Lost Wedding Band... Found Near Independence Iowa


I found a mans white gold wedding band Monday for a nice young couple. He was messing with some leaky paint cans and didn’t want to get paint on his ring so he gave it to his wife to hold for him. There was an outside water faucet beside the barn so she decided to wash any paint that got on the ring off and wash her hands and get a drink. She thought she put the ring on her ring finger next to her wedding ring and then shook her hands to try and get them dry. Well the ring came off. They searched on hands and knees, bought a cheap detector, no luck. I arrived and gridded the area beside the faucet and didn’t come up with it. So I expanded my search, still nothing. I had her do a couple of reenactments with a ring I brought with me and the ring never went very far. So I put on my six inch coil and went back through the area in a tight grid, still not there. I was beginning to think I would have to come back and do the entire yard. We were standing there discussing it when something on the ground caught my eye. I looked away and then my brain said look back there. I walked over and there it was laying in the gravel. gravel-ring   How it got there is a mystery because it was on the right hand side of the faucet. Just glad we had a happy ending. wedding band 2wedding band