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Lost ring in sand, Ormond Beach, Florida….Found with metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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I received a call from Will asking for my help in regards to a lost gold cuban link ring in the sand! He said he knew right where he was when he lost it and even took some videos of his friends and family looking through the sand at the exact location where he fell and realized his ring had come off. It was later in the evening so I told Will I would try to do a search the following day at low tide. Normally I like to get to any ocean search as soon as possible because of the tides and the simple fact that a heavy gold ring can sink very quickly in soft sand, thus putting the ring at a deeper depth. Will said they were in the soft sand so the next day I opted to take my Garrett AT Max metal detector, thinking that machine would be able to detect to a reasonable depth to find his ring. But I was mistaken! I searched the whole target area in Zero Mode and then in All Metal Mode and was unable to locate Will’s lost gold ring! It was due to the fact that they had run their hands back and forth through the sand, which actually caused his heavy gold ring to sink deeper in the sand. After two hours I decided to come back another day and try again. Ten days later I received a call to locate a ring in North Daytona Beach and after an unusually quick search and recovery I decided to drive 15 miles up to Ormond Beach to try looking again for Will’s gold cuban link ring, only this time I was going to use my Whites TDI pulse machine. Upon arriving I could tell that the rather steep beach had changed somewhat and I hoped and prayed that Will’s ring had not gone deeper but that some of the top sand would have been taken out and away. So with that prayer and hope in mind I started my search at the surfs edge and began working my way up the slope. I dug a few crusty coins here and there and 30 minutes later I received a solid, repeatable signal that revealed a beautiful cuban link gold ring! I was stunned and so very thankful to God for allowing me to actually find Will’s lost ring! Three days later I met up with Will and was able to hand him his ring, which he was sure he would never see again!

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Buried wallet in sand, New Smyrna Beach, Florida…….found!!

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Brandon was enjoying a beautiful day at NSB with his family and as he thought about going out into the water he wondered where he could put his wallet for safe keeping. Not wanting to leave it somewhere exposed, he decided to bury it in the sand under the corner of his towel. And as the afternoon wore on Brandon sort of forgot about his wallet and picked up his towel a couple of times to dry off. It wasn’t until later that he remembered his wallet.
So he went back to where he thought would have been the corner of his towel area in the sand and started digging. All the sand looked the same and the more he dug the more frustrated he became. His family started giving him a hard time and after an hour or so of digging—he realized it would take more than sheer luck to find his buried wallet. Thankfully Brandon had a single car key inside his wallet and thought about a metal detector. So on his phone he typed in “Metal Detecting Service”! This led to web site and my first conversation with Brandon.
After making arrangements to meet on the beach, Brandon called me one last time to make sure I had a shovel or something to dig with, and I reassured him I had my metal detector and a couple of things to dig with! An hour later I met Brandon and we walked onto the beach to where his family was set up for the day and you could see the 6 foot square area where it was all dug up! I reassured Brandon and within seconds I got a signal on the edge of where he had been digging. And sure enough, as I pushed the sand back, there was the corner of Brandon’s lost wallet peeking out at me. Brandon was so happy to have his wallet back and I could see the relief on his face. Thanks Brandon for calling me and it was a pleasure to meet you and help you get your wallet back!
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Lost Wedding Ring at New Symrna Beach, Florida……Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Shawn sent me a short e-mail stating that he lost his white gold wedding band at the beach and ended by saying, “This has caused great problems!” I responded the next morning and assured him that I would definitely try and help him find his ring. I asked a few questions about the details and what he remembered about where, when and how he felt he might have lost it. Shawn said that he and two of his best friends had lunch at the Breakers Restaurant in New Symrna Beach and afterwards headed out onto the beach to throw the football around and enjoy the water. It wasn’t long before Shawn realized that his wedding ring was missing. He desperately started walking back and forth looking along the waters edge to see if he could catch a glimpse of his gold ring. He even coaxed a few good hearted strangers to assist in the search but to no avail!
Before going home Shawn was able to file a report with the beach patrol–just in case someone found his ring and turned it in.
Later that night Shawn found web site and sent me his first e-mail. It took four hours anddscf25771dscf2573-001 two searches to narrow down the exact area where Shawn and his buddies were tossing the football, but after doing a very tight grid search pattern I was finally able to uncover his ring. I immediately called Shawn and told him I had found his ring and he could not believe it! We met later that evening and he was almost speechless that someone he had never met before would actually look for, find and return his ring to him.
It was truly an honor and privilege to help reunite Shawn with his lost wedding ring!
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