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Huntington Beach Photographer Loses Ring in the Sand .. Stan the Metal Detector Man Recovered the Keepsake

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*** Che is visiting Huntington Beach from Puerto Rico. He was making surf movies on the south side of Huntington Beach Pier. His son was going out with his surfboard for a photo shoot and handed Che his platinum / diamond wedding band to keep safe. 

It was just before sunset when they finished the photo shoot. They walked off the beach to the parking lot. That’s when Che’s son asked for the ring. It had slipped off his dad’s finger, somewhere between the waterline and the parking lot. ( more than 150 yards )

A call to me at 8:30pm let us set up a meeting at the location where he had set up his camera tripod.. This is where he had spent the most time and the best place to start before the tide comes in. After a few minutes I got a great signal from something metal in the sand. A quick scoop in the sand revealed the precious and very sentimental platinum wedding band. 

Che was very relieved and happy to have his son’s ring to give back. Needless to say he was feeling guilty that he had lost the ring. Now he is the hero for getting a metal detector specialist to find the important ring.

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Cartier Love Bracelet Lost in Grass at a Newport Coast Park, Newport Beach, CA.

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I received a call from Sosan asking for help to find a piece of jewelry lost in grass at a private park in Newport Coast, Newport Beach, CA. The call came an hour before sunset and they had been searching for hours. I was only 5 miles from the location, so we made arrangements to get me through the security gate and I was there soon after the original call.

I met Sosan’s husband who was able to tell me some of the details of the lost Cartier Love bracelet. It had been a large party at the park with a awesome venue. She had been in a specific area when she felt her two piece bracelet was loose. A few minutes later the bracelet had fallen off her wrist. The first half was easily found visually, soon after. The other half was another story. It was hiding in the deep grass and should have been close to the other piece. It was also amazing that such a large piece of jewelry could be completely hidden out of site in the deep grass.

I was also sure the large 18k (17 grams ) gold half of the Cartier Love Bracelet would be easy to find with my Metal Detector. You just never know, It did show up over 30 feet from where the other half was found. It was getting a bit testy when I had to expand my search area. Persistence paid off and we had a special celebration as the sunset. It was my pleasure to meet Sosan and her husband to help them find the sentimental piece of jewelry.

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Celphone Recovered from Sand at Orange County CA. Beach … by Member of TheRingFinders

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*** Celphone  with drivers license and credit cards lost in sand at Orange County, CA. beach. Ella called me looking for help to find her friend, Julia’s IPhone. They are vacationing here in SoCal and will be returning to Belview, WA. in a couple days.

Julia was devastated as not only her celphone was missing, she had her credit cards and identification attached to the phone case. I met the two ladies on the beach after the sunset. I have no problem doing night searches. 

They had the “Find My Pone App “ on Ella’s phone. It showed the phone still had batteries but we could not hear a alarm sound or see the light on the screen. I had to be under the sand.

The indicator on the tracking was not very accurate and the grid search was going on to almost an hour. The two young ladies were getting cold and starting to believe the metal detector wasn’t going to work. They even asked me to stop. I told them to go back to their apartment and I would continue until I was sure I had covered the area properly. 

They left and before they got off the beach, BOOM ! .. I found the phone and it’s contents. Then I quickly made a call to them. They had barely walked off the beach before getting my call. They came back to retrieve the phone with big smiles and saying they had given up hope. 

I knew it was there, I just didn’t get my metal detector coil over target..  Knowing my equipment is important. If the item is there I can find it. If it’s not there nobody is going to find it. If you don’t try you will never find it..  

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Large Gold Ring Found and Returned to Owner at The Montage Resort Hotel, Laguna Beach, CA.

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*** Odili called me at 9:30pm .. He had lost his gold ring at the beach in the dry sand. Back at his hotel room he went online trying to find a place to by a metal detector when he found my contact information on TheRingFinders website. 

He believed he could find the ring himself the next morning. I asked him if he had any experience using a metal detector, he answered, no. Many rental detectors are entry level cheap machines and most don’t work well in sandy mineralized beaches. 

I told him I could meet him at the Montage Resort Beach before 10:15pm and we should be able to locate the ring in a short amount of time. He agreed to met me at his hotel parking lot. We walked about 5 or 6 blocks to the small cove where he and his lady had been sitting. I found the ring after just a few swings of my detector coil. 

Odili and his lady friend were very happy to have the ring back. They can enjoy the remaining days of their vacation. Also they would sleep well and not have to bother the next day trying to find a metal detector and learn how much they don’t know about using a metal detector on the beach. Even these easy searches can be rewarding because it’s about many other things including finding the ring.

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Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Huntington Beach, CA… Found in Neighborhood Tot-Lot

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*** Asha called me from her home in Huntington Beach, CA. asking for help to find her gold diamond wedding ring. She had been to the neighborhood park with her daughter. They spent most their time at the children’s tot-lot, then walked a couple blocks to her home, where she noticed her wedding ring was no longer on her finger.

I was able to meet her at the park where we started to grid search the sand in the play area. She had an idea of where the ring may have slipped off her finger, but she didn’t really feel the ring leave her finger. It could be anywhere between her home and the sandy play area. After about a half hour, I was running out of area in the sandy lot, the best place for the ring to hide. I could see Asha and her friend losing hope that I could find the ring. Then the magic happened, I got a great tone in the head set of my detector. One scoop with my sifter and there in the bottom was Asha’s diamond ring.. 

