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Gold wedding band lost, recovered and returned in Philadelphia, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Sebastian found me in the Ring Finders online directory. After a quick phone conversation it was conveyed to me that while playing basketball on the driveway of his Philadelphia home he realized his white gold wedding band had slipped off. He was pretty sure it came off while he was making a long shot from the middle of his grassy backyard. I was there at his property within 4 hours of his original contact. I had an opportunity to meet his son, Quinn, and baby daughter…cute kids!  As I always do I took a minute to demonstrate my equipment so he could gain confidence that if there…I’ll find!

After adjusting the settings of my Equinox 800 detector several times and already covering the area once I was finally able to find the signal I was looking for…I could see the white gold ring just under the surface of grass. It was ringing up a little high for gold leading me to believe it might be palladium instead. Regardless, Sebastian was pleased and relieved to see his ring once again. He and his kids happily posed for a celebratory moment with the recovered ring!


Diamond engagement ring lost in snow, recovered and returned in Bensalem, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Received an email from Catie on December 17, 2020 looking for help finding a lost diamond engagement ring. I gave her a call and she shared the details of what happened. Here in the Philadelphia area we had a significant snow storm Wednesday night through Thursday morning. Catie was clearing snow off her car in the parking lot of her apartment in Bensalem, PA when she suddenly noticed her relatively new engagement ring was no longer on her finger. She was quite certain it was on her finger prior to her starting to clear the snow off the car. In somewhat of a panic she dug around in the 10 inches of snow with no luck. Prior to calling me she had actually borrowed a metal detector but told me it was of no use and she didn’t know how to work it. After speaking to her I told her I would be there the next day at lunch time….I stressed to her not to touch, move or shovel anymore snow and to make sure no one shovel the snow around the area.

I met Catie at her car at around 130 pm and we re-enacted her movements that led to the lost ring. Based on her description of her movements I guessed it couldn’t be far from her car and most likely in the snow behind the car. I learned over the years to prioritize search areas…start a quick search in the most likely area it fell…even if that area is sort of in the middle of the entire search area. I made a first pass along and behind the tail gate of her car with no luck…the snow was deep! I turned and began making a 2nd pass a little more distant to the rear of the car and BOOM! A surface 8-9 tone on my Equinox 800 detector! Those of you who are detectorists know…if you get a solid surface signal in 10 inches of snow…its going to be a winner. The signal was so clear and obvious I wasn’t surprised when i bent down and wiped away a few inches of snow to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. Total search time – 2 minutes?!

Catie happened to be standing 10-15 feet away….watching with hopeful yet anxious eyes. When I got the signal…even before bending over….I gave her a wink(like babe Ruth calling the homer!). After bending over and picking up her ring I think she was in a bit of shock when she saw it in my hand. Then tears of joy of course! To this day I find the best part of being a Ringfinder is the visceral joy and relief on faces of people when I hold up their lost ring. What can I say…its a rush!

Catie is scheduled to get married September of this year…I certainly wish her the best!



20 Year Fireman Service Ring recovered in Philadelphia Creek

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Received a call from Susan on 11/28/2017 desperately looking for help in finding a friends lost 20 year fireman service ring. Susan was calling on behalf of her friend Joe…a retiree and former fireman. It turns out Susan runs and operates a hot dog cart(great hot dogs and sausages!) right outside Pennypacker Park on Pine Road in Philadelphia, PA and her and Joe have enjoyed a somewhat regular routine of feeding the ducks in the creek. I met Susan at the park on Friday 12/1/2017 and she told me in detail what she though might have happened to the ring and walked me through the area of interest. As It turns out…they don’t even go into the park…they walk down the street on the curb and drop bread over the side of a small bridge to the hungry ducks below. Susan conveyed to me that she and Joe thought that the ring most likely slipped off his finger while throwing bread to ducks the previous Sunday. In looking at the area I was optimistic in that it was not a large search area and the water was shallow…but it is December in Pennsylvania and while i remembered my waders I forgot my long handled scoop! Thankfully the temperature was in mid 50’s so not too bad.

I searched with my Garrett AT Pro for about an hour in the area below the brige…about a 25 square yard area in the middle of the creek where Susan had pointed me to. Quite a few healthy signals that got my heart racing but just some shotgun shells and caps/tabs…the ring was described to me as being the size of a “superbowl” ring so I knew it would ring up strong if  I passed over it. After an hour,  with some freezing hands/arms from reaching in water, I decided to get out and walk back up to bridge and look down again to confirm my search grid was accurate. While on bridge looking down, Susan joined me and we talked through again the whole duck feeding routine. She mentioned that Joe didn’t like to forget the female ducks who were a little more timid and congregated in a very shallow corner close to the bank…an area that I had not detected.

Back into the water I went. After 3 minutes in this new area… I sort of saw something in muddy sand before running my machine over it. What a satisfying mid tone my detector announced….It was in 3 inches of water! And there it was!!!!

I very happily got out of water and removed my waders and stowed my gear. Susan was manning her cart and busy with customers so I patiently waited till she was free before opening my hand and showing her the ring. Joe was at a doctors appointment but Susan immediately got home on phone and I had the honor of telling him I found his ring. I thanked him for his service and told him I was extremely happy that I was able to return his ring to him!

Lost A Ring Or Jewelry? Philadelphia Area and Surrounding Counties!

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
Cherished and valuable rings and jewelry get lost on the beach and in the ocean, they can be recovered. If you lost a ring or a piece of jewelry even your car keys I can find them! Just a phone call away!

Cherished and valuable rings and jewelry get lost! They can be recovered. If you lost a ring or a piece of jewelry even your car keys I can find them! Just a phone call away (215)-850-0188!

I am just a phone call away in the Philadelphia,

Delaware, Bucks & Montgomery Counties!