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20 Day Old Diamond Engagement Ring Lost, Recovered and Returned in West Chester, PA!!!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Every woman’s nightmare???….3 weeks post engagement and your ring is missing!!! Maddie is the 3rd future bride that while engaged contacted me looking for help locating a lost engagement ring. I’m proud to say I’m 3 for 3 in being able to recover those rings! Maddie found me in the Ring Finder directory after her ring came up missing after her daily horse ride at her stable in West Chester/Downingtown, PA. I met her the next day at the farm and she told me prior to riding she put her ring in a small side pocket of her riding pants…the same pocket she keeps her phone in. While riding she took her phone in and out of her pocket several times….suggesting the ring probable fell out then. Alternatively, she thought maybe the ring fell out in stable following the ride while cleaning/grooming her horse…and the ring got shoveled up and out with all the hay and horse poop. When I first arrived I first scanned with my metal detector the 10 foot x 10 foot manure pile by the stable….I didn’t want to spend the hours scanning the riding ring if it might be right there in the poop pile…but nope…not there. Maddie then walked me out to the riding ring…the circular area was probably around 50 yards accross and she told me she pretty much criss-crossed the entire area on her ride. I decided to just start in middle and work outwards walking an a circular pattern with my metal detector…scanning outward and outward. 30 minutes into the search I received the beautiful surface gold ring signal I was hoping for….I looked down and there was this gorgeous white gold diamond ring!!! Maddie was standing 10 yards away looking down and slightly sad…I made a noise to get her attention and held up her ring!!! The visceral joyful relief on her face is what I live for!!! I was so happy to be able to reunite Maddie with her beautiful ring….I wish her the best in her life and her marriage!!!!



Massive platinum wedding band lost, recovered and returned in Chadds Ford, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Jay found me via The Ring Finders Directory. He told me he was in the front yard of his beautiful Chadds Ford, PA home putting up Christmas lights when he took a break to throw a football with his son. His son threw him a deep high pass and while reaching to catch it he felt(but didn’t see!) his large platinum wedding band fly off his finger. He actually borrowed a metal detector from a neighbor and spent several hours looking for the ring himself prior to contacting me. When talking to him I told him that I have had many people contact me after renting or buying a metal detector themselves…I feel the experience of the operator of these machines is as important as the machine itself when searching for something as important and valuable as a ring. Anyway, I met Jay on a Saturday afternoon and we reenacted the incident. Jay was convinced the ring must have flung off his finger straight back and far toward the side yard. After 20-30 minutes and not finding…we reenacted the incident again and considered other angles and expanded our search. Still nothing! We decided to reenact the incident one more time but this time Jay was going to actually fling a ring sized object to see how far and what direction it might go. He just returned from his garage with the ring sized object in his hand and was preparing to fling it…I was standing next to him in an area he never thought possible his ring could be…but sure enough I got the perfect signal on my detector. I bent down with my pin pointer and sure enough…there was his massive platinum band! The funny thing was Jay had his back to me still about to fling his mock ring….when I tapped him on shoulder and told him to stop! I held up his ring and we both started laughing…he couldn’t believe where I found it. We had the angles all wrong! All’s well that ends well! Jay was very happy to get get his ring back!


Lost A Ring Or Jewelry? Philadelphia Area and Surrounding Counties!

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
Cherished and valuable rings and jewelry get lost on the beach and in the ocean, they can be recovered. If you lost a ring or a piece of jewelry even your car keys I can find them! Just a phone call away!

Cherished and valuable rings and jewelry get lost! They can be recovered. If you lost a ring or a piece of jewelry even your car keys I can find them! Just a phone call away (215)-850-0188!

I am just a phone call away in the Philadelphia,

Delaware, Bucks & Montgomery Counties!