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Mothers diamond ring, lost by daughter while spring gardening in chicago, recovered.

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

I received a message from a senior lady who had lost her mother’s ring while doing spring gardening cleanup in Chicago. I used my xp deus 1 to search the garden. She didn’t know how she had lost it, but assumed it came off when she took off her gloves. There were a lot of metal objects in the area. I found it next to a metal fence. The signal was very iffy, but I used my pinpointer to find it. It was buried under wood chips. The iffy signal may have been caused by the two tone gold and the diamonds along with the metal fence. Glad I was able to recover it for her.

Lost Diamond Ring…Found at Butler’s Orchard in Gaithersburg, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Liana’s Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring Posing Amongst the Blueberries!

Casey Holding His Fiance Liana’s Most Gorgeous Engagement Ring!


A young lady named Liana contacted me one morning with desperation in her voice. She explained to me that she and her fiancé, Casey, spent the afternoon at Butler’s Orchard, located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. They were picking blueberries and enjoying their time together until Liana noticed that her lovely 14 karat yellow gold,1 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring was missing from her finger.

The couple was placing blueberries in their bucket somewhere in the blueberry bush field when Liana realized what had gone missing. Of course, the couple was very alarmed by this and immediately they began their search back at the car and then worked their way around the field, looking between each row of blueberry bushes, hoping to find one of their most cherished possessions. They tried desperately to retrace Liana’s steps in order to figure out where the ring may have fallen off of her finger. She knew that she had been wearing it to the orchard because Liana clearly remembered having it on her finger upon arriving at the blueberry bush field. Also, the couple shared with me that Liana had returned to the car sometime during their picking time in order to refresh her skin with a wet wipe. She in turn moisturized her fingers with another wipe and they believed that perhaps that is what caused the ring to easily slip off Liana’s finger somewhere in the orchard.

After searching long and hard, the couple had to call it quits for the day because the orchard was closing soon. They let the staff know that Liana’s ring was lost and inquired as to whether or not someone else had found it and reported it to the office. Sadly, no such claim was documented. Liana and Casey had to leave the orchard empty-handed and greatly hoped that the ring might be recovered the following day.

That evening, Liana and Casey looked online to see if there was a way they could rent a metal detector to assist in their search the next morning. While they were browsing the net, they stumbled across the elite international metal detecting service directory called THE RING FINDERS. It was at that moment that they thought to themselves that perhaps it would be best to have a professional do the work for them! They checked to see if there was a metal detecting service in Gaithersburg, Maryland that could help them and they found my name, Brian Rudolph. I was so very happy that they contacted me, and soon they would be extremely happy, as well!

I will never forget the sound of Liana’s voice, expressing how sad she was to have lost her diamond ring. It meant everything to her. The couple was already dealing with the huge disappointment of having to postpone their wedding due to the horrific Covid-19 pandemic. And then this had to happen! I asked Liana and Casey every question in the book so that I had the full story as to when she was wearing the ring last and what might have happened to that very special keepsake of hers.

Not only was I thrilled to help the couple out, but I also thought it would be fun to return to my most favorite orchard in Maryland! Every year since our children were very small, my wife and I took the family to pick blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, apples, and of course pumpkins during the annual October festival. It was definitely a family affair every year! Now, I had the opportunity to help some people find one of their most cherished pieces of property that was lost out in the same field where I had picked blueberries with my own family so many years earlier! This was quite nostalgic indeed.

As soon as I got all the facts about what had happened, I recognized that we had a very small window of time to recover this ring before someone else might find it and perhaps keep it for their very own. I hate to think that people are like this, but from my personal experience with finding rings, this is more common than one might think. Because Liana and Casey were so desperate for my help, I decided to head out to the orchard immediately. I literally threw some clothes on, grabbed all of my gear for a scheduled search later that afternoon, loaded up my car with necessary equipment that I needed for the blueberry bushes and thunder bolted my way out to my favorite orchard in Gaithersburg, Maryland!

That summer morning was just perfect. Though it was quite hot outside, the day could not have been more picture-perfect. As I drove through the fields on the dirt road that took me to the blueberry bushes, I reflected back on all of those very special memories of being out there with my family and enjoying those days of wonder and amusement. I also thought to myself just how fast time marches on now that all three children are grown adults and a couple of them have children of their very own!

Once I got to the search site, a couple of staff members guided me over to the area where Liana and Casey had been searching for their lost ring the day before. They felt very bad for the couple as they described to me how long they searched and how emotional the whole ordeal was for Liana.

