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Keys Recovered in the Snow

  • from Erie (Pennsylvania, United States)

Recovered Keys

In the early morning hours, I received a text message from Sawn who had been desperately searching for her keys in the snow. She searched for them but with no luck, and knowing the expense to replace these keys, she turned to the internet and found me on the Ringfinders web site.


I met Sawn in the parking lot of her apartment complex. After a brief conversation and walkthrough of her path, I got started.

After detecting for just minutes, I popped her keys out of 8 inches snow. Sawn was amazed and delighted. Within minutes of my arrival, Sawn was in her car and about her day.


Thank you Sawn, for entrusting me to locate your lost keys!

Lost Keys Sturgeon Neighbourhood St. Albert, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Received a call from Loren the other week requesting my service to locate her neighbours house and mail box keys she lost while shoveling snow on her property, she also brushed off the truck and that when she notice she did not have the keys on her, Loren  searched everywhere with no luck.

I meet up with Loren she showed me the area she was shoveling and she said she was beside her truck when she noticed the keys where gone, I began my search around her truck and with in minutes I had her keys back in her hands. Another happy client.


Keys Found Chickakoo Lake Parkland County.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

IMG_0875     IMG_0873


Received a call this morning from Brenda @ 8:30 am in regards to her keys that she lost while she was walking and playing with her dog @ Chickakoo lake recreation area yesterday afternoon and asked me if I could find them I told her if the are there I will find them. I told her I could be there in an hour and half because we have a snow fall warning in the area this afternoon  we agreed to meet in the parking lot.

Arrived at the parking lot it was snowing and -16c (3F) Brenda showed me the path she took along the lake I could see the tracks in the snow which made it easy to follow I took my trusty white’s spectra V3i walked about 1/4 of mile following the tracks with no luck, then Brenda said she stopped at a picnic table where she was throwing a stick for her dog, then  she showed me where she broke a stick and threw the stick onto the frozen lake so I headed towards the lake and bingo with in 20′ of the table a sweet sound of Iron buzzed my ear phones and there in 4″ of packed snow her keys, It took me 20 minutes to find them. Thank you Brenda for allowing me to search for your keys. Another happy client


Found Wedding Ring in Norwood, MA

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

Two days before Christmas, I received a call from Dana, because her husband, Sean, had lost his wedding ring while they were moving.  Sean had stashed his wedding band in his shoe, which was with a change of clothes, for fear of damaging it.  While carrying the clothes, Dana tripped and the ring flew out of the shoe and dropped on the lawn.  The couple searched for the ring without any luck.  Dana searched the internet and found me on The Ring Finders website.  The day after Christmas I searched the lawn and found the ring in a few minutes, the quickest recovery I’ve ever had!  Dana and Sean were delighted to have the ring back.


Lost Keys/ Spruce Grove Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Kylie keys

kylie 1

Received a call from Kylie at lunch time today, she had lost her truck keys in one of her client’s back yard. I meet up with Kylie at her client’s home @ 2:30 pm she showed me where in the back yard she thought they could have dropped out of her pocket, after about 10 minutes of searching in the snow with no luck, she then showed me another spot that they could be she told me that she was walking up the sidewalk and slipped on the ice but did not realize that the keys was missing until she got back to her truck and could not unlock the door, you could see where she had been looking in the snow for them after doing some detective work I realized the keys had to be in the middle of the front yard and bingo found the keys next to her foot print in about six inches of snow. Another Happy client thank you Kylie!