied, clothes pockets search, furniture moved, washers/dryers emptied, trash bags searched, whatever needs to get pilfered thru ect.
Just to be safe the fiancée took the dog to the vet for an x-ray which came back negative. Sweeping the dowsing rod I got some signals which produced other objects of value but not the ring. We went to the kitchen next and I swept the rod to cover the main floor and got a lock towards the living room, pointing towards one of the sofa’s…very strange she thought cus she didn’t remember being in there. When we got to the living room I saw a bowl of coins and thought maybe that’s what the dowsing rod reacted to even tho that’s not what I had in my mind during the dowse. We decided to search the cushions and behind the pillows, no luck until the sofa was moved and there this beautiful white gold and diamonds ring was just under the sofa on the wood floor! They were very happy and couldn’t believe they found it and how the ring got there. She vaguely remembers being in there and reaching down for a lighter, the ring must have come off then and she didn’t hear it hit the sofa/floor or one of the pets saw it and pushed it under the sofa. So, the ring found, lights back on, pets safe, happy couple, happy treasure hunter!

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