Lost Engagement Ring Iowa City, Iowa... Found!


I found an engagement ring today for a lady named Susan who gave me a call yesterday. She was at her son’s baseball game on Wednesday evening and was helping the team warm up before the game. She had a baseball glove on and when she took it off and tossed it to her son she thinks her rings went with it but she wasn’t sure.

Here husband Sam and her rented a detector the next day and found the wedding band where she had tossed the glove but no engagement ring. She searched again on Friday but still no luck.Susan and Sam

So she gave me a call and I met them this morning at the ball field. I started out by thoroughly going over the area where the wedding band was found and came up empty. Sam told me they had walked behind some bleachers and stood for awhile beside a building watching the game. So I followed their path and behind the bleachers I got a shallow 12-20 signal on the CTX. Looking down I saw a glint of gold through the grass and knew it was going to be a good day!Susan's ringsThey were very happy and relieved to have her ring back where it belongs.

Good luck to all the ringfinders out there.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Nice going Norm, glad you were able to find that beautiful ring for them!

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