I contacted Casey to let him know that I had arrived and he said that he would be joining me shortly. In the meantime, I took out all of my metal detecting equipment and began the search along the grassy area beside the road (which was adjacent and parallel to where the blueberry bushes were lined up). My biggest obstacles were the visitor’s cars that were parked along the grassy shoulder. This was the same area where the couple parked the day before. Vehicle after vehicle started showing up and began parking on the grass, perhaps 4 to 5 feet from where the first row of blueberry bushes began. This made detecting very difficult for me because I was not able to effectively search the parking area. All of the alloy wheels and other metal parts on the cars would easily end up “masking” any small item made of precious metal that might be lying in the grass, near or below where the cars were parked. Therefore, I was only able to detect an isolated strip of territory before entering the blueberry field. If I didn’t find the ring in the blueberry bushes, I planned to search more of the grass once the cars would exit away from the field.

Though I picked up a few decent targets as I moved across the grassy section where the cars were parked, I was not able to find Liana’s yellow gold diamond ring. When I completed that section, I still was not convinced that the ring was not lying somewhere beneath one of the vehicles, but that would have to wait for the time being.

Next, I put down a few soccer cones on either end of the sections where the couple had been picking blueberries and I would use this measurement to grid back and forth down the rows of blueberry bushes. I searched in between each of the plants and I moved the detector coil around each of them, making certain that there were no rings underneath the berries and surrounding territories. Each row that I grid searched was probably about 50 yards in length and it took quite a while to complete one side of the row. When I made it to the other side of the bushes, I would then begin searching in between and around them as well until I reached the other end. I would then start a new row after that.

At some point, Casey arrived at the scene and he confirmed that I was searching the correct area and that he seemed pretty confident that my gridlines were long enough, so as not to miss any of the search zone. He also pointed out that he and Liana picked blueberries in the first five rows of bushes starting from those closest to the parking area. This was extremely helpful because we could narrow our focus quite a bit and not have to wonder if we were missing any important territories.

The two of us investigated the real estate row by row, diligently moving about, hoping to recover this most priceless and sentimental keepsake. I used my 15 inch coil at the end of my detector shaft which allowed me to cover more territory much quicker than any other metal detector coil. Though Casey didn’t have a machine to use to detect metal, he carefully moved about looking between and around each and every blueberry bush.

I remember how hot it was getting in that later part of the morning and then into the early afternoon hours. Every 45 minutes or so, I would take a short break to hydrate myself due to the conditions outside on that spectacular summer day. I thought to myself just how blessed I was to be out in that field helping this couple and enjoying the peaceful and most serene environment! I could not have had it any better! Well, with one exception…if I could recover the engagement ring!

Occasionally Casey and I would intersect with one another during our search endeavors and I encouraged him to not give up. Even though I was getting closer to the end of the fifth row of blueberry bushes, I told him that I find rings for people at the very last moment before I run out of property to search. He appreciated my encouragement and continued on with the hope that the jewel would be discovered. Just as we were talking, we realized that the time was approaching when most of the cars that had been parked along the grass line would be leaving and it would be a perfect opportunity for me to metal detect the grassy section adjacent to the paved road.

As I shared earlier, Liana and Casey had convey to me over the phone that Liana had returned to the vehicle at some point to cool off and wipe her brow with a couple of wipes. She remembered cleaning her fingers with a wipe and it was possible that the ring had slipped off of her finger just as she was getting out of the car to return to blueberry picking with her fiancé. I had asked if maybe she put her beloved treasure on her lap (as many people do when they are lathering their hands with lotion and then forget to put their rings back on their fingers before getting out of the vehicle). Liana believed that she did put the ring back on her finger, but it was possible that the wet wipe helped to lubricate the finger well enough that it might have slipped right off of her hand.

Once I was certain that Liana’s ring was nowhere to be found in and around the five rows of blueberry bushes where the couple had been the day before, I took my gear over to the roadside and began detecting as quickly as I could because new cars would be arriving shortly. Casey moved in the opposite direction and continued his search somewhere farther down the field, just in case he incorrectly estimated where they had been picking their blueberries.

I finished one long strip of grass, which was just overlapping where I had been searching earlier in the late morning hours when I first arrived. I still did not come up with any diamond ring. I then started my next grid line which would be very close to where the right wheels of all of the vehicles were once parked. Still, no ring turned up. I had two more long gridlines left to do before I had no other places to search.

