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Found Diamond ring at 3rd Beach in Vancouver… Delivered to the owners front door.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Its hard to see the picture of this young ladies beautiful diamond engagement ring she’s holding (Sorry about that!) but its easy to see how happy she was to get it back!

This story starts with a phone call from her husband who tells me that he was at the beach and lost his wife’s diamond ring while holding it for her while she went in the water for a dunk.

He goes on to explain that he was rolling the ring between his fingers and it flew out of his hand into the sand. He immediately started to search for it as he didn’t think it would be to hard to find but after a little over an hour he and his wife gave up.

On there way back to the car they stopped off at the lifeguard station to let them know about the lost ring. The lifeguard passed them my flyer and said to call me if they wanted to find their ring, so they did.

The man tells me how to find the area the ring was lost, I stop him and asked if he can show me the area in person as this will ensure a quick recovery.

He tells me that it was fireworks night and that parking would be crazy as so many people come out early to get a good spot on the beach.

I told him I understood and he gave me great instructions on where it was lost, when I get there it was starting to get busy with people and I quickly walk to the lifeguard tower then go ten yards to the right then 12 yards towards the water.

I could see where the two of them were digging around in the sand as it was piled up in spots. I started up my detector and within 20 seconds I found her diamond ring.

I call them and tell them the good news and drive to their home to return the ring. When I get there her husband laughed and said that I was better then Pizza Hunt because I deliver.

I received a nice reward and a big smile.

I love my job!

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Vancouver, Kits Beach Lifeguard lost his wedding band!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Over the years the lifeguards at the Vancouver beaches have been very supportive of my service ”Finders” I have helped two lifeguards in the past 14 years find their lost wedding bands in the ocean at low Tide.

This picture is of a lifeguard who lost his wedding band at Kits Beach while working on a summers day. He lost it at high tide and when I met up with him he gave me the area he believed he lost the ring.

I had to wait a few days for a good low tide and when I started the search of the area it took me close to 3 1/2 hours to locate the ring.

Why so long you say? Well I have to grid search a very large area due to the fact that he put me close to the area but not in the exact area the ring was lost…

I really enjoy helping these people that save lives!

I love my job!

Lost rings now Found in the United States/Canada/England

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Lost rings now Found in the United States/Canada/England

So far in the past month I’ve been able to help people find their rings from the United Sates, Canada and England. For people I can’t get to because they live thousands of miles away I try and help them by setting up someone from their area to search for their lost ring. If a reward is being offered the person who finds the ring will benefit.

Here is a testimonial from a man in Massachusetts, USA…

I lost my engagement ring in a park just before I was about to propose and had to propose without it. I contacted Chris to get help finding it and then realized after I had submitted the request that he was in Canada and probably couldn’t help.

To my surprise, he was incredibly friendly and helpful, however, and sent me several emails giving me advice and even directing me to people who might be able to help in my area.

He even called me and spoke to me on the phone for fifteen minutes giving me tips on how to use a metal detector and how to search for the ring.

He told me that so many times he finds things 20 or more feet away from where the person thought they lost it. I went out to look for it again and ended up finding it without the metal detector about 15 feet away from the place I thought I dropped it.

I was very grateful for the advice from Chris and it is very obvious that he is a caring individual and takes pleasure in helping people find their lost valuables.

Thanks Chris!


Massachusetts, USA

Video/Lost my diamond engagement ring in Seattle…Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This video is about a young lady in Seattle who lost her diamond engagement and spent Christmas day with her family searching the front yard in the snow for her lost ring.

I received an email on Dec.26th from a lady in Seattle that lost her engagement ring outside in the snow while throwing snow balls and playing with her nephew’s.

In the email she goes on to say that she had searched all Christmas day and went online to rent a metal detector and found my website.

My first thought was to find someone in the Seattle area that could help her as it was a 3 1/2 hour drive to get to her from Vancouver Canada.

After searching my contact list and offering the search to others but because of the holidays it was impossible to find someone who could make the time.

I discussed the search with my wife and she said lets go find it for her, we left the next day in snow storm to meet up with the lady in Seattle.

This is a short video of her reaction when I found her ring…

You can read her testimonial on my website…
Look for the title…It was the worst Christmas morning when I work up and realized my engagement ring was gone…

Also checkout my blog on this story.

I love my job!

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Chilliwack Gold on the side of the road! Lost ring… Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Here’s a story about a very large gold dinner ring with 17 diamonds that was lost near the side of the road by a golf course in Chilliwack.

I get a call from a lady who was very upset that her husband lost her beautiful diamond dinner ring some where at a golf course in Chilliwack.

She tells me that her and her husband parked by the side of the road and jumped over the fence to play a round of golf. She gave him the ring for safe keeping.

When they got back to their car the ring that she gave her husband was missing from his jean pocket. Panic set in and the next day they rented a metal detector and searched the area that they were parked at for close to 7 hours.

Someone had seen them and asked what they were doing, they replied looking for a diamond ring. The people said if you don’t find it there’s a person that was in the paper who is a professional at finding lost jewellery for people and gave them the number.

They called me and I was excited to search for the ring but because I was working in the film industry I couldn’t get out there till after 12 am as it was a hour and a half drive to Chilliwack.

