Ted's Wedding Ring Found in 15 minutes

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We got the call on Saturday evening,  Ted had been working on his home all day, cleaning the gutters, small repairs and such.  After a long day of satisfying of projects on his home he went in to clean up and shower,  that’s when he realized his wedding band was missing.  He panicked as we all would.  He and his wife looked extensively all over their yard around the home, both front and back yard.  He got the ladders back out to search the gutters, went through all the trash, all his clothes only to realize he still had NO RING.  He decided to see what services were available on the internet and found “The Ring Finders” website which directed him to my wife and I just 20 minutes away.  Ted called and explained the situation, I told him that we would be over after church on Sunday and not to worry.  We met up about 12:30 on Sunday, Ted showed us around the home.  My wife and I both geared up with our detectors and began the search, naturally beginning on one side of the home working our way around to its opposite side.  As I was going along the side of the home,  I intentionally turned with my detector  heading toward the neighbor’s water hose which was loosely coiled in the  side yard. (Knowing the ring could have gone that far due to the height of the gutter line.) My detector responded with a loud ping when it crossed over the water hose and though I thought it was strange, I knew a water hose would not have any type of metal in it, just at the end where the handle was.  I moved the hose and ran my detector over the area again and still received a loud ping.   I reached down using my Garrett pinpointer  and hit the target – the ring had been pushed down flush in the mud in the grass.  That moment of locating a lost item always puts such a great smile on my face.  I called out to my wife and said get the camera, I have found the ring.