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Huntington Beach Treasure Hunter Recovers Lost Wedding Ring

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)



I received a call from Eddie asking if I could help find his wedding ring near the Huntington Beach Pier. He told me he was leaving to go have dinner with his family and he would meet me later.

I decided to go early and do some detecting for myself until I realized the sun would be setting soon, so I called Eddie and asked for the location of the loss. I headed over to the spot and within 5 minutes I found his Tungsten wedding ring. It helped that I could see where they were running their fingers through the sand.

When Eddie arrived I met him in the parking lot and handed him my business card and that’s when he saw I was wearing his ring. The look on his face was priceless.






Wedding Rings Lost in Huntington Beach Found

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Ryan and Mireya contacted me about her lost rings that fell from a small table into the sand at Bolsa Chica State Beach.

The rings were a little bit outside the original search area but not by much,  it was a pretty quick recovery with some black sand giving false signals on my old Whites MXT detector.

The Minelab Equinox 800 is packed in my suitcase for tomorrow’s trip to Kauai.

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Wedding Band recovered at Belmont Shore
















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John called me and asked me to meet him at the beach where he and his friends were playing volleyball to search for his wedding band. When I arrived John showed me the court he was playing on and I proceeded to search the court without success.

I started to search the area where he and his friends were hanging out and didn’t have any luck do to other beach goers in the area. I searched the court again and by that time most of the people were leaving the beach.

I went back to the area where they had been sitting and was able to locate the ring. This search took me about two hours but the outcome was good.

John had to leave while I was searching so he had one of his friends head back to the beach to pick up his ring so unfortunately I didn’t get his picture so I stood in for him.

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White Gold Wedding Band recovered in Huntington Beach

















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Kenny called me the day after he lost his ring and explained he had taken off his ring and placed it in a pouch on their small tent to go in the water. When it was time to leave, his brother in law took down the tent and the ring fell out into the sand.

They searched and couldn’t find it, rented a detector and still couldn’t find the ring. Kenny gave me GPS coordinates to where they were on the beach. This was a great idea on Kenny’s part as it really helped to get me in the right location. I think I searched for about 15 minutes when I received a great sounding signal which turned out to be Kenny’s ring.

Kenny was very happy to get his ring back as it was very sentimental to him.

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Platinum ring recovered at Bolsa Chica Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

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Jon and Priscilla were were enjoying their day at the beach until he lost his Platinum wedding band.

I was test driving a car with my Son when Jon called me and explained that he was brushing the sand off his hands after putting sunscreen on and that’s when his ring flew into the sand.

By the time I arrived Jon told me they had been searching  the sand for over an hour looking for the ring. I took me about 5-10 minutes of searching to find his ring. It was a little bit farther away from where he lost it then he thought.

Another successful ring recovery in the books.

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Ring lost while picking Oranges

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

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Kamal was standing on a block wall picking Oranges high up on his tree when he noticed his wedding ring was gone. He had put his ring on his pinky finger because it was to tight on his ring finger.

He had assumed his ring fell in the neighbors garden which was covered in decorative bark but could not find it. Kamal went and bought a metal detector to search the garden and still had no luck.

Kamal reached out to me and I was happy to assist him in finding his ring. I brought a detector with a small coil so I could search the garden in tight places. When I couldn’t locate the ring I moved my search to the bushes and eventually the orange tree.

I was holding my detector high over my head scanning the orange tree when I got a nice signal. Kamal got a ladder and sure enough his ring got stuck on a twig on one of the branches.


Car keys vanish into thin air

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Mike found me on Yelp and needed help searching for his keys and key fob. I drove to his place in Irvine and he explained to me that the night before his wife Pamela threw the keys to him.

I started to search the thick bushes that were between where Pamela threw the keys and where Mike was supposed to catch them. I didn’t have any luck so I checked the trajectory of the throw and realized I should look up into the tree.

As soon as I mentioned the tree we all looked up and Mike spotted the keys right away.


Lost wedding ring found under stove in Huntington Beach home

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

Mary called me and asked if I could help her find her wedding/engagement ring in her house. She said she had been shopping at three different stores prior to noticing her ring was missing. This was her last resort, because her ring could be anywhere at this point. I started by searching both cars in the driveway with no luck, I continued into the house searching her sofas and looking under her furniture and in drawers. I was crawling on my hands and knees with a powerful flashlight when I decided it was time to search the kitchen. When I looked under the stove I saw this beautiful ring with the center stone facing me about 4 inches back.

This was my first inside house search and it was challenging and intimidating at the same time. There are so many places to search inside a home and not even knowing if this is where it was lost. Returning sentimental rings to wonderful people will never get old.


Lost Platinum Wedding Band … San Bernardino, CA. … Found on Soccer Field in Grass

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

John Volek from Houston Metal Detecting Service in Texas called me.  John , had received a call from a man in So. California that needed some help finding a ring that was possibly lost on a soccer field. John asked me if I could do a search in near San Bernardino.
. It’s about an hour away and I told him I was available. He gave me Al’s celphone number. We set up to meet Saturday so Al could get me close to the location.
We met at a local school 7am, but our first problem was the gates were locked. This was not going to stop us, so it was time to climb the 6-1/2 ft. fence.
Al lives 90 miles away and had attended a soccer coach certification class the week before. He wasn’t quite sure if his ring slipped off his finger while playing goalie. He had put on sunscreen and felt that may contributed to it slipping off his finger. He has worn the platinum wedding band for 17 years without remembering it falling off his finger.
We set up a large grid area, probably 100 ft square. The grass was very thick, I would guess 3 inches deep in most places. Good place for a ring to hide. There were other trash signals but I was confident I could pick out the platinum ID numbers. (12-17 to 12-20 on my CTX) .. I did check every signal with a 12 prefix and a depth of 4 inches. After an hour and a half getting near to the end of area we laid out. I could see Al was losing hope. Then I went down to check a 12-17 signal with my pin pointer. I put my fingers in the grass and one finger slipped right into the ring. I kept it in my hand asking Al to recheck that spot. As he checked it I pitched his ring to him. He went ballistic with joy and at the same time disbelief. It took about 20 minutes for Al to stop saying “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT”..
After thanking me thirty or forty times we got in our cars to drive home. Al drove 90 miles and I drove 70 miles. It was a fantastic day.