I could tell she was put off by this so I explained my situation and told her that I could find her ring in the dark so she agreed to meet me.

I arrived after midnight and her and her husband greeted me and we discussed the search area. She said that I didn’t have to search the area where they had parked as they had spent close to 7 hours searching that area with a rented metal detector.

They said that it must have been lost on the golf course, I thought for a second and told them that I wanted to search the area where they had parked as that made the most sense as he would have reached into his pocket to get the keys.

Within 4 minutes I was holding a beautiful big diamond rind…17 diamonds! Before I know it I was being hugged by both husband & wife. They told me that the insurance company had written a check for $6000. but she wanted the ring back! I’m sure the insurance company was happy that ring was found! They refunded her back the reward money that she paid me.

I love my job!

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Diamond in the Snow/New Westminster/Video

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This video is about a ring that was lost in New Westminster, It took me four visits out to the area to find it. I had to wait for the snow to melt to get close enough to receive a signal with my metal detector.

I think after the third time out and not finding the ring she gave up on the idea of ever getting it back, but that didn’t stop me from going back to search for the ring.

My fourth time out I got the signal and found her diamond ring… I went to her work to drop it off and she didn’t know I had found it.

The story is on my blog site with a picture of the ring… Its called ”Diamond in the Snow…New Westminster

I love my job!

If you have lost something of sentimental value please call me and I will do my best to find it for you!

Thanks for watching the video.

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Diamond & Ruby Ring lost at Bowen Island

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This lady in this picture lost her beautiful ruby & diamond ring in the mud and water while walking on a wooden dock along side a lake at Bowen Island. I took the ferry and met her on the Island the next day and she showed me the area the ring fell off into the mud.

This was a tough search as it was deep and thick mud, my only hope was that the ring didn’t make its way down to the bottom. I started my search by lying on the dock at the edge and slowly moving the loop of my metal detector left and right and sliding down the dock inches at a time.

I was hoping to get a signal but it wasn’t looking good as the area I was searching was not the area she thought she lost it at as I worked my way down the dock on my mud grid search.

I had to push hard to get my loop further down then reach my arm down to my loop to make it flat then search, then after 30 minutes I heard the sound I was hoping to hear… I put my scoop down into the mud and after the thirdattempt I was looking at her very muddy ruby ring!

After washing it and giving it back to her, well the smile tells the story!

I love my job!

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One of a kind silver ring lost at Spanish Banks Beach Vancouver…Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

A few summers back I received a call from a young lady who lost a silver ring. I don’t get many calls to find silver rings but the lady told me that it was a one of a kind ring that she bought at a studio in Los Angeles.

It meant the world to her! I was on my way to Spanish Banks Beach in Vancouver to do a ring search at 10:15 pm.

When I showed up at the beach I was greeted by two young ladies and they took me to the spot they believed the ring was lost.

I started my grid search and it was stop and go as I received lots of signals on my metal detector in the area of the beach the ring was believed to be lost.

It took 15 minutes until I got the silver signal I was waiting for and out of the sand and into my scoop came the silver ring the lady had lost.

She like most was very excited and happy that I found the ring, it helps when people are sure of the area it was lost in as I will continue to search until I find it.

I love my job!


Search and we will Find

Family Heirloom Lost at Kits Beach…Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)


Family heirloom lost at Kits Beach two Summers ago, Found in 10 seconds, 22k gold heart shape pendent that fell off a chain into the sand.

I was shown the area that they believed the pendent was lost at and it was a quick find. The young man told me that it was his friends pendent and he had to go, so he stayed until I arrive to show me the area.

He also told me that his friend said the pendent was in their family for many, many years… And now it will be in the family for many years to come!

I love my job!

Search and we will Find

Spanish Banks Vancouver Beach hunt for lost diamond ring…

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call from a young man one evening last year in the summer of 2008. He was at the beach in Vancouver playing volleyball with his team, that would meet every Wednesday throughout the summer months.

He said his wife & child came to the beach to watch his game and to enjoy the beautiful day. His wife left for home before his game was over and shortly after arriving home she noticed her diamond wedding ring was gone.

The only thing she could think of was it came off when she was applying the suntan lotion to her child. Very upset she called her husband and told him to check by log where she was sitting during the game.

He rushed over and started to search the area by the log but didn’t see anything. He started to dig all around the area but had no luck, a lifeguard who happened by asked what he was looking for, and he replayed, my wife’s diamond ring.

The lifeguard said he knew someone who could help him find the ring, a service called ”Finders” He went to the lifeguard tower and brought him a flyer with the info and number.

Believing he could still find the ring himself he kept searching until it was dark, he then resorted to calling the number on the flyer.

When I arrived at the beach around 10 pm, it was dark out and I could see someone off in the distance with a flashlight searching around a log… I knew I had my man! As I approached I said hi and called out his name, then I said if you find the ring I’m selling my metal detectors and hiring you!

The area that the ring was lost in is one of the hardest areas to search, due to all the beach fires, melted aluminum and junk, that’s in the sand. It drives my detector crazy.

After a very slow search and reading the many signals on my visual display of my metal detector, I was able to find the ring after 15 minutes. On any other part of the beach it would of taking only minutes to find.

He was very happy to get the ring back and so was his wife!

I love my Job!

You can read the testimonial at
Just look for this ring…

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