Tim Blank

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, that means you pay what it's worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost ring.

I have a call-out fee of $25 for some areas if the ring is not found, this covers my fuel expenses. We can discuss this when you call.

Search Types

Will search land and shallow (water up to 5 ft). Ex: Beaches and parks, yards, commercial and private property with written permission. Items lost on Private Property or State Land will require prior permission from the landowner or governing authority prior to conducting a search. Houses that are in foreclosure must have permission from the bank or Titleholder.

Search Locations

Rockford, Elgin & surrounding areas. Will travel outside of these areas if needed, call to make arrangements.

Tim Blank's Bio

Married with 2 boys. I've been metal detecting since 2009 and have come to absolutely love the hobby. I primarily use, top of the line, Minelab metal detecting equipment. As of 2019, the thrill of the hunt has taken me to 11 states and 2 countries, England and Jamaica. During the day I'm an I.U.O.E. Local 150 Operating Engineer, so playing in the dirt is something I enjoy and am good at. I'm excited and looking forward to having the opportunity to help you recover your lost item.

Don't wait! Call as soon as possible!

Tim Blank - Recent Blog Post

  • 10K Wedding Ring Overboard! Recovered in Port Barrington, Illinois. (2023)

    Recently I got a call from Brian. He said that he found me on theringfinders.com website and that he had lost his ring the day before. He and a friend were about to dock his boat and while they approached the peir Brian put his left hand on the edge of the boat to reach […]

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  • Wedding Set Found and Returned. Gurnee, Illinois (2023)

    I received a call from Sharita asking if I was available to do a ring search for her. We agreed to meet after we both got off of work. Her rings had slipped off of her hand into some thick, viney ground cover and mulch while walk in the dark. When her and her husband […]

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  • Quick Ring Return in Rockford IL (2023)

      I received a call from Santiago around 3:30 p.m. as I was getting off of work.  He told me that he had just lost his wedding ring in his backyard while raking. He told me that he felt it come off and just couldn’t locate it.  I arrived at his house around 5:30. He […]

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  • Cartier ring found in Lake in the Hills (2023)

    I receive a text from Yulia inquiring about a possible ring search.  Later in the day we spoke on the phone, she informed me that her husband  had lost his wedding ring somewhere in the yard while doing some yard work.  He had taken his ring off and put it in his pocket in fear […]

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  • Ring Lost at Ribfest found. Lake in the Hills, Il. (2022)

    The Morning of July 11th, 2022 I received a voicemail from Dana. She said that her husband had lost his wedding ring the night before at the annual Ribfest near their home. She said that the crews were there taking down the tables and chairs but they had already secured permission from the crew and […]

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Tim Blank - Testimonials

  • We are so grateful to Tim and Jennifer. They were so kind, helpful, and determined to do all they could in finding the ring (2022)


    A huge thank you to Tim and his wife, Jennifer, for finding my husband’s wedding ring that had slipped off while at the local Rib Festival. We had a ton of people helping search the grounds, put posts on social media, and had a report with police as well as the festival lost/found, but no ring was found. My husband feared it may have fallen into a paper towel while washing his hands and ended in the trash, or someone found it and kept it since there were hundreds of people at the fest. He was pretty certain he was never going to see it again.

    The ring was lost on Saturday, and come Sunday night we still had no luck finding it. My Dad found TheRingFinders.com, and suggested I call. Monday morning, I secured permission to have a metal detector search of the area, and then I contacted Tim. My husband and I were hopeful, but knew the likelihood of the ring being found was very small. We were completely shocked and overjoyed when Tim texted me a photo of my husband’s FOUND ring!! It had been pushed into the ground and there was no way we would have seen it.

    We are so grateful to Tim and Jennifer. They were so kind, helpful, and determined to do all they could in finding the ring. My husband and I had previously searched the grounds for hours and Tim and Jennifer were able to find the ring in minutes! I am so grateful I made the call.

  • will be recommending his services to any of my family and friends... (2021)


    Tim is the man! He did in less than a minute what I had spent hours trying to do. I honestly cried tears of joy when he found my wedding ring. I’m so thankful I found him, and will be recommending his services to any of my family and friends that could need them.

  • Thanks again Tim! (2020)


    Tim was very professional and patient. He took the time to analyze the location where the ring could possibly be. Ultimately he found the ring after just a short time. Overall it made a frustrating situation turn in to a positive memory, Thanks again Tim!