Lost ring in sand, Ormond Beach, Florida....Found with metal detector!

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I received a call from Will asking for my help in regards to a lost gold cuban link ring in the sand! He said he knew right where he was when he lost it and even took some videos of his friends and family looking through the sand at the exact location where he fell and realized his ring had come off. It was later in the evening so I told Will I would try to do a search the following day at low tide. Normally I like to get to any ocean search as soon as possible because of the tides and the simple fact that a heavy gold ring can sink very quickly in soft sand, thus putting the ring at a deeper depth. Will said they were in the soft sand so the next day I opted to take my Garrett AT Max metal detector, thinking that machine would be able to detect to a reasonable depth to find his ring. But I was mistaken! I searched the whole target area in Zero Mode and then in All Metal Mode and was unable to locate Will’s lost gold ring! It was due to the fact that they had run their hands back and forth through the sand, which actually caused his heavy gold ring to sink deeper in the sand. After two hours I decided to come back another day and try again. Ten days later I received a call to locate a ring in North Daytona Beach and after an unusually quick search and recovery I decided to drive 15 miles up to Ormond Beach to try looking again for Will’s gold cuban link ring, only this time I was going to use my Whites TDI pulse machine. Upon arriving I could tell that the rather steep beach had changed somewhat and I hoped and prayed that Will’s ring had not gone deeper but that some of the top sand would have been taken out and away. So with that prayer and hope in mind I started my search at the surfs edge and began working my way up the slope. I dug a few crusty coins here and there and 30 minutes later I received a solid, repeatable signal that revealed a beautiful cuban link gold ring! I was stunned and so very thankful to God for allowing me to actually find Will’s lost ring! Three days later I met up with Will and was able to hand him his ring, which he was sure he would never see again!

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