Can’t describe the happiness I saw. It was getting a little tense after more than 30 minutes digging pull tabs and bottle caps. It was a pleasure to meet Asha and help her to recover her ring.

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Lost Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring .. Found in Belmont Shores, Long Beach, CA… Returned to Happy Couple

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 …Dana called me asking for help to find her husband’s wedding ring. They had been at Belmont Shores in Long Beach, CA.  Her husband, Sean made a jester with his hand and his tungsten wedding ring flew off his finger into the sand.

They searched for a couple hours unable to find the ring. Later evening Dana texted me asking if this was anything that I could help her with? I reached out to her the next morning agreeing to meet them at the beach at 10:00 am. 

Both Dana and Sean were present to guide me the general location. This was another fairly quick recovery because they got a hold of me soon after the loss and they were able to get me in the general location. Doing a grid search of an area can be tedious. If there is not many trash metal objects, I usually can do a basketball size area in a little more than an hour. 

We were fortunate that this search was short. Dana and Sean were very happy and surprised to get the ring recovered as they had already thought it was lost forever.

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Lost Tiffany Platinum Diamond Ring in the Sand.. Crystal Cove State Beach, Newport Beach, CA.

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*** Stephanie and her family spent Saturday at Crystal Cove State Beach, Newport Beach, CA. While they were there Stephanie’s Platinum Diamond ring came off her finger while throwing g ball. The ring disappeared immediately in the soft sand. 

The next morning her husband returned the the location with a metal detector. His attempts to find the ring failed. Monday morning Stephanie located me using a online search. She told me what happened and what beach. Even though it had been several days. She gave me very good directions and had left a marker straight in-line with where the loss happened. I felt we had a good chance to find the ring without either of them having to leave work to guide me.

I drove about 5 miles to the beach parked and walked about a block where I saw the marker. I also checked my phone messages to see photos that she had sent. Location confirmed, I began a grid search with my metal detector. A few minutes later I got a good signal and the ring was in my sand scoop.

I sent her a photo of the ring and she replied with a phone call soon after. We met at a location convenient for both of us where I was able return her ring. You can see from the photo that Stephanie was a happy lady.

Lost Car Key Fob at Wll Rodgers State Beach, Pacific Palisades, CA… Found in Sand

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I received a call from Toni asking for help finding a car key fob that was buried in the sand at Will Rodgers State Beach, Pacific Palisades, CA. . She was with her friend and he had put the key in a plastic baggie, buried it a few inches in the sand underneath the edge of his beach towel. 

The towel was moved which made it difficult to find the key. Now they were stuck with no spare key. They called me and I was just 5 miles away on another search. When I arrived the tow truck was parked in front of of their car. He agreed to wait while Toni took me to area of the loss. 

I set up my equipment to detect a large item. A few swings with the metal detector the plastic bag with the key fob showed up. It was about 2 ft. outside where they had dug through the sand with their hands. 

All was well, the tow truck driver was compensated and everyone went home happy.

Lost Gold Wedding Ring .. Found in Time to Celebrate 50 years of Marriage

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  John lives in Lake Forest, CA., he had been gardening in his backyard the day he discovered his gold wedding ring was missing from his finger. He had worn that ring for almost fifty years. Although he didn’t discover it missing till later that evening while eating dinner. He felt that the ring had to be somewhere in the backyard because he not been anywhere else that day. 

Four weeks passed and his efforts to search the planters and small area of grass for his special ring were not successful. This week he and hid wife, Wanda were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. His son suggested that he try calling a member of TheRingFinders. That was how John found my contact information. 

I met John and Wanda that same afternoon. He showed me his backyard with several planters filled with beautiful flowers and other ornamental plants. The lawn area was small, maybe less than 40’x40’, but the ring could have been stepped on and hiding under the surface. John told me that he believed it could have been in one of the flower beds, where he had applied 6” of mulch. 

It took a while to scan the lawn and some of the flower beds with my metal detector. The ring did not show up. The last resort is to pull out the Garett AT handheld pinpointer (metal detector). By this time I was running out of areas to search. Using the pinpointer, requires crawling around on my hands and knees, poking the small probe into places the larger metal detector couldn’t penetrate. All the time taking care not to damage any of plants. 

I got half way around the planters to a small elevated water fountain, when I got a good signal from the detector. I had to bend down to see under the fountain and there was John’s gold ring. 

It was a good day and as I watched John looking and holding his ring I could feel the emotion of the moment. This is my reward for doing this, I have the experience, the equipment, the time and the Patience to help people find their sentimental keepsakes. Another day in Paradise 

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Lost Necklace and Pendant Found in Sand Returned to Owner at Newport Beach, Calif.

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*** I was detecting on a local Newport California beach the other day . A couple of girls ran up to me asking for help to find a special necklace that was lost in the sand. They said the necklace had been on a towel and one of the girls picked the towel, not knowing the keepsake was there. It disappeared into the dry soft sand.

We walked over to the location where I was able to locate the chain and pendant within a couple minutes with my metal detector.


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