You Lost Your Ring in the Bathroom???

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

You Lost You Ring in the Bathroom???Lost Ring in the Bathroom????

We received an email from a gentleman named Les, he said that he was changing clothes in his apartment bathroom and when he went to pull his shirt over his head his wedding ring slipped off and hit the floor.  He said he actually heard it hit the floor.  He decided to finish dressing and then find the ring.  Mind you this is a very small apartment bathroom.

Les looked and looked for the ring, he and his wife checked everywhere.  They even had the maintenance men come and move their washer and dryer in the attached room to see if the ring was underneath.  Les lost his ring on his ONE MONTH wedding anniversary.  It has been 3 months since the ring went missing and he found “The Ring Finders” on the internet.  He lives literally 5 minutes from my home.

My wife, Ellen, and I arrived about 7pm not really believing we would have much luck.  Metal detectors are not of much use inside a home let alone a small apartment bathroom.  But Les was so nice and asked us to try so we agreed.  We took our Garrett Pinpointers and our Detection Camera Scope.  Upon seeing the size of the bathroom we knew it had to have bounced somewhere strange.

      In looking at the bathroom we found a small open lip under the cabinet where the kick plate is. It was only a 1-1/2 inch opening that I could not even get my hand into, I got out my 3ft Detection Camera scope and worked it into the slot, nothing at first but on the second side, there in the dark glowing under the light from the camera scope was Les’s Platinum Wedding Band.   I said, ‘hey Les, take a look at my detection screen, is that your Ring?’  He was so excited, he and I had to break loose the baseboard under the sink in order to reach it.  He hollered for his wife, “they found It, they found it!”  Another successful hunt for “The Ring Finders”.

Don & Ellen Wilson

Dallas, Texas

3 Replies to “You Lost Your Ring in the Bathroom???”

  1. Rachel McSpadden says:

    Thank you for sharing this story! I stumbled across your post while trying to come up with places to look for my ring in our bathroom after both my husband and I heard it fall. This post gave us the idea to look closer under the vanity and it was found in the groove between the tile and the wooden vanity. Thank you!

  2. Jennifer Bracher says:

    Thank you for your post!!! The same thing happened to my ring.
    I borrowed a scope from work and found my ring underneath the cabinet. I removed the drawers and used a hole saw to cut a hole below the bottom drawer. Once I had a hole cut, I was able to reach in a grab my ring. It was all the way to the rear of the cabinet base. I don’t think I would have ever found my ring had it not been for your post. Thanks again!

  3. I took mine off getting in the shower. Saw it bounce off the rug and go under the heater on the wall. Figured I would get it after. Go to get it and it’s no where to be found. There’s a very tiny hole under the heater against the wall. But only big enough to barely touch and can’t feel my ring. Fear I have to either take the loss or pull up the floor to find it.

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