I moved across the parking area and eventually was swinging the detector completely over the territory where the vehicles would have covered the grass below. I would not have been able to detect any of that territory earlier in the day due to all of the parked cars that were stationary at the time. I got to the end of that grid line and I knew at that point that I would be starting my final pass, leaving nothing unsearched. As I had been doing, I moved parallel with the blueberry bush field, carefully making my way across that last section. To make things even more complicated, a car drove by me and started to park in the area that I was about to detect! I was hoping that I could make it all the way to the end of my grid line before other cars would cover the only remaining territory that could have possibly concealed Liana’s cherished ring.

Casey and Liana’s Car Parked Close to the Same Area Where the Ring was Recovered.

Just as I was about 5 to 10 feet away from the car that had just parked in front of my grid line, I got a very promising signal below! I had been getting hits here and there but nothing panned out to being Liana’s lost ring. However, this signal was just exactly what I wanted to hear and what I wanted to read on my detector screen. ‘What would be the odds that I may have found the keepsake within feet of the end of my final grid line?’ I asked myself within. I knelt down and used my hand-held metal detector to search in between the blades of grass that were surrounded by patches of dirt here and there. Just as my fingers rummaged through that one area, I got a glimpse of the most beautiful sight of gold and a big bright sparkling diamond attached! I couldn’t believe what was happening! Yet, I could believe it because I have found numerous items at the very last second of my search attempts and this one would be added to that same ring recovery history book! I did it! I found Liana’s missing diamond ring! I couldn’t wait to surprise Casey with this absolutely fantastic discovery! Apparently, Liana’s ring had slipped off of her finger just as she was leaving her car after cleansing her hands. The jewel was found around the area where the couple’s car must have been parked. Earlier, the vehicle that was parked there would have been literally on top of the ring and I would have never been able to detect it in that location! I was so happy that I had returned to that grassy section to explore its possibilities of what may have been hiding below!

The worn out fellow started walking towards me as I stood beside the spot where I found the ring. It was shortly after his arrival that I revealed to Casey the most wonderful news! In turn, Liana would be pleasantly surprised upon her fiancé’s return home from the orchard! The bride-to-be would be receiving back her most beautiful sentimental engagement ring, found by the one whom they had entrusted with this so very important search! She was beyond surprised, thrilled at the recovery, and extremely grateful for my work!

Finding Liana’s beautiful diamond ring only added to the many sentimental pages of memories that I had been a part of making and had written about in my personal journals over the years. I must admit that this happy-ending-story would truly fit well with all of the other special times experienced and cherished at our beloved Butler’s Orchard in Gaithersburg, Maryland!

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Lost Diamond Ring, Ma Me O Beach, Alberta, Canada.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



I received a call from Noreen on June 24th regarding a diamond ring that her mother Edna had lost while out swimming in the lake the day before.  After asking Noreen a few questions I agreed to drive out to the lake the next day.

June 25:  I arrived at Ma Me O Beach and met Noreen and her mother Edna, at the cabin. Noreen showed me the area that they were in the lake swimming. The area was huge, approximately the size of a football field. I told Noreen that the search was going to be tough, almost like looking for a needle in a hay stack!

The search took me over four sand bars which were waist deep, and chest deep between each bar. It was good that Noreen had pictures of her mother on a float tube and this gave me a good reference point to start my search.  I searched the area for about four hours and called it a day. I told Noreen I would be back the following day.

July 26:  I decided to do an early morning search because the lake would be smooth like a sheet of glass which made it a pleasant time to search. The water was clear so I was able to see the sandy bottom.  Noreen also wanted to assist in the search so I gave her my backup detector.  We went over the search area that I did the previous day and had no luck. The weather forecast for the next few days was not good; the lake would be very rough and impossible to do a good search.

July 3:  The Lake was calm and a nice day for a search.  After studying the pictures and checking my GPS tracking I decided on an area but again had no luck.  My equinox 800 developed problems so I changed to my 3030 and proceeded to search, again with no luck.


July 11:  A very busy day at the lake with lots of people out.   We covered a huge area with no luck.


July 16:  I expanded my search area.  I must say for a busy lake the bottom was very clean with hardly any junk in the lake. Again, another day with no luck.


July 21:  I regrouped with Noreen and her brother Dan and asked again the same questions which I had asked before.  I must have sounded like a broken record to them but it was very important to me. Again we did a thorough search of the area and again no luck. I could tell Noreen and Dan where starting to doubt if the ring was ever going to be found. I told them I would find that ring and that it just takes time. Edna said to me that the ring is gone and someone else was going to find it. I told her if someone was going to find it that would be me.  That helped to reassure Edna.  Edna had just celebrated her 93rd birthday on the day she lost her ring.  The ring had been given to her by her father and had been on her finger for the past 60+ years.


