I Lost My Wedding Rings in the Snow, Vancouver/Lower Mainland

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Hello it’s Chris Turner and its that time of year when the snow is flying and so is your rings!

For anyone who has lost their Diamond Engagement Ring or Gold Wedding Band while playing in the snow here in Vancouver or anywhere in the Lower Mainland…Contact make ASAP.

The sooner I can look for it…The better chance you have for recovery…Please  mark the area the ring was lost by GPS  on your phone or other means.

If your ring was lost in a public area don’t wait…Call now!

Best in Treasure, Chris Turner/CEO/The Ring Finders


3 Replies to “I Lost My Wedding Rings in the Snow, Vancouver/Lower Mainland”

  1. impu says:

    hi my husband lost gold ring in the morn, we stay at omaha nebraska usa. can u giv me tips to find it and i know the place whr it fell.


    1. Chris Turner says:

      Sorry to hear about your husbands lost ring…Do you still need help?

  2. tee says:

    Hi, I lost my wedding band in the snow. I live in rochester, NY. Any tips on how to find it, please!!

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