July 26:  I did a weather check and the lake was rough, but the day was expected to be a nice so I decided to head out again.  When I arrived, the lake was rough so I waited it out and by noon the wind died down so we were able to search again.  I told Noreen that I was going to find the ring today if I had to stay in the lake all day!  Two hours into the search I received a loud tone followed by a sweet low tone.  Music to my ears! I knew it could be the ring.  I scooped it up and to my surprise there was the ring!  I walked over to Noreen and asked her if this was “IT”.  She could not believe that I had found her mother’s ring after so many hours in the lake searching.  What a wonderful feeling that was for me to be able to see Edna put the ring back on her finger.


Thank you, Noreen for sticking with me and not giving up on me.  Another happy client




Lost Wedding Ring in Lafayette, LA. – Found

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

Pat called me on Tuesday evening to ask for help in finding Ann’s lost wedding ring. The one he gave her 40 years ago. Ann had been playing volleyball with the grandkids in the front yard of their home. After that and some basketball, she noticed her wedding ring was not on her finger. I said we would be there to hunt at 8:00 AM the next day. Carrie and I loaded up early and arrived at the hunt site on time. Ann showed us where she was during the volleyball game. Sid found it 10 minutes after the hunt began. Needless to say, Ann was very happy to see her ring again. It was a pleasure to help out such a charming lady. Thank you for your generous reward and the delicious blueberry muffins.


Lost Ring Willmore Park Edson Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



I received a call from Rod regarding his fiancee’s lost engagement ring.  After asking Rod a few questions I agreed to drive out to Edson which is a 2 hrs drive west of Edmonton.  I told Rod to have his fiancee  call me.

Tamara called me and explained that she was walking on the trails in Willmore park and noticed that her ring was missing from her finger.  Tamara told me that she had a metal detector and had spent a few hours retracing her foot path but had not found the ring.  I asked her if she had checked her car and the clothing she was wearing that day and she told me she had gone through everything and everywhere and that her kids had also checked.

When I meet up with Tamara in Edson  I again asked her if she had checked her car and jacket pockets and she said yes,  then as we drove to the area where she thought she had lost her ring, and as I get out of  my car at the park, I heard Tamara screaming “I found my ring”.   She had found her ring in the inside pocket of her Jacket!

Thank you Tamara for calling me to help you find your Ring.

Found: Diamond Ring

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

On the night of October 19th, 2018, Noelle was walking her dog in an open area near her parent’s home. The dog decided to run and she was pulled off balance. Later, Noelle realized her beautiful diamond ring was missing. Not knowing where she lost the ring, she carefully searched her parent’s house and retraced her steps. When she couldn’t find the ring, she called me.

Noelle did a great job showing me where and how she walked the dog that night. Because it was dark, she could not pin-point exactly where she was when the dog pulled her off her feet. The field is directly under power lines, which can sometimes interfere with metal detectors. After making the proper adjustments to my detector, I searched the area for a couple of hours. I then traced Noelle’s steps back to her parent’s house. I also went through her car. I was not ready to give up. After a business trip, I planned to return with another detectorist and expand my search area,

I happened to be passing through the neighborhood on the way home from another search (gold hoop earring) when I decided to stop and do a quick search. This time I entered the field from the opposite direction. It was getting difficult to see in the dark. While I was walking back to the car I found the ring. It was further away from where Noelle thought she had fallen. There had been enough foot traffic in the area to push the ring into the clay-like soil. Because it was so late, I returned home and called Noelle with the good news. I met with her a few days later to return the ring.

If I can be of service, the fastest way to get me is to text or call 703-598-1435.

Hand shovel marking the spot



Grass and dirt scraped away










Lost Tungsten ring found with a metal detector Glen Haven Beach, Glen Haven, Mi

I got a text from Zach and Caitlyn that Zach had lost his Wedding ring at the Glen Haven Beach. Zach put the ring in a pocket in the side of the beach chair to go swimming. They had just left the beach and Caitlyn was searching the internet on how to find a Tungsten ring in the sand, one of my tagged blog post came up. They turned around and waited for me to drive the hour up to Glen Haven. I had them put a couple of my 4 foot snowplow stakes in the sand and made me a search area. It took about 3 minutes to find the ring less that 2 feet from one of the stakes. Zach thanked me for getting him out of the dog house. Zach and Caitlyns one year anniversary is coming up.

I was very happy to help and appreciate the reward.


Diamond Wedding Ring Set Found and Returned by Kerrville Metal Detectorist

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

Knowing I am a member of TheRingFinders.com, a friend sent me a text message that a diamond wedding ring set had been lost at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa in San Antonio, Texas. Before even connecting with the Fort Worth couple that lost the rings, I contacted the Hyatt security to obtain permission for a search on their property. The Chief of Security already knew of the lost rings and granted permission for me to search for them. I then contacted Austin, the husband, who stated that while staying at the Hyatt on Saturday night they had attended a “Movie on the Lawn.” Sitting on a Hyatt supplied blanket and watching the outdoor movie, his wife had taken the ring set off to apply some hand lotion. She placed them on the blanket and then noticed some close friends walking past. They departed with the friends forgetting that the rings were left on the blanket. Austin and I discussed what could have happened to the rings. It was doubtful someone saw the rings on the blanket and took them because it was nighttime dark. They could of slid off the blanket when the staff retrieved it after the movie. They could have been rolled up in the blanket and tossed in the laundry. If the latter happened they were probably gone forever! Hoping they rolled off the blanket into the grass I contacted Hyatt Security to arrange a time to search. Security informed me that particular lawn is used every night for movies and during the day for other functions. They even said there had been a wedding on the lawn since the rings were lost. Uh Oh! What if someone had found the diamond ring set and not turned them in to Lost and Found! They suggested to be there about 9 AM the next day (Wednesday) to conduct the search.

After the 60 mile drive from Kerrville with my son (and metal detecting partner Shane), we arrived at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa.

At the guard shack we were directed to the security office for sign-in and escort to the particular lawn that the diamond set was lost at. They also verified by phone with Austin that I had his permission to search for the rings. Security led us through the expansive resort to the site of the loss – a beautifully manicured lawn with thick, lush grass.

Austin had sent me a Google map with markings of the area on the lawn they had sat to watch the movie. I set an imaginary grid line and proceeded to sweep the lawn with my Garrett AT Pro. Shane followed beside me using his Garrett Pro Pointer. It wasn’t very long when Shane exclaimed “Here’s one of the rings!” and shortly after he said “Here’s the other one!” He had found both of the rings with his Garrett Pro Pointer. They were virtually on top of each other but buried deep in the grass. After taking a couple of on-site pictures (no videos allowed) we were escorted back out.


I sent a text to Austin with the pictures of the found rings. Needless to say he was ecstatic and said that he had in mind a special way to give them back to his wife.

In less than 48 hours of my first hearing of the lost rings buried in grass, the rings were found and returned to the finger they belonged on. They even traveled halfway across Texas to Fort Worth on an airplane!

Austin did everything right to make this recovery successful. He provided a detailed map of the where the loss occurred, pictures of the rings before they were lost and contacted the management of the facility to gain access for a search. Most of all he put his faith in Shane and I to recover them!

If you’ve lost your precious jewelry, keys, or other valuables contact the TheRingFinders.com. World wide members will professionally recover your lost items! Chris Dean, proud member of TheRingFinders.com. Facebook: The Ring Finders – Kerrville/Fredericksburg Metal Detecting Service


Lost Diamond Ring in New Westminster, BC…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Yesterday I got a call from a young man who needed my help to find his girlfriends 2 rings that she tossed out of his SUV while driving down the road. People are human, its true! They get mad and when they get mad in most cases rings go flying! I’ve had many calls over the years for these types of recoveries. I’d say most times I’m unsuccessful because of the locations I search are not metal detector friendly. “NEWS FLASH” (While writing this post the couple called me and said that the other ring was found in their home! She has no idea how it showed up there as she is certain she threw it out the window with the other ring…Makes me feel much better! I hate the thought of not finding what I’m looking for).

Well that makes it a happy ending! I have met so many nice people over the years doing what I do and I look forward to meeting many more!


Here’s the couple and her beautiful diamond ring.









Lost your ring? Contact a member of TheRingFinders.com ASAP


Watch the video of the recovery…

Lost Ring Finder South Padre Island Texas

  • from South Padre Island (Texas, United States)

Lost Ring Finder South Padre Island Texas

I have been metal detecting since the 1980’s as a hobby and I’m still playing. I’m president of our local metal detecting club. I have hunted the surf at South Padre Island and inland to parks and lawns. I look forward to finding what you thought was lost forever.



The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service-South Padre Island 

Lost Something Important? We can HELP!

The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service in South Padre Island can locate you lost engagement ring, wedding ring, favorite piece of jewelry, family heirloom, or other important personal item.

We can search virtually any location, some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks, and even your own back yard. If you lost your RING or other precious item

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“Don’t Wait-Call Now!”

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